Decide on most appropriate employment chance harmonizing to personality traits. BackgroundAfter working for 12 old ages at a budget office at the province degree. Laura Gomez decided to travel back to school and obtain an MPA grade. She was looking for a alteration from the modus operandi. but considered traveling back to the occupation market holding an MPA grade would be advantageous. Bing a individual parent.

she feels compelled to be actively involved in the lives of her two kids. Current Position
Laura’s experience and new get instruction have been good received in the occupation market and she has three assuring occupation offers.Offer 1: Management consulting house in the Midwest offering the highest salary and anticipating her to go about 80 per centum of the clip. Offer 2: 5 old ages old non-profit-making organisation near to her current abode necessitating fiscal and fundraising work. Salary offered is less than what she was doing in her anterior employment.Offer 3: Federal Government bureau located in Washington. DC. They offer developing in new country of work and higher wage than what she was doing anterior to traveling back to school.


The “Big Five” factors of personality questionnaire showed that Laura scored highest on amenity. Harmonizing to Bernerth. Feild.

Giles and Cole ( 2006 ) . agreeableness “is associated with selflessness. generousness. cooperation and sociability” ( p.

548 ) . This fact provides indicant that she will stand out in a non-profit-making organisation working straight with fundraising. Her other high mark was on conscientiousness. Both. amenity and conscientiousness have been found to be the two personality traits most systematically related to ethical leading and behaviour ( Kalshoven. Den Hartog.

& A ; De Hoogh. 2011 ) . Consequently. these traits become desirable when working in fiscal and fundraising activities. Extraversion besides rated high on her five-factor theoretical account of personality ; being a sociable and self-asserting individual will decidedly let Laura to rapidly develop the much needed relationships to successfully run a non-profit-making organisation.Harmonizing to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ( MBTI ) . based on Jungian constructs. Laura’s personality is classified as ENFJ: extravert.

intuitive. feeling and judgment. “These cardinal penchants are thought to associate specifically to facets of human perceptual experience and cognition” ( Church & A ; Waclawski. 1998. p. 102 ) .

Furthermore. Eggert ( 2000 ) suggests that persons with personality type ENFJ might see callings in fund-raising and reding. among others. Additionally. Furnham and Zacherl ( 1986 ) have linked MBTI penchants to results such as occupation satisfaction and determination devising manner.On the other manus. Laura’s personal life is really of import as she extremely values relationships and household. It would be good for her to be close to place and non passing long periods of clip on concern trips.

That would let her to be readily available to take part in her children’s after school activities and other events. RecommendationTaking into consideration Laura’s consequences of the “Big Five” factor personality trial and the Jungian 16-type personality. it is recommended that she take the place at the non-profit-making organisation in Los Angeles. Even though it offers the lowest wage.

she would happen herself more satisfied with her occupation and will hold more clip to pass with her kids. Furthermore. albeit her rawness in fund-raising. her personality traits indicate she has what it takes to be successful and acquire a salary addition in the hereafter.MentionsBernerth. J. B. .

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