Learning how towrite is essential because this not just to be prepared for the present butalso for the future. In my future job, I could use what I have learned indifferent areas of writing like writing a letter, researching, and writtenreports. As an international student, I am not a native speaker in English andmy hometown. I have started to acquire learning in writing when I came in theUnited States.

During the year before, I have entered English language coursesto practice my abilities in writing. I had my English courses and most of thetask to do in this course was the free essays. This just means that myinstructor would give a topic then I will talk about it. In this way, I havepracticed my thinking skills and my English knowledge. After that, I haveentered this University to study engineering but also to enhance more myknowledge in English and to practice my writing in English. This was my secondsemester here and so far I am happy and glad with it. I have learned a lot ofthings in my present studies. One of the things that I have learned is writinga well-organized document.

One of the events in my life that I experienced interms of writing is, I got a low grade in my writing homework. I got a lowgrade because the document that I wrote is not organized. My writing do nothave any focus which means the essay was poorly written than I thought. I havemany mistakes also in grammar and sentence construction as well as the use ofadjectives. Through the mistakes that I have had, I am improving a lot in mywriting. I have learned too that, proofreading is essential after you are donewith your essay.

This was a big help especially when checking if there is anytypographical errors, grammar errors, and some unidentified word usage. Duringmy first take of the writing course, I got many mistakes because I wasn’tfamiliar with the right way to write an essay. Now, I am very gladthat I was able to express myself in written works. I was able to give in mywriting what I want to explain to my audience and what I want to show in mywriting.

The comments and feedback of my instructor helped me a lot for me torealize on how to write an effective and efficient essay. I have learned that,when writing a research, it is important to cite the sources to avoidplagiarism. If the idea in theresearch is not from your own idea, you should cite it otherwise it willresults to be plagiarized.

If the idea was also paraphrase but still not yourown idea, you should also cite the source where it came from. The sourceshelped a lot to show that the research was credible because you have cited theresults of your research from peer reviewed journal or scholastic articles. Writing is reallyhard especially when you do not know what to write.

Other than that, it is hardwhen you do not know how to construct a sentence in the language that you donot know since your hometown is in different place. However, in this semesterin ENGL 101, I want to enhance more my skills and abilities in English. I dowant to learn more English in order for me to communicate well in terms ofwriting and oral. 

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