It was an evening like any other. Homework was scattered on the table and the T.V. was on. I was watching some Disney Channel show but it doesn’t matter which one because all of the plots are the same. When my mom got home from work, she asked me if I was done with my homework, to which I responded with a barely audible, “Yes…” It didn’t sound very convincing to me but my mom believed it and that was all that mattered. To be honest, I hadn’t studied for my history test as much as I had liked to but I said I was finished anyways. So off to softball practice we went, where hoped my guilt for not studying about the test would disappear. When I got home from softball practice at 8:50 I went straight to the shower because I was covered in dirt and dust. Then I got out of the shower and climbed into bed, completely oblivious to my unfinished task.It wasn’t until I woke up the next morning when I remembered that I had a test to study for. A burning feeling of guilt went through me. I was so mad at myself for neglecting to study for an important chapter test; so, I got to work. I had almost a whole school day to study so I studied before school, during recess, lunch, and in class right before the test. With one minute to go all I could’ve done was hope that I had done enough studying. Then, my teacher got up and started passing out tests.I ended up getting an A on the test but that is not the point of the story. I was able to get an A on this test because I had spent every minute of that day studying. Yes I did wait to study until the day of the test but I still got a whole lot of studying in. And even though I got a good grade on the test and was able to study enough information, I hated the feeling of being rushed and worrying if I had studied enough. So, learn from my mistakes and don’t procrastinate. I know for a fact that it feels so much better going into a test confident and relaxed then stressed and scared.

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