Cahuzac’s, 60 years old was Hollande’s budget minister had made a shock
confession that he had held a secret foreign bank account which is Swiss bank
UBS for 20 years since 1992 and had repeatedly lied about it to parlimant. This
is the biggest scandal that affect Hollande’s presidency and was an
embarrassment to Mr Hollande. Cahuzac admits that he hid €600,000 (£510,000) in
offshore bank for more than 20 years. Cahuzac spearheaded the left’s crusade
against tax avoidance while secretly hiding €600,000 (£510,000) of his own
money from French tax authorities.

reported that Cahuzac had travelled to Geneva to close the account he held in
Swiss bank USB and transfer the money to Singapore just before he was made head
of the parliamentary finance commission in February 2010. Nevertheless, Mr
Cahuzac had taken a libel actions to mediapart and swear to the parliament that
he never had an account abroad. After that, judges opened a preliminary inquiry
into his account and tax evasion and he was resigned but still denied about the
account and insisted he was innocent. Then, weeks after that Mr Cahuzac make a
shock confession via his blog said that the hidden account did exist but he
didn’t mention in the entry the account was exist in which country. Beside the
confession, he said he was sorry for lying about the hidden account and he
asked forgiveness from the prime minister for the damage he caused.

prime minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, Cahuzac’s action to lies and secretly own an
account are not acceptable in democracy. Therefore, for Hollande Cahuzac’s
action is unforgivable moral error. The case was placed under formal
investigation for allegedly laundering the proceeds of tax fraud. Hence, in
another news had mentioned that Jerome Cahuzac has been sentenced to three
years in prison. They were found guilty of tax fraud, tax evasion as well as
laundering the proceeds.

applause and compliment should dedicate to the president and prime minister
that they didn’t forgive Cahuzac’s actions and take an actions towards his
lying. Futhermore, after the cases, the government have strengthened the rules
and regulation as well as set up a campaign on corruption, money laundering and
tax evasion.


my opinion, the news was a bit frustrating because it affects the credibility
of himself as the Hollande’s budget minister. As a budget minister, Mr Cahuzac
was tasked with cleaning up France’s state finances. He supposed to support to
Ministries in the management of funds of the government. His action actually is
a backstab to the country when he avoided to pay taxes to the government. Thus,
his action reduces the government renevues.

only affects himself, its actually affects the government and France’s
political culture. His immorality action is unacceptable in political ethics.
In his case, he is a politician who has been found guilty of brutal dishonesty
and triggered a political disaster.

from the issue about individual responsibility, Cahuzac’s downfall may enlarge
the bay or gap between the average French residents and how they make a
decision. The interpretation of believe of average French citizen to the public
institutions become more persistent, only benefits leaders of parties on both
the extreme right and left. French’s citizen may look down at the political of
government and public suspicion focuses on the secret conspiracy to pursue its
member’s own private interest.

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