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Holocaust research

January 22, 2018




The Nazis
treated homosexuals, mentally and physically disabled people poorly during the
Holocaust. The Nazis also had many different beliefs, such as the perfect Aryan
race. Their beliefs were the reason they treated other the way they did. Many
sicknesses also went around the concentration camps, which usually led to

treatment of the homosexuals was amongst the worse according to many survivor
accounts; “… homosexuals were among the most abused groups in the camp.” They
were looked at as being seriously sick. The Nazis thought making them work
extremely hard could cure them. Gay men were targeted mainly because they
didn’t have anyway of contributing to the recreation of the “perfect Aryan
race”.  While the Jews were alive in
camps they would be marked by a pink triangle if they were gay.  The markings forced on the prisoners allowed
the SS officers to easily identify them. Sadly, in many situations sexual
favors were traded for protection or extra food. Most of the people that
depleted the favors were younger prisoners. However, if they had not done this
they most likely would not have survived as long as they did. From 1937 to 1939
police invaded meeting places, address books and arrested suspected
homosexuals. As the years of the holocaust went on this occurred more often.
This event became extremely common. Police arrested approximately 100,000 men
that were homosexuals.

Sickness in
camps was also an extreme epidemic at this time. Physical harassment often led
to broken limbs and other extreme injuries. This was considered “the best time
for elimination of the incurably ill.” 1942 had the most epidemics, the most
common at this time was typhus. A common word used was Musselmänner. It was a
slang term known as hunger disease. It was used to seek protection and food
sources.  When one prisoner got majorly
sick so did most of the camp. Some other common diseases in the camps were
dysentery, tuberculosis, beriberi, and cholera. 
The ill were not treated for the sickness they had, rather they were left
to suffer or find a way to attempt survival.

issue was the death of disabled people in all of the camps. They were seen as
unworthy of being alive. They were also called “useless eaters’ and the Germans
made sure the disabled knew “their burden upon society”. Extreme Nazis created
a murder program, called Euthanasia. This program was made to kill those that
were mentally ill or physically disabled. Every individual that showed an
illness was murdered in a different way. Some, such as handicapped infants were
killed by lethal injection other infants were killed in special gas chambers.
In 1941 Hitler ordered the shut down of the killing centers in order to try to
hide some of his undocumented killings. However, another program called T4 was
still operating. T4 used poison gas to kill the victims. In 1942 this program
was to be shut down Hitler continued the killing until World War 2 officially
ended. Between 1940 and 1945 an estimated 200,000-handicapped people were
viciously killed. On July 14th, 1933 “Law for the Prevention of
Progeny with Hereditary Diseases” was put in place in order to make sure all
sick people were killed as soon as possible.

conclusion the Nazis persecuted the Jews for many reasons.  The idea of the perfect Aryan race consumed
the minds of unfair and cruel Nazi rulers.











































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