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Jesus ministered to mankind without letting His ministry
interfere with His relationship with His heavenly Father.  He very often took time to commune with His
Father in prayers and scriptural meditations.

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Jesus meditated on the Old Testament, which was the only part
of the Bible that existed in His days. He acquainted Himself with every aspect
of it and filled His mind with its inspired words to keep Himself on track with
His Father’s will.

That was how He could go about doing good without losing
sight of His mission and His total dependence on His Father to successfully
accomplish it.

Jesus’ Ministry was a very demanding task for one man to
carry out without the danger of losing sight of the heavenly. However, Jesus made
sure to totally depend on His Father for the power to do the things He did
through the help of the Holy Spirit.

All of this was in spite of the fact that He had the
abilities of His Father. He was a perfect example of humility and total
submission to God because He, who was as divine as His Father, laid aside His
divinity and took upon Himself the humanity that it was His mission to minister
to and redeem.

As Jesus gave His disciples the necessary missionary training
that would equip them to carry the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth,
he did everything in His powers to teach them to follow His example of totally
depending on God the Father to supply all their needs naturally and
supernaturally and to submit to His will in their ministry.

The most difficult part of being a minister of the Gospel is
being disciplined enough to always realize that ministering to men and leading
them to God isn’t a feat to be accomplished by human abilities. It’s very easy
to lose sight of the place of God’s will and wisdom and the workings of the
Holy Spirit in the conversion of souls.

That’s why missionaries easily feel defeated when they don’t
realize their projected goals of soul winning and church planting. Some
missionaries have expressed disappointment in their perceived poor missionary
performances to the extent of quitting the ministry completely.

Some have lost confidence in God and severed their
relationships with Him as a result of such experiences.  

A story was told of a missionary who left his civilized world
behind and toiled so hard to win souls and establish a church for the Lord in a
savage community.

On the course of his ministry, his wife took ill and died. He
toiled on in the hope of accomplishing some good to show for his precious wife’s
death. However, he was able to win only one soul for the Lord after all his
sacrifices and laborious efforts.

He concluded he was a failure as a minister and didn’t have
God’s approval, and so he quitted the ministry. In fact, he became angry with
God for obvious reasons, or so it seemed.

Several years later, shortly before the disappointed
missionary died, news got to him that the one soul he was able to baptize, in
his last missionary endeavor, had become a spirit filled preacher of the Gospel
who had won many souls and planted many churches in the savage community where
he was converted.

With tearstained eyes, the disappointed missionary realized
his gross mistake a little too late for continued service in the Lord’s

That missionary felt like a failure because he had lost sight
of his dependence on God to successfully carry out his work as a minister of
the Gospel. Jesus guarded against this mistake throughout His ministry on
earth, which was why His mission was successfully accomplished while His
relationship with His Father stayed intact.

All ministers of the Gospel must always endeavor to remember
that they’re nothing but messengers whose accomplishments depend solely on the
One who sent them into the spiritual field of labor. That way, their mission
will be accomplished successfully and their relationship with God will be

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