It has been six months since the TGR Facebook page was launched and thus far the page has picked up 126 followers. You will find items on the Facebook that do not appear on the blog, usually because while the topics might be of interest, they don’t rate full-blown blog posts. Notices are also posted every time a new post goes up here on the TGR blog.

I realize some folks are wary of the whole “social media” phenomenon, but it does have its merits, along with its drawbacks. Bottom line, it is a great way to keep up with what is happening in real time. If you are not already a follower of the TGR Facebook page, here are a few items posted during the past 30 days you’ve missed out on:

C. L. Moore — First Lady of Science Fantasy

After editor Farnsworth Wright had finished reading an unsolicited manuscript entitled “Shambleau,” he closed the Weird Tales office in honor of “C. L.

Moore Day.” For the next six years, Catherine Lucille Moore contributed her own brand of sensual and colorful adventures to “The Unique Magazine,” all featuring her interplanetary rogue Northwest Smith or Jirel of Joiry, one of the first female protagonists of sword-and-sorcery fiction.A correspondent of H.

P. Lovecraft and Robert Bloch, Moore married writer Henry Kuttner in 1940. Together, they collaborated on many stories. Among her rare non-collaborative efforts following her marriage are “Judgment Night,” “There Shall Be Darkness,” “The Children’s Hour,” and “Vintage Season” for Astounding Science-Fiction, Startling Stories, Strange Stories, Thrilling Wonder Stories, and others.Complete story at  the PulpFest 2011 website.

On an Underwood #5

This fan blog is devoted to Robert E.

Howard, the Texas tale-spinner, and all his works of fiction: Sword & Sorcery, Westerns, Boxing, Pirates, Desert Adventures, Horror, poetry, sonnets, and his letters.

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