Legalization Of Marrijuana Essay, Research PaperIntroductionIn 1620, the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock conveying with them 1000s of gallons of beer and other types of spirits. This was believed to be adequate for them to sell or merchandise with the indigens in return for merchandises like a organic structure relaxer. The Native Americans introduced the Pilgrims to tobacco and other signifiers of drugs such as Marijuana. By the 1900? s, the state noticed marihuanas, a psychotropic drug, was unsafe and needed to be controlled. Later, between the 1960? s and 1970? s, the United States found itself in another period of drug intolerance.

From so on the authorities started to check down and began to encompass drug enforcement.The authorities spends an norm of 2.3 billion dollars each twelvemonth on drug enforcement.

Besides each twelvemonth over 400,000 people die in the United States through drug offense and over doses. So many people talk about Marijuana like it is non even a drug. In my sentiment, I think that more people smoke & # 8220 ; weed & # 8221 ; so smoke coffin nails. The authorities says that it is a & # 8220 ; gateway drug & # 8220 ; , but most of the people that I know that do it hold ne’er tried another drug other so marihuana. Throughout this study I will give you different positions from different people on the legalisation of Marijuana.The Youths Point of ViewI interviewed 10 people for this study and they largely all had the same sentiment on this topic. Nine out of the 10 people I interviewed said that the authorities should legalise marihuanas. Most of them had an attitude of & # 8220 ; Why non legalise it? You can acquire it anyplace at any clip.

It is non like you have to travel far to happen it. Just inquire a few people and sooner or later you will either happen some or be pointed in the right way to happen some. & # 8221 ; They besides made a good point that if it is legalized it might really turn some people off from utilizing it. If it were legal, there would be no more escapade or merriment in interrupting the jurisprudence to seek to acquire some, which some people like more than really making the drug.

The one individual that said the authorities should non legalise it besides had a few good points. She said that if it were legalized, there would be a batch more instances of malignant neoplastic disease each twelvemonth. There will besides be some people that if they do legalise it, they will utilize it overly. Those people may utilize all their money to purchase marihuanas and go & # 8220 ; burn-outs & # 8221 ; . She besides said that the authorities would non legalise it because they tend to do more money off of it illicitly. When the constabularies make the drug busts most of the money goes to the authorities anyhow.

The Governments Point of ViewHarmonizing to the recent Gallup Poll, about one-half of Americans study that either they, person in their household, or a close friend has used illegal drugs. Twenty-eight per centum of the one half characterized the drug usage as moderate, while 29 per centum described it as a serious dependence. More than half of those who reported cognizing person with a moderate or serious drug job were populating in a family with incomes of $ 35,000 or more and about all were white.

The drugs are non a job to merely the interior metropolis childs, it effects the hapless, rich, suburban, and most minority groups. Every American is affected by drug jobs.Besides if marijuana is legalized there will be new revenue enhancement gross. The authorities would acquire a batch of money from gross revenues of marihuana. The authorities would besides do more money because they could bear down any sum of money for it, and cognizing them there will be a batch of drosss like they did with coffin nails.The Police Point of ViewThe constabulary expression at it from a batch of different positions. One of their positions has to make with money. They spend 1000000s and 1000000s of dollars each twelvemonth in drug enforcement.

Possibly they have non considered that when they make drug flops, a per centum of that money goes to their section. So in a manner the money is evened out from passing the money on enforcement, they get their money back when they make their flops.Another one of their positions relates to drug offense. If the drug is legalized there will be no drug deals gone bad, no harlotry in order to acquire a & # 8220 ; fix & # 8221 ; , and no people acquiring rich off of other peoples blood. There will be a batch fewer deceases in the & # 8220 ; ghetto & # 8221 ; each twelvemonth, non to advert good vicinities.Another point relates to the pureness of drugs. If the authorities legalized and regulated marihuanas, it would be more likely to be pure, and if non there would be a good legal resort.

There would be no ODs non that an OD from marihuana is likely anyhow. But if marihuanas would be pure, with no other drugs combined, there would be fewer concerns involved in making it.The Doctors Point of ViewDoctor Benson B. Roe, a bosom sawbones at the University of California at San Francisco says illegal drugs can non be eradicated from society.

Since such drugs are no more harmful so most legal substances, he says that most illegal drugs should be legalized. As a bosom sawbones Roe saw the harmful effects drugs left on the organic structure. He believes that illegal drugs are non the immorality, habit-forming, and toxicant substances that many people believe they are. The benefits of legalisation would include drug pureness confidence, decrease of drug offense, nest eggs in jurisprudence enforcement costs, plus new revenue enhancement gross. The Nixon disposal studied Marijuana and found it was no worse so coffin nails.An opponent sentiment is from William J. Olson, a former deputy helper at the Department of State and now a senior chap at the National Strategy Information Center. His sentiment provinces that drugs create important wellness jobs and that usage and maltreatment of drugs would decidedly increase under legalisation, ensuing in an addition in the state? s wellness attention costs.

Olson states the making drugs has the same hazard as playing unsafe athleticss, Oklahoman or subsequently you will acquire hurt.The Medical PurposesIn November 1996, California and Arizona had the chance to debate the virtues of marihuana for medical intents when the issue was presented to electors in the signifier of statewide ballot propositions. In both provinces, electors agree that medical marihuana should be allowed. As of 1998, the Arizona legislative assembly had efficaciously rescinded the proposition in that provinces, while jurisprudence enforcement functionaries in California have adopted a scope of advanced schemes to cover with their new jurisprudence. All the branchings of the new jurisprudence have yet to go clear, but the argument continues about its virtue, and other provinces are watching California? s experiment carefully.Nick Gillespie, a senior editor of Reason magazine, believes that the transition of medical marihuana initiated in California and Arizona in 1996 challenges the utmost antidrug tone of the current war on drugs.

Since marihuana will no longer be seen simplistically as a strictly evil substance, national leaders of the war on drugs will be forced to follow new schemes and acknowledge the deceptive nature of their rhetoric, harmonizing to Gillespie. He thinks that the legalisation of marihuana as medical specialty may take to wider rejection of the war on drugs.The LegalizationOfMarijuanaThe Elders Point of ViewFor this point of position I interviewed my grandmas. My grandma Sophie stated that there was a batch of drug back in her clip excessively. The thing was that the drugs weren? T every bit publicized as they are to twenty-four hours so many people didn? T know about them. She said that people would make it so openly to the extent that they were walking in the streets turn overing or smoke in the Parks. The bulls wouldn? T do anything to you if they saw you do that.

She said that she would non wish to see marijuana legalized. She said that if it was legal that some people would utilize it to a much higher extent so they do now, since they would believe that it would be & # 8220 ; O.K. & # 8221 ; to make. She besides states that the lone ground that the authorities would legalise it is to do there ain money from it.

They wouldn? T attention if it were harmful to us, merely like what they? re making with coffin nails. They are killing us but all the authorities attentions about is the money.My other grandma Marge said that she couldn? t retrieve anything about drugs in her times.

She had no sentiment on the legalisation of marihuana. The lone thin she said was that you are still able to acquire drugs anyplace you want, so why non hold them legalise it so they could do money off of it.DecisionThroughout this study I gave you many different sentiments and positions on the legalisation of marihuana. They all were good positions but they all counteracted their egos. In my sentiment, the medical, physicians point of position, and the authoritiess point of position truly got me.

They all province that they for it in some manner, even Doctor Roe states that it is non proven that it is harmful to the organic structure. Even the Nixon disposal studied it and found it no worse so cigarettes. Some of the young person? s points were good besides. They said that if it was legalized that most childs would halt making it since most of all the merriment is in the hazard of acquiring caught making it.

My position on it is that if people in the authorities, in the constabulary force, and in the field of medical specialties say that it should be legalized, how could it be so harmful to us. I think that if the authorities and the MOB didn? Ts have so much money to lose, so it would hold been legalized a long clip ago.

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