We have been in a war for a period of more than 3 decennaries. Approximately 95 % of the conflict zone is located within Tamil talking district. Few hundred 1000s civilians are populating in this district. Most of them are Tamil speech production and straight affected by the combat. There were figure of violative missions and human-centered missions that had been carried out in this country in order to keep jurisprudence and order and to deliver guiltless Tamil speech production civilians from the clasps of cultural struggle. During past three decennaries of struggle. there has been many hard state of affairss occurred due to miss Tamil knowledge among service forces. The same ground is sometimes the cause for the rebellion of terrorist act excessively. Front line soldiers frequently face these troubles due to the linguistic communication barrier.

Even before the force erupted in 1983. the necessity of Tamil as a 2nd linguistic communication was highlighted but when the military began working excessively near with the Tamil population. the demand to build up the soldiers with Tamil was intensified. Even in this station war era the armed forces is dwelling of Sinhala talking bulk. Sri Lanka is as democratic state. any ethnicity and linguistic communications were accepted within her boundaries. Tamil linguistic communication was declared as the official linguistic communication of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka. which was battered by an cultural struggle. natural catastrophes. and antagonistic insurgence state of affairs in assorted portion of the state. therefore it is overriding of import to eliminate linguistic communication barriers. in order to keep peace and harmoniousness among assorted ethnicities. In that context. security forces have a critical function to play. They are the first to hotfoot in to any struggle and exigency.

Aligning with all stated above. security governments are compulsory to hold direct contacts with civilians. irrelevant of their ethnicities. That was the minute where the importance of cognition on a 2nd linguistic communication surfaces. So the educating of Tamil in the Army soldiers. with Tamil as a 2nd linguistic communication is of huge significance. Major part of the members of armed forces are from the Sinhala speech production background. Most of them do non hold a just cognition of any 2nd linguistic communication. As most of the times land troops encounter the Tamil civilians foremost. that stimulates the demand of cognizing a 2nd linguistic communication.

When taking consideration of historical illustrations and lessons of our state. we are in a stance that linguistic communication differences should non be or interfere with coherence of assorted civilizations and ethnicities. In nutshell. Sri Lankan forces should be professional in managing native secondary linguistic communications with easiness. which serves many of societal. political and military intents. Fortunately. we had identified the epicenter of the job of linguistic communication barrier and In order to confront the fact with positive perceptual experience. Army had already taken the necessary stairss by opening secondary linguistic communication preparation schools for service personals. However. with the drastic and frequent fluctuation of demands and state of affairss. stairss already taken were been proved unequal and inappropriate. Therefore in this research. I will seek to discourse the job of linguistic communication barrier and masseurs to be taken to get the better of it in inside informations.

Aims and hypothesis of this thesis
Main aim
* To research whether there is a spread / job of Tamil linguistic communication barrier among the members of the Sri Lanka Army. Sub nonsubjective
* If any such job. to place the steps to be taken to get the better of the job.

Hypothesis to be tested
* Introducing Tamil as a 2nd linguistic communication among officers and work forces will elate the efficiency of the Sri Lankan Army. Benefit of the survey
* Outcome of this survey shall be a utile guideline for future researches and to make much more surveies on their several related issues. * Policy shapers in this state and in Sri Lanka ground forces could be benefited at all degrees future planning and devising alterations. * Relevant findings may assist to undertakings in Sri Lanka Army to decide the jobs and heighten the efficiency.

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