Existentialism focuses on the thought that life has no significance and is considered absurd. Experiential philosophers believe that worlds create their ain values and find a significance for their lives because. from the start. the human being does non possess any built-in value or individuality. “Existence precedes essence” is one of the most well-known experiential statements and depict how our concrete being is more of import than its intent.

The existential philosophy motion introduced a new manner of comprehending life and was illustrated through poesy. ocular art and lecture. Using these methods poets. creative persons and philosophers were able to convey the apprehension that seeking for a significance to life is ineffectual. and prosecuting it can take to the threshold of complete comprehension about one’s intent for bing. and in bend can do one to acknowledge that life is merely every bit meaningful as one makes it out to be. In “Freedom V.

Determinism” by Tom Greening. the poet rhetorically inquiries how the universe plants in order to demo the reader the impossibleness of cognizing why things happen. Greening uses the line “While we argue. life goes by” to exemplify the point that no affair how much clip and attempt is put into contending over why things happen. life will continuously travel frontward. He is reasoning that if we waste clip trying to understand the significance of life. we will merely make the border of apprehension.

Through the battle to accomplish this “understanding. ” our personal lives can get down to evade us. In “Untitled” by Jackson Pollock. the creative person uses abstract pigment drippage and coppice shots to show the thought that life is non meant to be understood. With the picture. Pollock is demoing how life is abstract at times. particularly when its significance is pursued. This is similar to the thought in the consolidative thematic statement of the futility of seeking for the significance of life. Life’s imaginable significance is non meant to be understood. much like the picture.

In “Existentialism is a Humanism” by Jean-Paul Sartre. the lector defends existential philosophy from unfavorable judgments of being pessimistic and glooming. He explains that adult male materializes at birth. and merely after this occurs can he do something of himself. making his ain life without any outside force forcing him. He states that adult male is what he conceives himself to be. and nil else. Sartre says “man is nil other than what he makes of himself. ” to convey the thought similar to the 1 in the consolidative thematic statement. that life is merely every bit important as an single makes it out to be.

All three existential philosophers used their mediums to come to the decision that there is non one concrete significance to life. Each person puts intending to their ain lives. Through understanding this rule significance of existential philosophy. Greening. Pollock and Sartre exhibited the fact that one should recognize the mere being of life is the lone thing that affairs. and should non be wasted on vain efforts to understand its significance.

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