Up until that twenty-four hours. I swear I thought I was unbeatable. I guess this is the same with all twelve twelvemonth old misss who think they know all that there is to cognize about life. I was ne’er one to be a follower but I must acknowledge my friends were a major influence in my early life. As a affair of fact this twenty-four hours was non merely the twenty-four hours I realized how incorrect and small I knew about life but it besides became the ground I changed my life and circle of friends around. It all started when I got sent to a different school than my friends my first-year twelvemonth ; first twenty-four hours of school I was experiencing every bit cool as the other side of the pillow when world gently slapped me in the face and I realized ; I was no longer Rosa but alternatively “the freshman” . the miss no 1 else other than other fresher cared to acquire to cognize. the miss who went unnoticed all twenty-four hours. All of a sudden it wasn’t so bracing and exciting to see so many new faces. different races and ages all gathered in the same topographic point.

The impulse to acquire up and walk off from that topographic point came over me and all I wanted more than anything in the universe was to see a familiar face. I decided I wasn’t traveling to allow it acquire to me so I became friends with Melissa ; she was the coolest miss I had of all time met in my life. Her personality was every bit contagious as a cold and every bit destructive as a twister. For months. we hung out and even though I knew she was problem. I merely could non acquire passed how broad and expressive she ever was. She dressed how she wanted and came approximately as she pleased. Together we thought we ruled the universe. One twenty-four hours. Melissa approached me and said “hey Lashkar-e-Taibas go for a ride” . I said “of course” .

Not caring where we were traveling. I got in her auto and we drove off. She drove up into a dark vicinity. at this point my bosom sta6rts thumping harder than of all time before. I ask her. “What are we making here? ” She said “oph we are merely acquiring some weed. ” Thinking this was cool. I played along every bit If this was a normal thing for me. As she is doing her “transaction” . the adult male who she is purchasing it from pulled out a gun and pointed it at us. He said. “Give me whatever else you have of money in your bag or I am traveling to hit both of you” . This was the minute it all became existent. I could non believe we were traveling through that. I felt so powerless. Thankfully she acted on reaction and drove off so rapidly. I bet the tyre Markss are still marked on the paving of that street. That twenty-four hours I realized how much of nil we both knew and parted our ways.

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