Inauguration is a formal ceremonial that represents the start of a leader’s term in office. Here in the United States. it is tradition that elected presidents give a address. President John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address was debatably one of the most memorable and quoted addresss of all time given. The American people viewed John F. Kennedy as immature and misanthropic due to his choice at such a immature age. doubting his optimism. Therefore. Kennedy was obligated to affect the populace by deriving their trust through finely elaborate logical thinking. Kennedy instills assurance and finding in the American population through his effectivie usage of correspondence. anaphora. antithesis. and antimetabole. and his keen usage of figure of speechs and strategies present him as credible and trustworthy.

In the beginning of his address. Kennedy uses parallel construction ; America will “pay at any monetary value. bear any load. run into any adversity. back up any friend. oppose any enemy. ” ( paragrahp5 ) to continue autonomy. Kennedy’s usage of correspondence clarifies his willingness to make anything it takes. irrespective. for the endurance of autonomy and peace ; this means Kennedy’s purposes are for the greater good of the American people and turn out his preparedness to give for the saving of autonomy. “A new universe of jurisprudence. where the strong are merely and the weak secured and the peace preserved. ” ( paragraph 20 ) Again through usage of parallel construction. Kennedy relays his end to assist all people while guaranting peace. He views the American people as peers. the brave and the weak alike. Kennedy proves he is prepared to make negative things so long as the saving of autonomy is kept.

Kennedy combines anaphora with correspondence. Kennedy stated. “Let both sides explore what jobs unite us. . Let both sides. for the first clip ; formulate serious and precise proposals for the review and control of arms… Let both sides seek to raise the admirations of science… Let both sides unite … allow the laden travel free. ” ( paragraphs 16-19 ) . This combination of anaphora with correspondence through use of phrases such as. “To those” and. “Let both sides” creates the thought of integrity between states through his usage of correspondence ; he pledged to assist even the less fortunate “not because we seek their ballots. but because it is right. ” ( paragraph9 ) . This statement signifies that Kennedy will make what is “right. ” and merely. even if it is the unpopular determination. Ironically. this construct make Kennedy accepted. It forced the populace to be optimistic towards Kennedy’s plans for the hereafter that lies in front.

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Using antithesis. Kennedy asserts that freedom symbolizes “an terminal every bit good as a beginning. meaning reclamation every bit good change… to friend and foe alike…” In these statements. Kennedy is mentioning to the “end” of Dwight D. Eisenhower’s reign “as good as a beginning” of Kennedy’s term as President of the United States of America. He smartly gives his respects to the former president by indirectly disregarding him while investing himself as a new redevelopment. Kennedy so alludes to Alliess of the United States as “friends” and parties that are enemies of the United States as “foes. ” such as the Soviet Union. Kennedy so compares the two. Alliess and enemies. as “alike. ” significance he will maintain his “friends” near every bit good as his “foes” all while holding the idea of what is best for the American people in head.

Kennedy’s unigque usage of antimetabole sagely captures the audience’s attending while arousing the hearers to hesitate and chew over. Kennedy advises the American population to “never negociate out of fear… [ but ] ne’er fear to negotiate” to sketch Kennedy’s strong beliefs in keeping the peace. He inspires the hearers to hold no fright to talk their head. for their voices are being heard. Finally. possibly the most memorable and recited line of Kennedy’s whole Address. “Ask non what your state can make for you-ask what you can make for your state. ” ( paragraph 26 ) captures the attending of the American people by directing the address to them and doing the hearers earnestly think about where he is coming from.

In 1961. the United States was undergoing major historical alterations. non merely the displacement from one president to another. but alterations in the manner America was interacting with the universe. Before the election of John F. Kennedy as President of the United States of America. Kennedy had to earnestly do an feeling to an diffident audience. He did so through persuasive usage of carefully structured grammatical propositions. Kennedy intended to capture the attending of the American population by utilizing short and sweet sentencest hat get to the point fast while obliging the audience to hesitate and chew over. and through his usage of short sentences. he proves that his presidential term will carry through every item of his address. Kennedy begins the address by turn toing the honest curse by utilizing phrases such as “the same solemn oath our foefathers prescribed about a century and three quarters ago. ” ( line 5 ) .

He does this to demo America that he is committed and dedicated to the curse for his presidential term. Kennedy so uses words such as “renewal” and “change” to take to his statement about the future coevalss of Americans to come. Kennedy ALSs strikes the audience with authorising words such as “freedom. ” “poverty. ” “tyranny. ” and “human rights ; ” all words of which are still of much concern to the American people in modern-day society. Kennedy’s usage of correspondence. anaphora. antithesis. and antimetabole unites all Americans as one by conveying them together undr one end and intent. fixing them for achievement. Kennedy knew precisely what to state and how to endorse it up in order to accomplish his intent of integrity. He brings Americans together as one and additions their trust ; Kennedy efficaciously juxtaposed several thoughts. convinving Americans to hold faith in him and no longer view him as inexperienced. By making so. he conquers the election as President of the United States of America.

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