Hello. my name is John Honeyman. and I am a undercover agent. It is 1777 on the calendar. The existent thing I do is descrying for George Washington. You might inquire me. why have I chosen such a dishonest responsibility? Why do I assist the enemies of the Crown to which I have given an curse? Well. allow me explicate and possibly you will non handle me as a darnel. At first. I am discharged from the British ground forces. so one am non tied with my curse any longer. I am a married individual populating between Americans. so I feel myself American. but non British.

I have seen so many hurts and falsehoods caused to the settlers by the British. that I became sympathetic about those honest and hard-working people. I understand and support the thoughts of freedom for which they are contending and I believe that their battle is merely. This convinsion became even stronger when I had an award to be introduced to George Washington himself a twelvemonth ago in Somerset. New Jersey. Already after his first words I realized that this is a great individual and a magnetic leader. His address sounded so convincing and his religion in triumph was so great that I realized that my responsibility now is to function this corageous adult male.

He wanted me to go on my life and concern in Trenton and to do farther contacts with the British. I have demonstrated. that I am a conservative Tory to do them believe me. Their assurance allowed me to freely travel inside the town and gather information about it’s fort. Later I was “taken prisoner” by the settlers and managed to “escape” . Cipher of the British guessed that being a “prisoner” I have shared the gathered informations with Washington himself. But this was non the whole buisiness. I have fooled the British bid by stating them. that the Continental ground forces would ne’er make bold to assail Trenton. and he believed me.

But right after Christmas of the old twelvemonth Washington has lead a force of 2400 work forces to assail Trenton and derive a decisive triumph in this conflict. When the conflict was over I walked around the white battleground covered with organic structures of the dead. God. those people might hold ne’er died in instance I did non bewray them. And than I saw Washington siting a Equus caballus and moving towards me. Look. – he said – what triumph can be! Possibly Americans died for freedom this twenty-four hours. but what did those lobsterbacks died for? For aspirations of England. and for nil more.

Therefore said Washington. I do non cognize whether I did right or incorrect. but I know that there is no manner back. Cipher can state now how this war is traveling to complete. I am excessively old to contend it a a soldier. so I was ordered to remain in Trenton and feign that nil has happened to get away retaliation by our enemies. I continue populating here with my household and I am still merchandising goods. Washington and his followings continue to contend this war with enormous courage. Possibly they will lose. but they will still stay right. so God bless them!

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