A juvenile is a individual who was less than 17 old ages old but more than 10 old ages old when he or she committed an act defined as a delinquent act or a behavior in demand of supervising. This is an act if committed by an grownup could take to imprisonment. A behavior in demand of supervising ( CINS ) is a behavior that if committed by an grownup could ensue in a all right. Juvenile Court Characteristics in Texas Harmonizing to Roberts ( 2004 ) . when a juvenile has been found to hold committed a CINS or delinquent behavior. he/she is adjudicated.Texas juvenile board is in charge of the juvenile justness operations. It’s made up of territory tribunal Judgess and state tribunal Judgess.

The juvenile board decides which tribunal that will be used as a juvenile tribunal in the county. There are different tribunals that are involved: territory. Constitutional County or county tribunals.

District tribunals are tribunals of general legal power ; constitutional county tribunals have coincident authorization with territory Judgess and county tribunals may hold coincident authorization with territory Judgess or it may change harmonizing to the legislative act that formed them ( Zimring. 2005 ) .When a juvenile has been found with an adjudicated behavior.

the followers is done: the individual can be placed on probation. sent to the Texas young person committee ( TYC ) with an undeterminable sentence. However. this can merely be done in victims of felony offenses or it can be referred to the TYC with a determined sentence for certain offenses. Juveniles put on probation and non sent to the TYC are supposed to be released by the clip they turn 18.When sent to the TYC with an undetermined finding of fact. the victims are released by the clip they turn 19 and when sent to the TYC with a determined sentence.

they can be transferred to an grownup tribunal depending on their behaviour while in the TYC plans ( Myers. 2001 ) . If the juvenile is put on probation. the justice orders the juvenile to populate with a responsible grownup and gives the conditions that are to be followed.

The conditions may run from a curfew. undergoing guidance or the juvenile may be required to go to a school. If the conditions given are non kept by the grownup. the tribunal may order the grownup responsible to pay a all right or be imprisoned ( Feld. 1999 ) . Conclusion Many juveniles are found to perpetrate offenses that if they were grownups.

they might hold been convicted or fined. To cover with such instances. the Texas tribunals have come up with manners of covering the perpetrators.

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