Like you are replaceable. See, love should feel like flying high above the ground, it should feel natural. It should not feel like a climb up a mountain and feeling like you might never quite make it. It should not be pushing yourself, or hurting yourself, trying to “fix” yourself and change yourself so they will love you more. It should not be locking your feelings into a box and throwing it so far away and out of sight, you begin to lose yourself. It should not be smiling and saying you are alright when in reality you’re falling apart. It should not be sacrificing what you admire and what you need, for an easier life. It should not feel like isolation, like you cannot depend on them for anything because it feels as if they don’t care. “Love is meant to be the one thing which makes this world seem less scary and you feel less small.” Love is meant to inspire you and fix you into somebody who feels as if they can do anything. Love should never punish you, or make you feel like a frame of the person you once were because everything that once was you…. is gone. Love should not feel like crazy amounts of effort and stress. Alike stressing over text messages that were never replied to. It should not feel like occasions where you don’t know what words to say or bedrooms filled in moonlight with that one sound stretched between you as you lay awake at opposite ends of the mattress. Silence. Love should be uplifting and breathtaking and loud and exuberant, just everything outstanding. Love should not feel like you’re enclosing your emotions until the night, alike cricket waiting to express their song till the dawn of night. Love that isn’t lukewarm and unsure but definite and burning your lips and engulfing your soul. Love is a very fragile thing, something we just fall into; it hits you hard and sometimes fast. Love is abused. I’ve been told once that love is like a rubber band which two people hold, stretched across their heart; but if one starts to let go or eventually lets go, it always hurts the person that held on. Love is crazy and lively, something that when true, is rare. You must only find it in places that make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Love should feel easy, like a fireworks exploding in your stomach, or like those peaceful nights where the rest of the town is sleeping but the only thing that matters is how great and comforting their skin feels touching yours and how when you look into their eyes, it feels like you’re home.

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