Jetstar Airways is an Australia low-cost bearer air hose based in Melbourne. Australia.

It is a entirely owned subordinate of the Qantas Group. Qantas established Jetstar in 2003 as a response to chief rival air hose Virgin Australia ( once known as Virgin Blue ) . Despite its low cost.

Jetstar operates an extended domestic web and is the world’s largest long-haul low cost bearer. Jetstar operates to finishs in Asia the Pacific Ocean. with future programs of spread outing their services throughout Europe.

Jetstar presently offers a limited figure of linking services without through luggage checking. and it became the first Australia air hose to let clients to choose their place upon booking. The air hose. which participates in the Qantas Frequent Flyer Programme.

operates a fleet of Airbus A320-family and A330 aircraft. Mission Statement Jetstar’s mission is to offer all twenty-four hours. every twenty-four hours low menus to enable more people to wing to more topographic points. more frequently ( Jetstar. 2012 ) .

Company Objectives Jetstar is portion of the Qantas Group’s two-brand growing scheme. where Qantas competes at the premium and concern market and Jetstar focuses on leisure markets. The Jetstar Group is a value based. low menus web of air hoses runing in the leisure and value based markets. Jetstar aims to hold Australia’s lowest menus on all the paths it operates on. Jetstar has backed its airfares with a Price Beat Guarantee. If any clients find a lower menu elsewhere on-line.

provided it is on the same twenty-four hours. the same path and at a within the same clip frame. Jetstar will crush the quoted menu by 10 per cent.

Slogan – Low menus. all twenty-four hours. everydayMarket Overview Definition of the market Jetstar operates in the low-priced bearer market within Australia.

Their mark market is the general populace. who seeks cheap and accessible airfares and flight handiness to go within Australia. Major rivals include Virgin Australia and Tiger Airways Australia. Market Size Jetstar is presently the 3rd largest domestic Australian air hose ( by market portion ) and fifth largest international air hose ( by capacity portion ) functioning international paths to-and-from Australia ( Jetstar. 2011 ) . Jetstar portions its parent’s strong competition with Australia’s biggest low-cost bearer Virgin Australia.Domestic travel histories for 75 % of the air hose industry gross in Australia ( Taylor Woodings.

2011 ) Market Potential The market is presently in the diminution phase. From 2007. Australian domestic air travel started with floaty demand for air travel and high fuel monetary values boosted ticket monetary values.

However. domestic air hoses faced major hurdlings when the planetary economic downswing hit. Higher unemployment and a diminution in discretional income slowed demand for air travel in Australia. In peculiar.

concern travelers abandon air travel in favor of teleconferencings and electronic mail.Demand besides weakened as Australians have started to be after going internationally. Market Structure The domestic flights market can be considered as an oligopoly. The 3 chief companies that have the most market portion are Virgin Australia. Jetstar and Tiger Airways Australia. Trends Demographic: Australia is an underpopulated state and is besides an ripening. However.

over the old ages the Numberss of migrators have been increasing.With the lifting figure of migrators. there will most probably be an addition in the figure of domestic flights demanded since they may desire to see other metropoliss Economic: Australia presently has the strongest economic system in the developed universe and it is expected to surpass all comers for at least the following two old ages. harmonizing to the International Monetary Fund ( 2012 ) .

The IMF besides forecasts Australia’s unemployment rate to stay low at 5. 2 per cent in both 2012 and 2013. With the Australia holding an unemployment rate of merely 5. 2 % . it can be assumed that people are more likely to hold excess hard currency and may hold programs of winging domestic. whether it be for a vacation or concern.Natural: Australia’s altering natural environment has had an impact on the clients. nvestors and Jetstar.

Jetstar is committed to understating its impact on the environment and has introduced assorted enterprises to turn to this of import issue. On 19 September 2007. Jetstar introduced a rider Carbon Offset strategy facilitated through the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Friendly™ enterprise. Through the Carbon Offset strategy. Jetstar’s riders can take to do their journey C impersonal by buying C beginnings on all domestic and international services via a seamless individual measure procedure at the clip of booking at Jetstar. com.Jetstar’s Carbon Offset plan is now one of the most successful plans in the Australian air hose industry and has raised about $ 600. 000.

About 12 per cent of all riders booking at Jetstar. com presently choose to countervail their portion of flight emanations. Jetstar’s Carbon Offset plan has proven to be peculiarly successful on a figure of domestic paths. including Sydney-Ballina Byron. which in 2008 has averaged 24 per cent of riders booking via the web choosing to carbon-offset their flight.

Melbourne-Ballina Byron ( 20 % ) . Adelaide-Melbourne Avalon ( 16 % ) . Melbourne- Hobart ( 15 % ) and Sydney-Melbourne Avalon ( 14 % ) .Our C beginnings are purchased through Climate Friendly. who has been ranked as the figure one C beginning supplier in Australia by the Carbon Offset Watch and is a founding member of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance ( ICROA ) . Technological: Technology plays a critical function in both the air hose industry. In order to hold a competitory advantage.

it is required that the engineering used is up to day of the month.Jetstar is fiting its fleet of A320 and A321 aircraft with the latest satellite-linked pilotage system to better safety and on-time public presentation. Aircraft fitted with the system known as Required Navigation Performance ( RNP ) can safely voyage around cloud-shrouded mountains.

through vales and over high terrain when low visibleness would increase the opportunity of flight breaks. Air Services Australia reported those 4. 200 proceedingss of winging clip and 17. 300 maritime stat mis was saved during 1. 612 RNP assisted attacks.As a consequence more than 200.

000 kilogram of jet fuel was saved and carbon emanations were reduced by 650. 000 kilogram. The new pilotage assistance reduces the clip exhausted circling due to bad conditions.

which helps riders arrive on clip and cuts our fuel usage. Political/Legal: Over the old ages the lifting C revenue enhancement in Australia has affected future programs of Jetstar. Maintaining and running an aircraft is bound to bring forth a batch of C dioxide. As a consequence Jetstar has started to cut down the sum their C footmark by presenting new engineering.

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