In Mahathir’s address about the Filipino-style democracy. I have to hold with what he had said ; “When people think merely of the freedoms of democracy and cognize nil of the implied duties. democracy will non convey the goodness that it promises. Alternatively it will ensue merely in instability and instability will non allow development to take topographic point and the people to bask the benefits of freedom and the rights that democracy promises” . We should non merely look at the benefits we will acquire but we should be cognizant besides in our responsibilities. Everything should be balance so that we can achieve our ends easy. I besides agree with his statement that tells about how democracy works. He stated that it merely happens when we know its restrictions. Of class. non everything is limitless. We have a figure of rights to be name of but we should cognize its coverage. We should non mistreat it instead use it sagely. Some authorities functionaries besides become more corrupt because of freedom. When we elect him. He can bask a batch of benefits without giving excessively much attempt.

And because of that. he will make everything merely to keep his place or raise it higher. Peoples should besides be disciplined plenty. Having democracy means holding the freedom to govern yourself but. non all people can make that. Not all of us possess something that a leader should hold. They think that when they have freedom. they have everything under their control so they use it abusively. For an case. some people are beat uping because they think that the authorities does non give concerns with their jobs. They voted for them so they should non fault them for non being satisfied. They should cognize that they are non the lone one agony. The functionaries in return should be willing to function his people. They should them foremost before themselves.

However. I disagree that a physician president is much better for Philippines. He may hold those certain advantages he is speaking about but non all physicians have those leading accomplishments needed for successful political relations. A leader should cognize how to listen to his citizens. He should besides be able to do his people follow him with obeisance. A good leader serves his people foremost before anything else. He should hold dedication towards his work. He should besides be just and originative. He should look at things without prejudice. He should look into everything foremost before giving his judgement. He should be originative plenty to believe for great solutions to the jobs and has the ability to see things otherwise compared to others. Last. I think that democracy is merely affected by the authorities. People excessively has their portion And everyone should make their best for the benefit of them all.

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