is an essential building block in nursing. As shown through the representation
of an owl, its ability to maintain silence and careful observation without
jumping to conclusions and unexplained actions comprehensibly displays the
capability to utilize critical thinking. Through the owl’s ability to maintain
silence, it is continuously thinking of the next best decision to make during
an intense situation. Self-reflection and understanding of past experiences is
a significant process that the nurse needs to undergo to learn how to
strengthen, develop, and dost self-awareness and critical thinking in the
nursing process (Burrell, 2014). Critical thinking is an essential to nursing
professions because it allows individuals to test and refine nursing
approaches, learn from successes and failures, apply new knowledge, and ensure
holistic patient care. Knowledge in critical thinking is a central factor when
developing nursing diagnoses thus, giving the nurse a greater insight on how to
provide safe holistic care. Countless resources such as theories, life experiences,
patient charts, all play part in formatting a nursing diagnosis specific for a
certain individual. These elements of being able to critically think in
assessing patients, planning interventions, and evaluating results, allow
nurses to meet a goal to become more effective and competent in the profession.

To learn and develop critical thinking skills among nurses, they are to be
encouraged to possess active interpersonal skills to build a trusting
relationship with not only their patients, however, their fellow colleagues. My
current perspective on knowledge has truly been enhanced through the progression
of critical thinking. I realize that experience comes more through complex
practice circumstances and it will require additional reasoning about nursing
in greater depth, and further cognizance of what it truly means to be a nurse.

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Nursing is never a shallow, ending movement. All demonstrations such as
millions of resources and teachings from institutions show nursing is
profoundly critical and will continuously expand the knowledge and perspective
of nurses.  Knowledge is a constant test
of critical thinking, reflective processes, self-awareness, competent practice
and effective safe client-centered care.

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