played a huge role in society because he was a born leader. With his
intelligence, he was able to lead African-Americans in ways that didn’t involve
violence. King’s protests never involved any means of violence, in fact, he was
only arrested for misdemeanour offenses. An important part of his vision was
that he refused to use violent actions and he encouraged people to do the same.
He followed the teachings of Gandhi, which influenced his behaviour and the way
society viewed him. It also made him gain respect and people wanted to pay
attention to him. Martin Luther King played a huge role in the acknowledgement
of the ?Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts for black people in America. These acts
literally changed the law so that African Americans would be treated the same
as white citizens. This majorly impacted the history of the United States and
the world. His never-ending desire for peace, and equality for all, and his work
for the of civil rights movement, made genuine and great change in the American
society. As his persecutors exercised brute-force mechanisms, King kept
insisting on avoiding violence, and this was a huge reason why he gained
respect and the civil rights act was amended at the time. For example, King
participated in the boycott in Montgomery. It was against city buses that didn’t
allow African Americans to sit in the front rows of the buses. This later expanded
into a widespread boycott of busing systems. Then the rule changed. King knew
that he could he could raise the laws that allowed segregation on busses
without any means of violence whatsoever. In one of Martin Luther King’s speeches,
he quoted that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can. Hate cannot
drive out by hate, only love can. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom,
by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.” This quote by Dr. King,
demonstrates that he was willing to fight for freedom through positivity and
promoting justice. 

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