Lancershelf is obliged to offer its services in respect to
all applicable laws, rules and regulations. We are committed to helping all
Users act in a way that preserves trust and respect. Our Code of Conduct will
help you use our Site properly if followed always. Disciplinary actions
including account termination will be taken if this Code is breached. The
Lancershelf Support Team is available for you to contact when you have questions
concerning this Code, or information of any sort.

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I will respect all Lancershelf’s policies;act ethically and
with integrity, respect the rights of all users and have regard for user’s
interests and safety.

I will not be involved in any illegal practice; abuse
confidential information, harass, bully or discriminate users, falsify
identity(s) or information(s), communicate or receive payments off-site.

I won’t accept a job I am not capable of doing and won’t
request upfront release of payment before I deliver my work.


User Content

I take responsibility for the content I post on Lancershelf;my
contents will not infringe upon any intellectual property right, violate law or
regulations, defame a person’s image, and contain obscene posts, damage the
image or system of Lancershelf.



I will respect the Privacy of Lancershelf; I will keep
confidential, what is meant to be confidential and will only disclose
information or documents as authorized by the Laws of Lancershelf.



All contacts I make with the users of Lancershelf will be
through the Lancershelf official system ONLY. No private contact. 



I will not underbid to avoid fees or be involved in projects
involving illegal behavior.


I will avoid exaggeration, derogatory remarks, and inappropriate
references, criticisms, and any unprofessional conduct.



I will stay away from fraud as it
concerns Lancershelf; I won’t transfer funds on the system illegally, operate
multiple accounts, or use the system to generate false feedback.



I will not use Lancershelf to facilitate money exchange.



I will not advertise my website or service without proper
permission from Lancershelf.



I won’t refer myself for the Affiliate Program. I will not send
unsolicited emails (“Spam”).

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