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Legalize It!

Many feel today we are fring the war on drugs. When a conflict goes to the point where there is no victor at that place needs to be a re-evaluation of how to work out the job. In the instance of the war against drugs, old ages of contending have caused increased offense, overcrowding of prisons and the otiose usage of money and resources with no consequences. It is now clip to look at alternate methods to work outing the state & # 8217 ; s drug job. I will be looking at one of these methods that trades with the legalisation of marihuana. In the undermentioned pages you can look at why I think there is a job in the United States which deals with the usage of drugs, our solutions to the job and our responses to the onslaughts against the legalisation of marihuana.

Although, legalisation will increase usage of the drug. However, many protagonists of go oning the illegalization of drugs believe that by legalising drugs they will go more accessible and usage will therefore addition. They base this statement on past experiment covering with intoxicant prohibition. After the terminal of prohibition with the 21st amendment, intoxicant ingestion doubled while prohibition decreased usage by 50 per centum ( Light ) . They besides cite that usage of marihuana peaked in 1979 when there was a decriminalisation of drug usage by 11 provinces. When researching to happen if a peculiar solution will turn out to be of usage, it is of import to look at historical illustrations and learn from them. In Liverpool, England, after a recent legalisation of drugs in a regulative plan that focuses on the medical benefits of drugs, most drug thrusters have left town because there is no longer a market for them ( Priver 28 ) . This shows that legalisation really decreases usage because of the increased accent on rehabilitation and the lessening of drug thrusters. Such a dramatic lessening in drug traders has non merely resulted in offense decrease in England but there was besides a lessening of drug usage.

It is true, legalisation will non extinguish the major cause of violent offense ; nevertheless, most debate which says that drug legalisation will non diminish offense trades with the thought that most violent offense occurs as a consequence of intoxicant usage ( Light ) . Since this is true, and legalisation would non consequence offense that is alcohol related but it will diminish violent offense that is linked to drug covering and utilize

. The drugs themselves may non do violent offense but people involved in the distributing of illicit drugs make the deadliest offense. By legalising drugs the trader would be eliminated and hence offense would be reduced. By maintaining the nut offprint from the condemnable so violent, covetous, genitive offense ( Friedman 16 ) .

Granted, the overall cost of drug usage would non diminish ; nevertheless, protagonists of the continued war on drug and the farther illegalization of these drugs say that legalisation would be more both socially and economically. They say that legalisation would ensue in increased usage and finally will intend an addition in malignant neoplastic disease deceases with greater marihuana smoke ( Light ) . Another consequence they say will go on is the deteriorization of household values as a consequence of increased drug utilizing female parents and kids. Actually, the legalisation of drugs will set money which is used for jurisprudence enforcement into the building of better rehabilitation and instruction plans. Education is an indispensable portion in this proposal because through this method the job is solved non mearly covered up with gaol bars. Economically, for every dollar spent on drug intervention there is a $ 7 return due to reduced condemnable activity ( Cotton 992 ) . Through the ordinance and supervising of the distribution of marihuana, there would be no additions in the figure of drug addicted neonates nor will it bring on the impairment of society. The overall cost of drug usage would diminish and would convey a new gross for our state.

After looking at and cognizing the pro and cons of marihuana legalisation, I have decided that it is a valid and necessary solution to our states drug job. By implementing such a plan the American population can utilize it & # 8217 ; s money and resources to battle the job through rehabilitation and instruction alternatively of procrastinating the job through the legal system. Legalization will diminish violent offense associated with drug traders, it will diminish the figure of users and will take down the wasteful cost which is connected with the current system. Such legalisation will non destruct our young person in any manner and will merely be accessible to grownups in the state. If we continue with our current system we will ne’er work out the job. Drug traders and nuts will go on to coronate our prisons and blight our streets with violent offense with no hope for aid nor a better hereafter.

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