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The objectives of the research are to
determine the job satisfactions and to identify the special implications
related to the retail management. The research determines the effect of family
and friends on the performance of worker at particular job, the other
considerations are to find all such kind of characteristics that have an impact
on the job satisfaction and what are the main types of job satisfaction. 


The family and social supports have
descriptive relation with the job satisfaction of the employees.

Family stress and issues are associated with the
job satisfaction more than the support of family with the job.

The relation of experience with the job
satisfaction is positive.

The relation of education with the job satisfaction
is positive.

The extrinsic job satisfaction has strong
relationships and it is more important as compare to the intrinsic job
satisfaction of the organization.


The researchers have defined that the
family stresses have a negative impact on the job satisfaction and the support
provided by the family have a positive relationship with the satisfaction of
life. The family interaction has definite effect on the job satisfaction of the

The consequences of the stress and
performance are due to demand, orientations pursue and conflicts. In different
studies, it has been determined that experience have the great impact on the
performance of a person and if he has satisfactory experience the workability
will increase and eventfully the job performance increases.

Higher education of the employees
enables them to have the more significant understanding of work and output of
employee increases. The higher education of the employees increases realistic,
relative and knowledgeable of the employees. The turnover in the retail
managers has an influence on the outcomes of employees (Good, Chen,
& Huddleston, 1999).


Family relations are independent variables and job
satisfaction is dependent variable.

Work experience is an independent variables and job
satisfaction is dependent variable.

Education of the employees is an independent variable and
job satisfaction is the dependent variable.


The units of analysis are intrinsic and extrinsic job satisfaction






Good, L. K., Chen, Z., & Huddleston, P. (1999). An
empirical test of job satisfaction. Journal of shopping center research, 01(01),



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