In “The Shepherd’s Horn” . persuasion plays an indispensable function throughout the full narrative. Persuasion can be an highly powerful tool and through stating this narrative. Hansen illustrates merely how important it can be. “The Shepherd’s Horn” tells the narrative of a immature twosome. Ragnhild and Guttorm. who are prevented from holding a relationship by Ragnhild’s protective male parent. Thord. Together. Ragnhild and Guttorm have a kid out of marriage. hence coercing the twosome to conceal their relationship every bit good as their kid from Ranghild’s female parent and male parent in fright of disapproval. However. with the aid of Caroline. the story’s storyteller. the twosome is eventually reconciled with her parents because Caroline’s abilities to carry are no lucifer for Thord.

Caroline’s wonder in the narrative is indispensable because without it. the narrative may non hold had such a happy stoping. His acknowledgment of the sound from the cryptic horn in his dream is what finally leads him to larn about the narrative of Ragnhild and Guttorm and to his surprise. their kid. Touched by their romantic narrative. Caroline was able to convert Ragnhild and Guttorm to hold bravery and state her parents the truth about their relationship. every bit good as their kid. This is where the first major case of persuasion occurs in the narrative. Caroline’s influential attack was the first measure in holding the twosome confess to Ragnhild’s female parent and male parent the life that they had been concealing for many old ages. After he was able to convert them to put “their destiny in [ his ] hands” . they proceeded to happen Thord. Ragnhild and Guttorm had been concealing this kid for months. and their relationship for even longer. so the fact that Caroline was able to convert them with such easiness to eventually acknowledge this narrative shows that Caroline is a really adept inducer. However. instead than level out stating Thord the truth. Caroline first went about stating him in a really cagey mode.

Caroline started by stating Thord a “tale” that paralleled the narrative of Ragnhild and Guttorm. easing the thought of the world of the state of affairs onto Thord. As he saw Thord turn more and more intrigued in the narrative. he skilfully explained at the terminal. how the narrative taught. “about your royal lineage…here lies the word of the Lord. which teaches that we are the same before God. It teaches humbleness and forgiveness. clemency and love” . His pick to compare his narrative with that of Ragnhild and Guttorm’s was witty as he was foremost able to explicate the lesson of the narrative before Thord became excessively enraged to listen. which may non hold been the instance if he had merely heard the narrative of Ragnhild and Guttorm. After Thord had heard everything that Caroline had to state about how. in fact. this narrative taught valuable life lessons about forgiveness. Caroline decided to continue right into uncovering Ragnhild and Guttorm’s kid.

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At first. Thord and his married woman were angry and disquieted. However. it was Caroline’s uninterrupted attempts to carry the twosome combined with the regard that the twosome had for him that finally lead to their forgiveness. Much to all of their surprise. Thord was able to forgive Ragnhild and Guttorm and unfastened to doing peace with the state of affairs. The narrative ended with Ragnhild and Guttorm merrily married and the kid was named after Caroline as a agency of regard for what he had done for their household.

After reading this narrative. I was able to see how prevailing the thought of persuasion was. It occurred throughout the full narrative in cases that may hold gone unnoticed. such as when Caroline convinced his driver to drive to the location after hearing the horn. every bit good as in really impactful topographic points. when Caroline convinced Thord and his married woman to forgive their girl. Whether it was a climactic or portion of the narrative or non. Caroline was really tactful in his methods. which finally lead to the happy stoping of this narrative.

While sometimes persuasion can be seen as manipulative. in “The Shepherd’s Horn” . it illustrates how the persuasion of even aliens can hold such a positive impact. Caroline was able to utilize things such as enunciation. logical thinking. and other persuasive schemes in order to accomplish his ends of easing the world of the state of affairs on Ragnhild’s parents. Not merely does persuasion take a batch of scheme. but it besides requires bravery. If it weren’t for Caroline’s continuity and persuasive methods. Ragnhild and Guttorm may non hold had the bravery to state her parents and would finally populate in concealment for the remainder of their lives.

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