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The strongest small business solution
to increase sales

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of the biggest problems that face small businesses, especially in their first years in the
business is how to increase sales volume and how to encourage customers to come
time after time. So what if I told you that I find you a sure-fire way not only
to increase sales, but also a solution for your other crucial business problems
like competition and branding?

Scent marketing strategy

Many medium and big businesses in
different industries (including Hilton hotels, GM, Singapore Airlines and Zara)
started using this strategy with impressive results that shows clearly in their
sales reports, but what exactly is this strategy?

Simply, they diffuse an exclusive
fragrance with subtle ways inside their premises, but why?

Here is what science had to say
about the relation between smells and people:

– Smells are strongly linked to memories and emotions, because smell is the only sense directly
connected to the brain’s system, which includes emotions and memories, according to scientists.

– Our nose and therefore scents are
responsible for 75% of our everyday emotions and that’s why it’s the second
most important sense we have after sight.

But what emotions are we talking
about here?

Aromatic scents can decrease the
negative emotions like depression, stress and irritation and at the same time
can increase positive ones like happiness, relaxation and relief. It can also
stimulate memories and appetites.

But what does this mean for your small business and your customers? In fact, it
means a lot and here is why.

– Aromatic scents can provide a cheerful
and strong customer experience inside your store and make your customers feel happier
and in a good mood to stay longer and even draw them to your store which put
your business one step ahead of your competition in the same area.

– Fragrant aromas can efficiently
improve your brand identity through enhancing your customers’ memory of your
brand which makes your brand name on top of their minds for a longer time also,
it increases their buying willingness.

– It puts your small business employees in a good mood for work
and even prevents the decline of their work performance. They are people after all.

 So, the question now is “How you can use this
strategy in your small business with the same
results as big brand names?”


The answer is in these following
unique ways you can use with minimum investment involved. All you have to do is
develop your exclusive fragrance formula and if you can’t do this then just get
a perfume with unique good smell (but it will work better with your signature
scent) then use it in one or more of these ways.

– Aromatic scents Diffusion:

After you get your signature scent,
start to spray it in your store or premise regular and especially during the customer’s
rush hours and your small business events. But
the most important thing here is to use the scent in the most subtle ways so
you don’t insult or attack the customers’ smelling sense (some of your
customers may have perfume allergy).

– Scented packaging and stationary:

The other way to use this scent
marketing strategy is through scented stationary like scented check books in
banks. Also, scented paper or plastic bags for non-food related businesses and
services like fashion store bags.

– Giveaways:

From time to time,
you can give your customers samples of your signature fragrance as a gift/give away
especially if you target women. For example, if you are women apparel and
accessories shop owner, you can give away your fragrance as a surprise bonus
for above $500 purchases or in your next collection release and if your fragrance
is a hit among your customer base, then expect a lot of free advertising and word
of mouth from them in behalf of your brand and that’s why you have to choose
your signature scent wisely. Just take your time.

Best use it in:

– Retail stores like apparel and shoe

– Bookstores

– Motels

– Clinics and medical offices

– Women related stores and shops like
salons and spas.

Also, any kind of business where
customers spend a long time waiting for their products or services inside. You
know what is even better? You can use scents in your personal life, not just
for your small business. For example, you can use the scent of lavender before
sleeping for relaxation or when your kids are studying for their next exams to
enhance their memory.

So that is the power of scents and aroma and how it can
affect your small business and life.


P. S Don’t
forget to follow your nose to find your success path.


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