It absolutely maters if a person
makes reasoned arguments. You add reason to support your opinion by using
evidence. When you add reason to your argument you are more likely to convince
someone that counters your argument. “Reasons are statements you give or think
of in order to get people to believe something. They usually supply evidence-
factual support or proof- to show that your opinion is worth taking seriously.”(4D2L)
If someone comes to you trying to start an argument but doesn’t have any reasons
to back up their opinion they’re arguing just to argue. You wouldn’t take them
seriously or you’d be able to give them more reasons on your side and they wouldn’t
know how to keep going. They’ll probably keep replying by explaining the same
thing in different words instead of giving reasons. “repeating what you think
or explaining your ideas further is not the same thing as giving reasons.”(4D2L)
In my opinion not having a reasoned argument would make it hard to have an
argument at all. “Putting information together in relations of evidence or
support- and leaving out personal feelings unrelated ideas- can help you
convince others of your beliefs.”(4D2L)

I believe that reasoned arguments do
have a lot to do with the evolution of human knowledge. “Sometimes it’s very
important, where tax money, the government, or society in general are concerned.”(4D2L)
There is always someone that wants to make you believe what they do or think
the way they do and the only way to do that is if you can argue with reason. If
someone has a different thought than you do but they have the right reasons
they just might convince you to think that way. As humans, we have opinions on
everything but sometimes we don’t really justify that opinion we just go off of
what we were thought or how we were raised. But, when someone has reason to back
up their argument we listen. “When it is important to get people to agree, we
need to do more than just say what our ideas are. We need to give good reasons
why other people should think our ideas are right and why they should agree
with us.”(4D2L) Our knowledge grows when we have someone to challenge the way
we think or see things. You are bound to come across someone that you disagree
with and will have an argument defending each of your beliefs and why you are
correct. As long as you can justify your stance and give reasons you can argue
your part.  

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