Merchandise name: Mama’s repastProduct class: Restaurant And Ready to eat repasts.

Motto: Delectable Food Mummy Food


Executive Summary:

  • The general image of Mama’s Meals will be that it merchandises are convenient, healthy and low-cost. They are easy to utilize, saves clip and can be used with a least attempt. As defined in mark market subdivision that immature males who are populating far off from place can’t cook nutrient and eating daily from eating houses is rather expensive, so our merchandise is convenient to devour for these users. Similarly our merchandise will besides be convenient for working category because after working half the twenty-four hours they don’t want to acquire prosecute in long cookery procedure, we are supplying them with an option of place cookery. They can bask a delightful healthy repast which is made in no clip.


The merchandise we have chosen for our advertizement is ready made repast. This may sound confounding at first, but what ready made me is a absolutely cooked repast that has a shelf life, it is a readymade delightful repast that is already prepared for you, all you have to make is merely warm up the repast. Foreign merchandises like Heinz has been able to make this, they have a readymade soup that is preserved in a can, all you have to make is open up the can and pour out the soup and warm it up. We have created a similar merchandise. Merely conceive of if you could hold Achari poulet or Briyani that is ready made, and all you have to make is warm it up, there is no engagement of fixing the nutrient, you merely have to heat it up.

We want to provide those who do non hold the ability and clip to give towards fixing repast, for illustration unmarried mans, pupil who live in inn or those females who find it ever a boring occupation to cook a repast after work one merely has to Simply heat up a delightful repast that they bought from their local food market shop.

We chose the merchandise because we found it to be slightly alone so other easy to do nutrients, if we where to look at KnNs nuggets or Maggie noodles, these two nutrients involve the attempt of fixing the repast, they may be simple and a 2 measure procedure in fixing the repast but it still requires clip and attempt. We want our clients to experience that when they come home all they have to make is warm up a delightful repast, a repast that is so tasty and made with love it feels as if your ain female parent has made it for you. Our clients should experience that there is a nutrient that will be provided to them immediately. It is a manner to care for those who wish to be look after of. For unmarried mans it may be the nostalgic minute of holding a good warm repast prepared for them and the repast tastes merely every bit good as their female parent used to fix for them.

By adding the touch of love and attention of a good cooked warm repast, we have decided to call our merchandise ‘Mama’s Meal’ , the repast is so good and feels as if it has the touch of love as if your ain female parent has prepared it for you. We are making out to our clients by the emotional entreaty of their privation and desires by fulfilling it with our merchandise.


  • There is range for of growing of ready to eat repasts as the demographics and tendencies are altering.
  • New demographics like two- income families and individual parent families.
  • Wide assortments of dishes are traveling to be offered to provide to different gustatory sensation buds.
  • Hassle free and attractive packaging of our merchandise will put us apart from our competition.


  • Acceptability of this type of nutrient by the possible clients. A general perceptual experience prevails that preserved nutrient is unhealthy.
  • Lack of consciousness about the merchandise.


  • Poor distribution of the competitor’s merchandise can move as an chance for us. Out of 6 local supermarkets researched merely 2 had the merchandise available.
  • Lack of advertisement by the rival can besides move as an chance in order to pull clients.
  • Diversify into other concern lines like frozen nutrients and canned nutrients.
  • Export our merchandises to states like U.K and U.S.A which has a big market for ready to eat repasts.


  • Merely one rival nowadays in the market and the minute viz. freshmate.
  • Other menaces include frozen nutrients like k & A ; n’s, bill of fares, low priced nutrient eating houses like dogar, maggi noodles.


  • The market of our merchandise is such that there is some menace of new entrants because the market seems really attractive due to merely one direct rival ( Freashmate ) in the local market. The other attraction for the new entrants is that the cleavage is besides much defined.
  • The merchandise distinction is besides another of import point because there is ever a opportunity of a new entrant presenting something new in the ready to eat repasts class.
  • Then the merchandise is non really expensive and it is a general everyday merchandise so the exchanging cost of the consumers is non high.
  • One barrier to entry is the initial set up cost which is somewhat high and so it can somehow cut down the menace of new entrants.

Target Market and Consumer Profile

  • For a company to carry through success in its selling attempts it is of import for it to recognize the demand for cleavage. Cleavage can be defined as spliting a market into smaller groups with distinguishable demands, features, or behaviour that might necessitate separate selling schemes or mixes ( kotler et al.13th edition ) .
  • In today ‘s universe it would be incorrect to presume that a company can provide to everyone in the market hence it is of import for a company new or bing to section its markets.
  • Cleavage can be done based on several factors viz. demographics, psycho artworks, geographic and behavioural.
  • The market can be segmented in the undermentioned classs

Target Market and Consumer Profile

  • The market can be segmented in the undermentioned classs
  • Demographic
  • Age ( 18-24 ) , ( 24-36 )
  • GenderMale, female
  • Family size3 and more individuals
  • Family life cycleSingle, Married with kids
  • Income30,000 and plus
  • EducationCollege, University
  • LifestyleBusy, Social
  • Psycho graphic
  • Social Classmiddle category, upper center category
  • Socio economic
  • ClassA1, A2, B*
  • AttitudesQuality minded, looking for convenience
  • Behavioral
  • Occasionsregular
  • BenefitsGood quality, good gustatory sensation, Convenience
  • User Status First clip user



  • Price plays a really of import function in the success of any merchandise. Our merchandise Mama’s repasts which is a ready to eat repast has merely one direct rival in the market while there are many other close replacements.
  • We are traveling to utilize a competitory pricing scheme because the monetary value of our rival is sensible plenty and another point is that we have an border on Freshmate due to better and more impressive packaging which will look more hygienic, so the clients can acquire a better merchandise in same monetary value as that of Freshmate.

  • Our traditional line of Mama’s repasts will be available in two different SKUs, a helping for 2 and a helping for 4. Lapp goes for the Continental and Chinese cuisine line. The monetary value of the traditional line SKU which will function to 2 will be between Rs.225 to 250 and the SKU which will function to 4 will be between Rs.300 to Rs.325. The Continental and Chinese line SKU functioning to 2 will run between 300 to 350 and the SKU for 4 will be within Rs.400 to 450.


  • The distribution of a merchandise matters a batch because the more convenient it is for the consumers to purchase your merchandise from the market the higher the opportunities of success. In the instance of our merchandise, the distribution plays a really of import function because the merchandise of our direct rival is barely available in the market
  • “Mama’s meals” is the merchandise used on day-to-day footing so we decided that we will put our merchandise in food market shops and bakeshops every bit good so that the merchandise will be in the scope on our possible clients. We will besides put our merchandise in large shops or promenades like CITIC Plaza, Guangzhou
  • SM City Chengdu, Chengdu
  • SM City Jinjiang, Jinjiang
  • SM Lifestyle Centre, Zibo
  • Hundred Old ages City

  • We are traveling to utilize the above distribution channel because distribution in our competitory border so we want to do certain that the merchandise is reached to our clients and is distributed in all the topographic points we really want to so for that ground we are traveling to administer our merchandise our ego to the retail merchants.
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