I fell frustrated about the recent batch of cyber strong-arming worldwide. The rosining state of affairs in Hong Kong is unacceptable. Cyber intimidation can do both physical and psychological amendss to the victims. This job must be tackled. and I believe that there is more than one manner to clamber the cat.

To get down with. instruction is an of import measure in order to avoid cyber intimidation. Most cyber intimidation instances happen to both primary and secondary pupils who suffer from cyber intimidation by their classmates. Internet is a powerful tool. it can distribute information to every individual corner of the universe in seconds. Such an utile tool can besides destroy one’s life in proceedingss. Therefore. learning pupils how to utilize the Internet sagely is a must. Besides. instructors. parents and even the mass media should bear the duty to learn childs to care about the others’ feeling. but non to construct their ain felicity on others’ unhappiness egotistically.

Second. promoting the victims to seek professional aid can halt farther injury. Harmonizing to a study conducted by an evangelical group. about 60 per cent of secondary pupils said they would non seek aid when bullied because it would be ineffectual. However. the group’s societal service division coordinator who led this canvass said that non seeking aid can convey serious consequences. A immature adult male was filmed misconducting in public. The footage was made public and netizens began to track him down on the net. Unfortunately. he did non seek aid. and this depressed him so much that he tried to kill himself. He could avoid holding such a bad stoping if he sought aid from the dependable people such as his parents and societal workers. It is of import to seek aid in such onslaughts because victims need an mercantile establishment to ease their defeats.

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Finally. parental attention can assist forestall the happening of cyber intimidation. Adolescents without parental attention may conceal themselves and do bad friends. Social worker with the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups pointed out that many childs join cyber strong-arming under equal force per unit area. Most of them besides do non trouble oneself to happen out the truth. They merely follow what their friends are making without believing whether it is right or incorrect. As a consequence. parents play an of import function in caring for their kids and looking after them to forestall them going the victims or toughs. After all. love is the best thing to halt cyber intimidation.

All in all. cyber strong-arming can kill. This societal unease must be stopped. Each one of us can assist through instruction. encoutaging the victims to seek aid and supplying parental attention. Adolescents can turn under felicity without cyber bulling.

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