Al Harron over at The Cimmerian website has just posted the first in a series of blog posts about one of Howard’s most violent characters, Crusader Cormac Fitzgeoffrey.

 Here are Al’s opening remarks:

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Black hair, light eyes, mighty build, a touch of the Celt. Such descriptions suit many a Howard protagonist, as much a blessing as a curse, both in terms of character and criticism. It is a frequent accusation that Howard’s heroes are all copies, xeroxes of the great Gaelic hero that is typical of his historical and fantastic adventures. However, a closer examination between the heroes reveals not only nuances unique to a character, but surprising gulfs of personality, to the point where even suggesting the character be a copy of another seems ludicrous.In a happy coincidence as I was working on this post, Paradox announced that the fourteenth volume of the essential Del Rey collections would be devoted to historical tales, specifically citing Dark Agnes and Cormac Fitzgeoffrey. Knowing that Del Rey will produce a fine book with new illustrations of the sorely neglected Norman-Gael, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Thus it seems timely for me to begin an exploration of the enigmatic and intriguing Cormac Fitzgeoffrey, one of my very favourite Howard characters, despite the few stories he graced with his shadow.

You can continue reading Al’s post here.

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