Language is a part of human life that cannot be separated. Language is
the most important thing for human communication (Whatmough, 1957). They use language
to express their thought and communicate with others. It means that language
consists of information that can be accepted by the deliverer and that receiver
within dealing.



1.1  Attitude
and Language Attitude

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Attitude is an expression of favor or disfavor toward a person, place,
thing or event. According to (Rasyid, 2015) Attitude is rather
permanent way of thinking, feeling  
or   behaving   towards  
someone   or something. It means
that attitude is responseor   tendency  
by   relatively   way  
to people,  thing  or 
etc. Attitude is also measurable and changeable as well as influencing
the person’s emotion and behavior. If  
the   students   have positive   attitude,  
it   becomes   the  
good beginning   for   the  
learning   and   teaching process and vice versa. In   general,  
the   concept   of  
attitude   in psychology   defined  
as   an   evaluation  
of positive or negative toward thing or people. According to (Ahmadi, 2009) attitude
involves three components that interact with the object. These components

Cognitive component, associated with
knowledge, beliefs or thoughts that 
are  based  on 
information  associated  with 
the  object. For instance: knowledge   that  
they   receive   and  
their understanding  in  the 
process  of  language learning. 

Affective component, refers to the
emotional dimension of attitudes, emotions are associated with the object. Here
the object perceived as pleasant or unpleasant. For instance: students express  whether they 
like  or  dislike 
the situation    or    materials   
of    learning    and teaching  process.

Behavior component involving one of
predisposition to act towards the object, it deals with the skill. For instance:
it is about the way one react in particular reaction.


1.2  L1
, L2, L3


1.3  Students’

Achievement is the students’ ability after he
received a learning experience. Students’ achievement are changes include the
areas of cognitive, affective  and  psychomotor 
oriented  experienced   by  students
(Sudjana, 2005).



2.      Methodology

In this chapter, the researcher describes the method and methodology
which is used in conducting the research. It covers the research design, participants,
instrument, data collection technique, and data analysis. The researcher will
describe them one by one.

Research design  

This research was conducted Explanatory mixed methods design. The process
was done through the quantitative 
data  are collected first then
supported by qualitative data. According to Tashakkori & Teddlie (2003)defined
mixed method as ‘a  types  of 
research  design  in 
which  QUAL  and 
QUAN approaches  are  used 
in  types  of 
questions,  research methods,  data 
collection  and  analysis 
procedures. This research was explanatory mixed method because the
researcher needs to describe how the student’ attitude toward L1, L2, L3, the
students’ language practice and the correlation between attitude and students’
achievement. In conclusion, the researcher considered explanatory mixed method
research was appropriate for this research.


The population
of this research was the students at MA-CI Amanatul Ummah. There were twenty
students in every class then the researcher took one class and described how
their attitude toward L1,L2,L3 ; The language used and the correlation with
their chievement.



First, a questionnaire is research instruments
consist of some questions which are used to gather the information from
respondents. According to (Ary, 2002) there are two kinds
of questionnaire, (1) The structured questionnaire provides both questions and
answers, the respondent should choose which represent their opinion. (2) The
unstructured questionnaires. The respondents have to elaborate their beliefs
and suggestions using their own words. This study used structured questionnaire
The  questionnaire  was 
adopted  from  the 
Attitude  Questionnaire  Test 
employed  by a Behavioral,
Cognitive, Emotional Attitude (BCEA) questionnaire as cited in (Abidin, 2012)

Second are interview guidelines. Interview
guidelines contains several question addressed to the learners. Those questions
are related to the learners. Those questions are about what their language used
out of the school hour in relation to their attitude.

Third, a documentary study was taken from the
students’ speaking score in final test at the first semester from the teacher
to know about students’ achievement in English to be analyzed.

Data Collection

First, Questionnaire is used to know how the students’ attitude toward
L1, L2, L3. The questionnaire used in the study contains 45 items concerning
language attitudes in terms of behavioral (the first 5 items), cognitive (the
second 5 items), and emotional (the third 5 items) aspects of attitude toward
L1 , L2 nad L3. Overall, some items were positive and negative. The statements
were put in a five-point Likert scale from Level 1: Strongly Disagree to Level
5: Strongly Agree.

Second, interview was used to answer the second research question which
deals with their language used out of the school hour in relation to their
attitude. The students who were interviewed was chosen randomly based on their
English competence, higher competence and lower competence. The categorization
was based on their score.

Third, a documentary study which is taken from the students’ speaking
score are collected to be analyzed by using correlation analysis.


Data Analysis

In analyzing
the data, there are some steps below:

First, The
data which is related to know how the students’ attitude toward L1, L2, L3,
will be got from questionnaire consisting of 15 items showing cognitive,
behavioral, and emotional aspects of attitude toward L1, L2 and English as L3.
The researcher will analyze based on analysis of a questionnaire and describes
the result in the form of percentage and table.

Second, the
data collections of the interview about the students’ language use out of the
school were transcribed.

Third, to
analyze the relationship between students’ attitude and students’ achievement,
the researcher used Pearson Product Moment correlation analysis. The type of
correlation is bivariate correlations. Finally, SPSS software was used to
analyze the data.

Last, The data
was interpreted and made conclusion about the result of the study


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