In the 20th century, as the engineering skills going more advanced, people ‘s chase of populating criterion and manner of life become higher and higher. Economy can rule a state ‘s prosperity, and the people think that sustainable development can acquire rid of the fogyism.

Affected by economic factors, sustainable touristry and sustainable development have become the large tendency of betterment. Government, non-governmental organisations ( NGO ) , occupants and consumers have a batch of sentiment on implement and development. But whether everyone know what are sustainable touristry and sustainable development? Many people think that sustainable touristry is equal to ecotourism and sustainable development to intend non-stop development. Let me verify what sustainable touristry and sustainable development are, and are they link together.

Definition of Sustainable Tourism

“ Sustainable touristry is the optimum usage of natural and cultural resources for national development on an just and self prolonging footing to supply a alone visitant experience and an improved quality of life through partnership among authorities, the private sector and communities ” ( Caribbean Toursim Organization: Sustainable Tourism Programme )

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Sustainable touristry is an industry committed to doing lower impact on the environment and local civilization, while assisting to bring forth future employment for local people. The purpose of sustainable touristry is to guarantee that development brings a positive consequence for the local occupants, travel bureaus and tourists themselves. But sustainable touristry is non every bit same as ecotourism.

Harmonizing to the World Tourism Organization, sustainable touristry is touristry that leads to the direction of all resources in such a manner that economic, societal and aesthetic demands can be fulfilled while keeping cultural unity, indispensable ecological procedures, biological diverseness and life support systems.

Sustainable touristry development embraces the ternary bottom line of environmental protection, societal duty, and economic wellness. Simply but, concern patterns that protect and heighten the environment and support community development are more profitable and competitory in the long-run.

Definition of Sustainable Development

“ Sustainable Development is development that meets the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevalss to run into their ain demands. Sustainable development is non a fixed province of harmoniousness, but instead a procedure of alteration in which the development of resources, the way of investings, the orientation of technological development and institutional alterations are made consistent with future every bit good as present demands. “ ( Our Common Future. A study of the World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987, besides called The Brundtland Report )

Sustainable development is keeping a delicate balance between the human demand to better life styles and feeling of wellbeing on one manus, and continuing natural resources and ecosystems, on which we and future coevalss depend.

Harmonizing to the description of UNWCED, sustainable development meets the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevalss to run into their ain demands. The construct of sustainable development provides a model of economic growing and development with minimal negative impact on resources available to us and this allows our society to go on working into the indefinite hereafter.

Linkage in environmental sense

To achieve sustainable development, one paramount factor is environmental sustainability. “ Environmental sustainability is development that meets the demands of the present coevals without compromising the ability of future coevalss to run into their ain demands. ” ( World Commission on Environment and Development.A Our Common Future. ( 1987. ) . In general speech production, it requires us to utilize less natural resources than the ability of the environment to refill.

The implicit in subject of sustainable touristry is continuing the environment and heightening chances for following coevalss. In other sense, it requires us to utilize less natural capital, natural resources, while developing touristry.

One of the major ends of both sustainable development and sustainable touristry is to cut down ingestion of the natural resources.

Practically, to keep environmental sustainability, authorities should an inaugural function to put up policy and educate the mass populace of the significance of that. In recent twelvemonth, the environmental protection section has established “ Nature Conservation Policy Statement ” . In the statement, it states that, Our nature preservation policy is to modulate, protect and pull off natural resources that are of import for the preservation of biological diverseness of Hong Kong in a sustainable mode, taking into history societal and economic considerations, for the benefit and enjoyment of the present and future coevalss of the community. 43 % of Hong Kong ‘s land country, Country Parks, Special Areas, Marine Parks and Marine Reserve, is under protection. Constitution of these protected countries and execution of preservation programs for specific species have maintained a rich biodiversity in Hong Kong.

Green touristry is an point under sustainable touristry. It is a sort of travel which is environmentally friendly to integrate full sustainable touristry rules. The Government was get downing a plan to develop green touristry in New Territories. The 2 pilot undertakings are in the Plover Cove and Tolo Channel country and on Tung Ping Chau. The chief accent is on nature preservation and sustainable development.

Linkage in economical sense

One of the major elements in sustainable development is chase of economic prosperity. The degree of prosperity can be presented in unemployment rate, Gross domestic merchandise, etc.

With mention to the definition of sustainable touristry, the end of sustainable touristry is to bring forth future employment for local people.

Both sustainable touristry and sustainable development purpose at bettering the employment. Tourism has helped to make 1000000s of occupations in developing states. For illustration functionary estimations for 2002 suggest China has 51.1 million occupations associated to touristry and India 23.7 million occupations. In footings of the comparative importance of different sectors for occupation creative activity, the largest subscribers in travel and touristry employment are found in island provinces and finishs – runing from 76.3 % of the entire figure of people employed in Curacao, to 34.6 % employment in Antigua and Barbuda. ( Sustainable Tourism: Turning the Tide )

During the last 20 old ages, In the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development country, touristry GDP histories for up to 11 % of GDP and even more in footings of employment. Those fact shows that the relationship between sustainable development and sustainable touristry. ( OECD Tourism Trends & A ; Policies 2010 )

Troubles in execution of sustainability development and sustainable touristry in Hong Kong

The rapid turning population in Hong Kong is a great force per unit area on all sorts of resources. Hong Kong ‘s population is expected to increase to 8.1 million by 2011. Rapid growing in population will be one of the challenges of the execution of sustainability development and sustainable touristry in Hong Kong.

The bound of land is another job. Other than supplying adjustment for the turning population, land is besides used for the substructure, economic development and societal services. The billowy demand of land will impact the ecological unity.

The deficiency in cognition of the population on the construct of sustainability is besides a trouble of execution of sustainability. The authorities has conducted a telephone study of 1,500 respondents, 90 % expressed that they had non heard the term “ sustainability ” .


To reason, sustainable touristry links steadfastly with sustainable development. In fact, it is even a sort of sustainable development. Sustainable touristry can supply economic benefit with limited ingestion of natural resources. In order to supply equal chance to our offspring, although it is difficult to implement sustainable development, we should go on to strike a balance between societal, economic system and environment.

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