The Privilege of Freedom “Only the educated are free. ” Said by Epicetus. this simple quotation mark demonstrates the importance of instruction. A solid instruction will supply for an first-class hereafter and give one freedom: freedom to take on a calling. to leap at chances. and to do picks.

There is no stating where the hereafter might take an educated adult male. Dangarembga uses extremely educated and successful characters to exemplify the privilege of instruction and the power. control. and freedom that it provides. Dangarembga shows that instruction can alter a life for the better by showing the chief character. Tambu. with the privilege of go toing an outstanding school. When Tambu is given the chance to populate with her uncle and travel to the mission school. she is thrilled to go educated. Before her brother died. “the demands and esthesias of the adult females in” her “family were non considered a precedence. ” and school was non an option for her ( Dangarembga 12 ) . Education has provided Tambu with the privilege to get away her old life on the homestead and “take another measure upwardly in the way of” her “freedom” ( Dangarembga 186 ) .

Besides. instruction has given Tambu the power to utilize her instruction to command the remainder of her life. “By the clip she has finished Form Four. ” she “will be able to take” her “course. whatever it is that” she chooses ( Dangarembga 183 ) . “In clip. ” she “will be gaining money. ” which will so take to a calling and onto the remainder of her life ( Dangarembga 183 ) . The wealth that Tambu will gain when she is successful will supply for her and her full household. Education builds the foundation of Tambu’s hereafter. and “the chance of this freedom” is limitless ( Dangarembga 186 ) .

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The character. Babamakuru. is used by Dangarmebga to show that one educated comparative effects an full household. Education is “not merely an single blessing” but one that extends to all members of a “less fortunate family” ( Dangarembga 89 ) . For illustration. Dangarembga shows that one educated adult male can back up the whole household. Babamakuru. “who had obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in South Africa. ” is highly generous and provides resources and chances for his full household ( Dangarembga 13 ) . Whenever Babamakuru goes to see the homestead. he comes bearing nutrient. gifts. and supplies for the household to boom off of. Besides. Babamakuru is responsible for Tambu’s instruction and her coming to the mission school. To Tambu’s household. “Babamakuru was God” . “big brother to all” . and “his divinity” filled them “with awe” ( Dangarembga 70. 36. 88 ) .

“As an early educated African. ” Babamakuru has “found himself in places that enable him to form his immediate universe and its contents as he wished” ( Dangarembga 88 ) . His great power has insulated him “from the necessity of sing options unless they were his own” ( Dangarembga 88 ) . Education has given him chances that have led to great power and control over others ; cipher “dares to dispute his authority” ( ( Dangarembga 117 ) . Without a knowing. successful adult male like Babamakuru. Tambu’s household would non be as the same. Throughout Nervous Conditions? Dangarembga exemplifies the cardinal function that instruction dramas in going wealthy and successful. The footing of a good hereafter begins with instruction. Such a privilege can take to so many new things. and when one is educated. the possibilities are endless.

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