In advancement states. where the Computerized Library System is a mature engineering. developments are the country of resource sharing and globalisation of Information Access. In such a scenario.

the function of the bibliothec is no longer to do available the most suited books or column or facts accessible within the library but to seek out the information necessary by the user from any library. The recent promotion in Information Technologies and system has become the cardinal concerns of librarian and libraries.Libraries need to develop their resources entree. analyse the demand of their users and seek to develop resources to run into this demands. As a acquisition and cognition organisation. schools should authorise their libraries to develop the appropriate tools in get bying with the turning library tendencies and criterions. The Jesus is Lord Christian School’s Library System is a Manual System.

which covers manual minutess inside the library. such as adoption. returning.

and recording of the books and the enrollment of the new borrowers. The system will assist the librarian to closely supervise the status of the library.This system is besides design to rush up every dealing inside the library. The chief aim of the proposed system is to increase the efficiency and security of record maintaining of the school.

The system will besides bring forth studies that are needed in supervising the library. The proposed system is design with security to protect sensitive files from unauthorised entree. Merely authorised users can hold an entree to confidential files.

The security of files is achieved through the usage of Username and Password for designation and hallmark of the user.The proposed Computerized Library System of Jesus is Lord Christian School will better and rush up library minutess. 1. 0 INTRODUCTION The Computerized Library System is an Incorporate System that consists of library runing constituents such as Cataloguing. Searching. Adding. Editing.

and Deleting books and periodicals information. Each constituent supports a user-friendly interface that makes it highly accessible to bibliothecs and pupils likewise. The package is besides design with portability in head. so that it would be available to a broad assortment of computing machine architecture.Library is a topographic point where the aggregations of books are kept. A library operates routinely with known set of client. it besides operates on outlook. When the client walks into the library.

we expect that they will acquire the stuff or information that they need. The library in return. expects that the client will return the points within the specified adoption clip. As ever. the function of the library and bibliothecs is to assist pull off the effectual bringing of library services.

This has been traditionally anchored on the direction of the catalogue and physical aggregation.Librarians are trained to be adept in Information Searching. Selecting. and Organizing. Nowadays. in a extremely technological society. human productiveness is made more efficient through the development of the electronic appliances and machine.

The coming of such modernisation in instruction. one manner to globalise the procedure of research is to appreciate that engineering is progressing in a dramatic addition. Now in our modern society. engineering is the most of import promotion which brings necessity to come on us along to the computerized universe. These make man’s life easier and more convenient.

1. 2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM 1. 2. 1 General job How to plan. develop. and implement a Computerized Library System for Jesus is Lord Christian School to decrease their clip in tracking of records. storage of legion paperwork’s and manual filing of signifiers. 1.

2. 2 Specific Problems * The current acquisition and cataloguing procedure of Jesus is Lord Christian School Library is clip devouring and prone to mistakes due to the present manual operations. * The traditional usage of pen and typriter for acquisition and cataloguing are prone to erasures.

* The library studies and stock list are really boring and it takes a month to be completed because it is manually done * The library studies and stock lists are said to be boring because of manual book numeration. listing of new books. and Administrative studies. * The procedure of loaning and returning of books user consumes proceedingss of work force due to the manual trailing and processing of pupils. employee and book records. * The Jesus is Lord Christian School Library staffs manually perform the adoption and returning of books. and it takes several proceedingss to finish a individual procedure.* Tracking of delinquent books is hard and this prolongs the returning procedure every bit good as the imposing of punishments.

* The computation and imposing of imposing of punishments every bit good as trailing of delinquent books are manually performed. this consequences to deficiency of books supervising 1. 3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. 3. 1 General Objective This survey aims to plan.

develop. and implement a Computerized Library System for Jesus is Lord Christian School that will hive away information and track the records of books and its borrowers. and produced library studies and stock lists of the school’s library.1. 3. 2 Specific Aims * To bring forth an efficient book acquisition procedure this will be utile during cataloguing. * To bring forth a agency of tracking delinquent books utile in enforcing punishments whenever necessary.

* To bring forth library studies and stock lists like Administrative Reports that would be available whenever needed. * To be able to supervise all borrowed and returned books. * To be able to supervise the circulation of books. * To supply a installation that will manage library minutess expeditiously and accurately.

1. 4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY 1. 4.1 The Librarians A Computerized Library System is a tool that can be used by the school bibliothec in hive awaying and recovering information such as the books information and the borrower’s information in order to do every dealing faster. A Computerized Library System can hold a great aid for the bibliothec of Jesus is Lord Christian School because the figure of pupils enrolled there additions really twelvemonth therefore. the occupation of the librarian becomes more hard and complicated because it is really difficult for them to supervise immense figure of pupils who want to borrow books.The survey will assist the librarian solve the jobs sing its minutess like the computer science of punishments for the delinquent borrowers and maintaining of books in the library so that the occupation of the bibliothec will be lessened. 1.

4. 2 Students and Faculty Members This survey will assist the pupils and the module members in borrowing books because this system will supply them a classification system so that they can seek a specific book in the library in a much convenient manner. 1. 4. 3 The School AdministratorOur proposed system will bring forth studies needed by the school admin like the list of books in the library. list of delinquent borrowers.

list of new books and list of harm books. 1. 4.

4 Adjunct Librarian In instance of bibliothec is non in the library. the adjunct bibliothec can besides entree the proposed system. However. there are merely certain procedure that the adjunct library can run. 1. 5 SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS The system will merely focused on books and periodicals.

It will non include the library budgets.The stock list of equipment and audio ocular stuffs in order for the system to be concrete and specific. The proposed library system will non be networked in order to cut down complexness on the portion of the advocate. The system will besides include the File Maintenance of the books wherein they can add.

edit. cancel all the necessary information if needed. This will besides assist the bibliothec in the monitoring of books in the library because all the books information will be stored in a database. This will do it much easier for the librarian to update the books in the library.Back-up and Restoration of the database is besides included in the system. We will supply a faculty that will back-up all the information in the database when the system is turn off and will reconstruct if the chief database is corrupted. In this procedure. the hazard of losing some information in the library will be minimized.

The computation of punishments for delinquent books is done with the usage of an efficient books dealing procedure. The study coevals such as readymade listings for manual book numeration. listing of new books. discarded books and Administrative studies will be easy done.All of the information will be stored in the database so that the adoption and returning of books can easy be monitored by the Librarian. The system will besides supply the automatic calculation of punishment for the delinquent borrowers depending on the figure of yearss delinquent.

in this instance the bibliothec does non necessitate to calculate punishment in a manual procedure and the possible incorrect calculation will be lessen. Generating of studies will besides be provided by the system like the list of books in the library. list of new books.

list of damaged books. and the list of delinquent borrower.The system will non include the buying of new books or any extra equipment in the library like desks. electric fan. chairs.

book shelves and other stuffs. 2. 0 METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY ( Software Engineering Paradigm ) The Spiral Model The coiling theoretical account combines the thought of iterative development ( prototyping ) with the systematic. controlled facets of the waterfall theoretical account. It allows for incremental releases of the merchandise. or incremental polish through each clip around the spiral. The coiling theoretical account besides explicitly includes hazard direction within package development.

Identifying major hazards. both proficient and managerial. and finding how to decrease the hazard helps maintain the package development procedure under control. The coiling theoretical account is based on uninterrupted polish of cardinal merchandises for demands definition and analysis. system and package design. and execution. At each loop around the rhythm.

the merchandises are extensions of an earlier merchandise. This theoretical account uses many of the same phases as the waterfall theoretical account. in basically the same order.

separated by be aftering. hazard appraisal. and the edifice of paradigms and simulations.

Documents are produced when they are required. and the content reflects the information necessary at that point in the procedure. All paperss will non be created at the beginning of the procedure.

nor all at the terminal ( hopefully ) . Like the merchandise they define. the paperss are plants in advancement.

The thought is to hold a uninterrupted watercourse of merchandises produced and available for user reappraisal. The coiling lifecycle theoretical account allows for elements of the merchandise to be added in when they become available or known. This assures that there is no struggle with old demands and design.

This method is consistent with attacks that have multiple package physiques and releases and allows for doing an orderly passage to a care activity. Another positive facet is that the coiling theoretical account forces early user engagement in the system development attempt. For undertakings with heavy user interfacing. such as user application plans or instrument interface applications.

such engagement is helpful. Get downing at the centre. each bend around the spiral goes through several undertaking parts.

* Determine the aims. options. and restraints on the new loop.

* Evaluate options and place and decide hazard issues. * Develop and verify the merchandise for this loop. * Plan the following loop. Note that the demands activity takes topographic point in multiple subdivisions and in multiple loops. merely as planning and hazard analysis occur in multiple topographic points.

Final design. execution. integrating. and trial occur in loop 4. The coiling can be repeated multiple times for multiple physiques.Using this method of development.

some functionality can be delivered to the user faster than the waterfall method. The coiling method besides helps pull off hazard and uncertainness by leting multiple determination points and by explicitly acknowledging that all of anything can non be known before the subsequent activity starts 3. 0 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Computerized Library System in the Philippines have integrated library system viz. . UP Don Bosco Technical College ( develop in house ) . Ateneo Professional Schools ( develop in house ) .Thomas Jefferson Cultural Center ( Date Trek ) . International Institute ( Iunopac ) .

Asiatic Development Bank ( VTLS ) . International Rice Research integrated use micro-CDs/ISIS. INMAGIC or BIBASE to make their electronic catalogs and/or indexes and bring forth catalog/cards or book catalog indexes. The theological libraries besides use BIBASE for their circulation system. UP Computerized Library System is develop in taking to bring forth a full pledge computerized library system that supports all necessary constituents to accommodate library undertakings.Each constituents work concurrence with each other to bring forth an automated library system. The squad aims to supply a truly good GUI for easiness of entree on portion of the user.

The proposed system will cover the monitoring of books and borrowers. Calculating punishment for delinquent available bring forthing a card catalog for seeking a peculiar books. its rubric. capable and writer. The difference of this system to our proposed system is we will change over the current system of the said school from manual system into computerized library system for faster searching of records.The library maps of the benefits of the pupils. instructors as if supply the frequenters with a wealth of information.

found in books. periodic and electronic beginnings. aid is given with squads paper’s factual information. Leisure reading stuffs and any other library related activities. This chapter reviews literature and surveies that the research workers considered relevant to the present survey.

The school library is one of the most common studied division of educational establishments.Not a few specializer in the instruction endeavor have devoted their attending and concentrate their enquiry into the system direction and jobs of the library as a larning resource centre. There is the merely demand to pitch up current consciousness services. but besides to originate new services with the aid the new services engineerings. so that entire library operation and service can be modernized.

There remains much to be done as the image of the university libraries straight linked with the quality of services it provide to its lifting users of device demands. [ FEST 1994 ] .In completion of the survey. the advocates made usage of different books. They besides made usage of the response of the direct enquiries from interviews. These are large factors in the coevals of thoughts.

Library categorizations have been peculiarly defined as systematic agreement by topics of books and other stuff on shelves and catalogue and index entries and mode which is most utile for those who read or who seek definite piece of information. University of Santo Tomas can be considered as the oldest university in the state. The first seeds were planted when the laminitiss. Fr.Miguel de Benavides and Fr. Diego Soria.

donated their private aggregations. Through the history of the university other Dominicans contributed books that they thought were indispensable in instruction for the priesthood. This explains why the oldest books in the aggregations are related in the doctrine. divinity or jurisprudence. As new modules were opened in the university books were added. All these represent a cherished aggregation of rare books alone in the Philippines.

The library was house at the university quarters in the old metropolis of Intramuros for three hundred old ages.When the university expandedits campus outside the walls. the aggregation were besides transferred. When the chief edifice constructed. the library was allotted of room at land floor.

Its aggregation increased with the gap of new classs. the library grew to occuy one whole wing of the land floor of this edifice and other suites in the different edifice [ JOAQ 2004 ] . In 1985. the long waited dream of the sole edifice for the library eventually materialized. and on October 29. 1989 the UST Central Library Buildings was inaugurated.

[ JOAQ 2004 ] .Until 1985 the books in the library were classified harmonizing to the old method of categorization called the fixed system. In 1927. the university adopted another method categorization known as the Dewey Decimal System. 4. 0 DESCRIPTION OF THE CURRENT SYSTEM The Jesus is Lord Christian School uses manual type of operation in pull offing library minutess.

Several processs are included in managing all the necessary information of books. pupils. module member every bit good as the card catalogue. Library minutess like borrowing. returning. cataloguing and reserving are being done manually by the bibliothec of staff.The librarian utilizations pen and library maestro card file in entering all the minutess with respects to the books concern. Normally the library card for the module and none instruction staff is bigger compared to that of pupils and it is kept inside the library.

In adoption of books the library patterns unfastened shelves policy. Most of the clip the student/faculty semen in the library to carry on research and reading. if the said clients wants to borrow the books. they will inquire the librarian if they can borrow the books.

For pupils. they will show their library card to the librarian. and so the bibliothec will enter the compulsory information needed like the due day of the month into the library card. The pupil will subscribe in the books card. On adoption.

the library practiced a 1 to three policy. The Students every bit good as The Faculty can merely be allowed to borrow three books at a clip. In returning.

the pupils or even the module will show the books borrowed. so the bibliothec will look the maestro card file of the pupils and mark it.If the books is returned on its due day of the month. the library card will be merely returned to the pupils. In instance the book was non returned on clip.

the pupils will be charged a mulct of five pesos per twenty-four hours. The sum of punishment depends on the figure of yearss the pupil failed to return the books. In the instance of module and staff.

they will merely show the books to the bibliothec. so the bibliothec will look for the library card of the module and staff in the module and staff card file and mark on it. The module and staff are exempted from the punishment.

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