1. 0 Introduction

Maybank was established in 1960. Maybank has grown into an international trade name. Malaysia’s fiscal services leader with presence in 20 states runing from 2. 200 offices. with a work force of over 47. 000. Corporate duty is built-in to the manner they do their concern. For more than 50 old ages ago. they have believed in an actively adept ‘Putting People First’ . To be Maybank clients. investors. spouses. employee or even the community. In 1990. Maybank has set up the Tabung Kebajikan Kumpulan Maybank ( TKKM ) . a trust fund through which Maybank could make out to assorted communities to convey approximately good societal. Over the old ages. TKKM has evolved and grown. Get downing with medical and societal public assistance. the fund shortly found other ways in which it could lend to positive alteration by fostering go oning economic and community development. heritage saving and environment preservation. In 2010. in concurrence with the group’s fiftieth day of remembrance. the Maybank foundation replaced TKKM as a counsel of hope for all those who are isolated and disadvantaged. As Maybank new vehicle for Corporate Responsibility. the Maybank foundation purposes to spread out their impact across the part. touching lives wherever they are operate. and authorising communities to construct a better future both for nowadays and future coevalss. hypertext transfer protocol: //maybankfoundation. com/history. hypertext markup language

Maybank Group offers a comprehensive scope of merchandises and services that includes commercial banking. investing banking. Islamic banking. offshore banking. leasing and hire purchase. insurance. factorization. legal guardian services. plus direction. stock broking. campaigner services. venture capital and Internet banking.

1. 1 Introduction

Maybank’s mission is to humanise fiscal services across Asia. by supplying entree to fiscal services to the people at just footings and pricing. and to be ever at the bosom of the community. Maybank vision is to be the taking fiscal solutions supplier in the mark markets and communities they commit to salvage. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. maybank. com/en/about-us/who-we-are/overview. page

The mark market would be for occupant that has individuality card of themselves and local. it can be grownup. young person and immature childs for their economy money. The occupant can be a consumers. investors. enterprisers. non-profit organisations and corporation any intent can utilizing the Maybank without worrying.


2. 0 Comparison with others rivals

2. 1 SWOT analysis

Strength of Maybank is the taking regional market. It is the largest bank in Malaysia in footings of figure of subdivisions where is it was 384 domestic subdivisions and 190 international subdivisions and office of the Maybank. Maybank is the largest listed on the Malaysian stock exchange. Bursa Malaysia. with market capitalisation of over RM54 billion as terminal of March 2011. Capital adequateness. Dividend Yield. Return on Assetss and return on Equity are well higher than the industry and sector norm. A Higher returns is harmonizing to its fiscal study Maybank showed low operating expense and cost. Maybank has a client base of more than 21 million. The user of friendly web site. World Wide Web. maybank2u. com. my is the innovator for cyberspace banking in Malaysia and easy to be used. it does non blowing people clip to travel to the bank to do their concern. With maybank2u people can make their concern swimmingly without worrying their busy clip. Maybank is the largest Banking Service Provider in Malaysia with their ATM Machines widely available all over Malaysia even the international money transportation service was owned by a Maybank Malaysia. its available through Malaysia. Singapore. Indonesia. Brunei. Philippines. Cambodia. Vietnam and Pakistan. Maybank merchandise line is variegation from loans. funding. sedimentation. insurance to investing Banks. over 100 % addition in Gross saless Performance at subdivisions increased merchandise incursion in Maybank’s corporate client merchandise portfolio.


Failings of Maybank is excessively much of Banking Operation are focused in and around Malaysia and Singapore. hence limited planetary incursion and excessively much gross comes from retail banking and Islamic Banking. less gross comes from other offerings. Revenue Concentration with all the good stigmatization. Malaya is still low of the client satisfaction evaluation. They are rated at figure of 17out of 17 Bankss in Malaysia for the client service in twelvemonth 2010. Maybaks has no continual rating and updating of human resources pattern and policies. The workers indirect understanding has been passed due from March 2010. The addition of none Interest disbursal. Maybank has a repute for the new merchandise development and creativeness. However. they remain vulnerable to the possibility that their invention may weaken overtime due to homogenous merchandise service. Maybank has a strong presence in the Malaysia. as they need to look for a portfolio of other states in order to distribute concern hazard. Maybank tends to put in states which have none stable economic presence such as Vietnam. Indonesia and Philippines. Maybank portion monetary value is low than other Bankss and have to pay a immense sum of money to stakeholder. 2. 2 SWOT analysis


Maybank turning planetary Islamic Finance Market as a Maybank Islamic Berhad on path to enter RM1 billion in pre-tax net income for 2012. The wider regional Islamic Finance Market to Singapore. Indonesia. Brunei. China. the Philippines and the Middle East. Maybank were the concern enlargement that can research and work are sized up and its growing potency assessed in the profile. The strategic Restructuring lookout for the possible investings and acquisition marks. with elaborate penetration into the company’s schemes. fiscal and operational public presentation. Maybank high chance is to spread out into states like Laos. one time the Bankss gets the licence to run and to turn in investing banking in Hong Kong. Growth in cyberspace banking will increase the client base. Maybank is researching the international banking chance in Thailand. Myanmar and Cambodia to accomplish its program to go Regional Financial services leader in 2015.


2. 2 Selling schemes

Selling schemes is the Maybank employee promotes their merchandise from old merchandise to new merchandise to everyone. Which is they promote at a shopping promenade. where a tonss of people and easy to acquire a client. They promote by utilizing a card or giving a short talk about their merchandise such as in footings of giving loan with smaller involvement. There are many types of the merchandise for the Maybank to advance for the client. Undisputed No. 1 Retail Financial Services Supplier in Malaysia In Malaysia. Maybank is taking to keep their top ranking. in footings of overall market portion. across their nucleus retail funding merchandises including mortgages. car funding. recognition cards. unit trust funding. and single sedimentations. Maybank is meaning to reenforce their leading place in touch points and distribution web as a cardinal community finish and focal point. The Maybank Customer Value Proposition centres on convenience and functioning the demands of the community and they are committed to the values of a One Stop Shop. Needs Based Selling and World Class Services. They will leverage on a shared distribution theoretical account across all parts of the Group web. and will custom-make and distinguish their merchandises by section to run into the demands of their four different types of clients: High Net Worth. Affluent. Mass and SME. The Group will besides capitalise on engineering and invention to accomplish high public presentation in treating times and client service. Leading ASEAN Wholesale Bank and finally to spread out into the Middle East. China and India Maybank is aim to go the prima ASEAN wholesale bank which will affect heightening to corporate relationship theoretical account. Strategic enterprises will include Improving domestic and regional market place for corporate and non-retail sedimentations ; Constructing a regional investing bank. increasing parts to gross from non-domestic markets and increasing the fee to income ratio part. Maybank besides aim to spread out to the Middle East. China and India.

Undisputed Insurance and Takaful Leader in Malaysia and Emerging Regional
Player Maybank is seek to be the domestic insurance title-holder and an emerging regional participant by 2015 through the growing of their life. general insurance and takaful concern. carried under the Etiqa trade name. For general insurance and takaful. the Group will maintain gait with industry growing while keeping a healthy portfolio mix and back uping a better combined ratio compared to the market. To accomplish organic growing in life or household concern. they are sharply turning the Assets under Management ( AUM ) of their life or household financess through merchandise invention. The scheme of the Maybank plus direction subordinate is to construct a prima plus direction trade name by supplying strong investing direction support for Etiqa financess. sweeping financess and institutional authorizations every bit good as by leveraging on Maybank’s extended distribution web. Truly regional organisation. with ?40 % of pre-tax net income derived from international operations by 2015 Maybank end is to go a truly regional organisation with about 40 % of loans and pre-tax net income derived from international operations by 2015. This will be driven by their cardinal markets of Indonesia and Singapore. At the same clip. Maybank are developing a presence in the Philippines. Cambodia. Vietnam and China by constructing graduated table and range in these growing markets. Global leader in Islamic Finance

Maybank mark is to hold one tierce of their domestic funding backed by Islamic fiscal assets by 2015. To accomplish this. Maybank Islamic banking operations will take full advantage of Maybank’s immense domestic subdivision web every bit good as its electronic banking platforms and the assorted distribution mercantile establishments of Maybank strategic spouses. Maybank besides aim to turn their Islamic concern in markets like Indonesia and Singapore. Our Muslim banking operations. interim. will concentrate on presenting advanced and globally accepted merchandises and services that differentiate they Maybank from other Islamic fiscal establishments. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. scribd. com/doc/106370482/Swot-Analysis

2. 3 Pricing schemes
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. onlinebanksguide. com/maybank/loan. hypertext markup language
Maybank provides assorted types of loans to both the personal and concern banking clients. The available loans include personal. place. auto. ASB and
authorities warrant loans every bit good as the Maybank Mikro and Islamic Mikro for a little concern endeavors and freelance persons. Apart from Malaysia. assorted types of loans including personal. auto. instruction and place or lodging loans are besides available in Singapore and consumer loans in Philippines.

Maybank Loan ASB
Maybank ASB loans or funding are provided for buying ASB unit trust. ASB are available in two types viz. ASB funding and ASB funding I. Both are offered with a minimal loan sum of RM 10. 000 and up to a upper limit of RM 400. 000. The inside informations of pricing. payment. period and other demands can be obtained from the web site. Maybank Loan Car

Maybank auto or car loans are available for buying and financing on new or 2nd manus autos. On the other manus. these loans can besides be used for funding on reconditioned or modified the motor vehicles. In add-on. the Islamic and conventional auto loans are available with the border of finance value up to 90 % of the seller’s bill at the upper limit and the maximal repayment period of to nine old ages.

Maybank Loan Home
Maybank place loans are provided for purchasing a new house or funding on assorted types of belongingss under building or completed belongingss. These loans are available as the undermentioned types. * Maxi Home

* Maxi Home–i with variable and fixed rate option
* Home Equity-i
Maybank Loan Rate
Maybank loan rates are varied from one type to another and the involvement rate besides depends on the type of the loan and sum borrowed from the bank. For the place loans. the rates are available in assorted options including the variable and fixed rate bundles. In fact the place loans are offering at the lowest rate of 4. 50 % for the first 3 old ages.

Maybank Loan Calculator
Maybank provides assorted types of web based reckoners to cipher the monthly refund. maximal repayment sum. maximal funding sum for the place loans and monthly installment for auto or car loans. These reckoners are available as place loan. Islamic place loan and engage purchase reckoner.

2. 4 Product concentration

2. 5 Types of short term and long term loan available

Business loan
hypertext transfer protocol: //www. maybank2u. com. my/mbb_info/philippines/public/personalList04. make? channelId=FIN-Finance & A ; programId=FIN05-CorporateComLoan & amp ; chCatId=/mbb/Personal/FIN-Finance Floor Stock Financing
A revolving installation supplying finance for car dealer’s working capital demands to back up purchase of stock list of new vehicles for a short term period Salary Loan
Salary deductible loans for any legal intent granted to measure up employees of companies accredited by the Bank.

Revolving Credit Line
Loan granted for intent of working capital. where the sum paid is made continuously available provided it does non transcend the approved recognition line. Short Term Loan
Term loans are granted for the intents of undertaking funding. capital assets acquisition. or concern enlargement? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

3. 0 Decision

Assignment 2
1. 0 Question 1
Calculate the future value of RM1. 000 invested today for three old ages at 10 % ( i=0. 10 ) involvement rate per annum? Simple involvement
FV = P ( 1+ ( I x n ) )
P = sum borrowed / principal
I = involvement rate
N = figure of old ages

FV 1st twelvemonth
= RM1. 000 ( 1+ ( 0. 10 ten 1 ) )
= RM1. 000 ( 1. 1 )
= RM1. 100
FV 2nd twelvemonth
= RM1. 000 ( 1+ ( 0. 10 ten 2 ) )
= RM1. 000 ( 1. 2 )
= RM1. 200
FV 3rd twelvemonth
= RM1. 000 ( 1+ ( 0. 10 ten 3 ) )
= RM1. 000 ( 1. 3 )
= RM1. 300
1. 1 Question 1

Compound involvement
FV = P ( 1+i ) N
FV 1st twelvemonth
= RM1. 000 ( 1+0. 10 ) 1
= RM1. 000 ( 1. 1 )
= RM1 100
FV 2nd twelvemonth
= RM1 100 ( 1+0. 10 ) 2
= RM1 100 ( 1. 21 )
= RM1 331
FV 3rd twelvemonth
= RM1 331 ( 1+0. 10 ) 3
= RM1 331 ( 1. 331 )
= RM1 771. 561

2. 0 Question 2

PV= FV1+in

PV = RM100 1 ( 1+0. 05 ) 1 + RM100 1 ( 1+0. 05 ) 2 + RM1000 1 ( 1+0. 05 ) 3

PV = RM100 ( 1. 05 ) + RM100 ( 1. 05 ) 2 + RM1100 ( 1. 05 ) 3

PV = RM95. 24 + RM90. 70 + RM950. 22

PV = RM1 136. 16

3. 0 Question 3
Simple involvement
FV 1st twelvemonth
= RM10 000 ( 1+ ( 0. 06 ten 1 ) )
= RM10 000 ( 1. 06 )
= RM10 600
FV 2nd twelvemonth
= RM10 000 ( 1+ ( 0. 06 ten 2 ) )
= RM10 000 ( 1. 12 )
= RM11 200
FV 3rd twelvemonth
= RM10 000 ( 1+ ( 0. 06 ten 3 ) )
= RM10 000 ( 1. 18 )
= RM11 800
FV 4th twelvemonth
= RM10 000 ( 1+ ( 0. 06 ten 4 ) )
= RM10 000 ( 1. 24 )
= RM12 400
FV 5th twelvemonth
= RM10 000 ( 1+ ( 0. 06 ten 5 ) )
= RM10 000 ( 1. 3 )
= RM13 000
3. 1 Question 3
Compound involvement
FV 1st twelvemonth
= RM10 000 ( 1+0. 06 ) 1
= RM10 000 ( 1. 06 )
= RM10 600
FV 2nd twelvemonth
= RM10 600 ( 1+0. 06 ) 2
= RM10 600 ( 1. 1236 )
= RM11 910. 16
FV 3rd twelvemonth
= RM11 910. 16 ( 1+0. 06 ) 3
= RM11 910. 16 ( 1. 191016 )
= RM14 185. 19
FV 4th twelvemonth
= RM14 185. 19 ( 1+0. 06 ) 4
= RM14 185. 19 ( 1. 26247696 )
= RM17 908. 48
FV 5th twelvemonth
= RM17 908. 48 ( 1+0. 06 ) 5
= RM17 908. 48 ( 1. 338225578 )
= RM23 965. 59
4. 0 Question 4

5. 0 Question 5

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