Judgment and perceptual experience Begins at a immature age. and continues throughout life. How a individual positions something affects their beliefs about life and how to populate it ; one feeling can truly alter a person’s attitude. Through these beliefs and feelings a individual uses symbols to show their feelings and emotions that some people try to utilize to invalidate out their experiences. Throughout her memoir. Jesus Land.

Julia Scheeres uses symbols to place her procedure of flight from her emotions and experiences ; symbols such as. intoxicant. music. and hope to mean her finding of interrupting free from her jobs and running off from life.

Julia’s life has been unsmooth and through it she has found ways to get away her hurting and go asleep to her milieus. At the start of the book Julia is found imbibing her “comfort” the first twenty-four hours of her new school. She finds herself imbibing to blunt the passages of a new school.

new friends and a new Julia. “I’ve decided to do a party feeling at Harrison. Party hardy…The new Julia will throw back her caput and laugh as if she didn’t have a attention in the universe. And this laughter and felicity will do her attractive to people and win her esteem and friends. ” ( Scheeres 42 )As Julia said she was utilizing her “comfort” to alter who she genuinely was and do it look as if she didn’t have a attention in the universe. When she genuinely did. she cared about doing friends.

happening a group and being accepted. Julia’s life has taken another bend she’s gone from being a Juvenile delinquent to a miss in reform school half manner around the universe. Even in a caged universe of wretchedness Julia finds her and her brother seeking to get away a life of hurting. In this little small town David who one time was opposed to alcohol discoveries himself basking “coconut juice” every opportunity he gets.

“Hey there’s liquor in this! ” … . ‘Must be my bad Spanish. I’ll send them back. ’ ‘Are you nuts? ’ I press my glass against my ‘I Jesus’ T-shirt protectively. and David cracks up. ‘I conjecture it’s non our mistake the waitress brought us the incorrect drinks.

’ David says smile. ” ( Scheeres 290 ) Person who ever thought imbibing was awful consequences to it in a clip of freedom to alleviate himself of reform school hurting. Using their clip meant to assist others to assist themselves.Within the memoir Julia expresses her demand to retreat from a universe of hatred and hurting. She expresses this through her love for music. merely another symbol of her procedure of flight.

“Shrieks of hurting. I turn off my bed base visible radiation and imperativeness the wireless to my ear under the pillow. make fulling my caput with ‘Sweet Dreams’ by The Eurythmics. ” Even if Julia is non the individual traveling through the hurting she uses her music to alleviate herself of hearing the hurting. Julia chooses to non listen to the yip of hurting even if it is a individual she deeply hatreds and wants would hold ne’er returned.

Continuing through her narrative. Julia eventually gives in to her fellow Scott. and gives up her virginity. As she finds music as another manner to get away or go forth something behind this clip it is the shame behind her actions and concentration on what she hears.

She illustrates this by composing. “He smiles and puts his custodies behind his caput. back to his cocky old ego. He’s dumped my stuffed animate beings on the floor and stuck a tape into my cassette participant ; The Police’s ‘King of Pain’ impetuss across the room” ( Scheeres 131 ) .By holding the music playing in the background. Julia is able to travel through with losing her virginity. She continues to wrap herself in the music as her virginity travels into nonentity.

“The Police are singing ‘O my God’ on the tape participant and Scott’s eyes are closed as he moves inside me and the light slanting through the Venetian blinds is muffled. as if a cloud had slid across the sun” ( Scheeres 132 ) . By concentrating on the music she can get away. She can get away from the strivings of her numbness and unfeeling to sexual actions. In order for Julia to maintain engaging in sexual activity with Scott. she finds it necessary to listen to music while in the act to submerge out the hurting of her actions. “We ever listen to The Police when we do it.

and if the tape ends. Scott pauses to toss it over. and subsequently he beat his fingers on my dorsum to the music as we fade into sleep” ( Scheeres 147 ) . Julia continues her demand to hear music as she has sexual intercourse.

which is viewed as an unhallowed act by her parents. demonstrates her desire to get away her milieus and float off into the moony nature of the vocal wordss.

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