Man Vs. Himself Essay, Research PaperSelf-fulfillment is what people live for, without it how can a individual unrecorded? A failed hunt for self-fulfillment frequently leads to decease. Demonstrated in A Tale of Two Citations, Hamlet, and A Death of a Salesman, each novel includes one character that struggles to carry through his life, which consequences in decease. Self-fulfillment can include being loved, affluent, felicity, remembered, respected, or even a being hero. Sadly if none of these aims is met, the character seems to believe decease is the lone manner option. Nothing great will of all time be achieved without great work forces, and work forces are great merely if they are determined to be so as said by Charles DeGaulle, relates to each character in the three novels that they were ne’er determined to better their life.The first illustration of failed self-fulfillment ensuing in decease is Willy Loman s from the novel A Death of a Salesman. Loman fails to be well-liked and besides fails to supply for his household and decides that the lone manner to supply for them is to perpetrate suicide so they can roll up the insurance money.

Loman spent most of his life seeking to convert his household that he is the best in the concern and he wants his boies, Biff and Happy to be the same. Willy tells his boies that with his success he ll be Bigger than Uncle Charley! Because Charley is non & # 8212 ; liked. He & # 8217 ; s liked, but he & # 8217 ; s non & # 8212 ; good liked.

( Miller, I.iii ) Little do Biff and Happy know, that their male parent International Relations and Security Network T liked at all, he s merely seeking to carry through one of his ends in life, being well-liked. Subsequently when Loman is fired from his occupation he starts to believe about all the difficult work he s contributed to desiring to go successful and so concludes that, Funny, y & # 8217 ; cognize? After all the main roads, and the trains, and the assignments, and the old ages, you end up deserving more dead than alive. ( Miller, II.iv ) Now Willy starts to see decease as the lone manner to supply for his household, but he besides believes that with his decease, he ll be able to turn out to others that he was good liked because his funeral will be monolithic.Oh, Ben, that & # 8217 ; s the whole beauty of it! I see it like a diamond, reflecting in the dark, difficult and unsmooth, that I can pick up and touch in my manus. Not like & # 8212 ; like an assignment! This would non be another damned-fool assignment, Ben, and it changes all the facets.

Because he thinks I & # 8217 ; m nil, see, and so he spites me. But the funeral & # 8212 ; Ben, that funeral will be monolithic! They & # 8217 ; ll come from Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire! All the veterans with the unusual licence plates & # 8212 ; that male child will be thunder-struck, Ben, because he ne’er realized & # 8212 ; I am known! Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey & # 8212 ; I am known, Ben, and he & # 8217 ; ll see it with his eyes one time and for all. He & # 8217 ; ll see what I am, Ben! He & # 8217 ; s in for a daze, that male child! ( Miller, II.vii )Willy, a minute subsequently gets in his auto, merely to perpetrate self-destruction, because he s unable to make self-realization.Another character, Hamlet, whose male parent is killed and comes back as a shade hoping that his boy Hamlet will revenge his decease, is killed. Hamlets whole intent in life was to seek retaliation for his darling male parents slaying. In order to revenge his male parent s decease he had to kill his Uncle, King Claudius.

Hamlet was given many chances to kill King Claudius, yet ever hesitated to make so. One really distinguishable chance was when Hamlet found Claudius entirely in his room praying to be forgiven for his wickedness of decease, Hamlet in confusion could merely believeNow might I make it chuck, now he is a-praying,And now I ll do Ts.And so he goes to heaven,And so am I revenged. That would be scanned:A scoundrel putting to deaths my male parent, and for that,I, his exclusive boy, do this same scoundrel sendTo heaven. ( Hamlet, III.

iii.77-83 )Hamlet being confused, could non make up one’s mind what to make, carry through his responsibilities as a boy and slaying Claudius, or disregard the shade and travel on life as if nil happened. Hamlet being a weak-minded character can non cover with such a determination and starts to oppugn decease as a solution to his job in life.To be, or non to be that is the inquiry:Whether & # 8217 ; Ti nobler in the head to endureThe slings and pointers of hideous luck,Or to take weaponries against a sea of problemsAnd, by opposing, stop them.

To decease, to kipNo more and by a slumber to state we endThe grief and the thousand natural dazesThat flesh is heir to tis a consummationDevoutly to be wished. To decease, to kipTo kip, perchance to woolgather. Ay, there s the hang-up,For in that slumber of decease what dreams may come,When we have shuffled off this mortal spiral,Must give us pause. There s the regardThat makes catastrophe of so long life.( Hamlet, III.i, 64 & # 8211 ; 77 )With the decease of his male parent, Ophelia and besides the treachery of his female parent crossroads finally becomes huffy in a sense that he s baffled and there s no point in life any longer. Hamlet s confusion contributed to his hapless judgement in which he has accepted a conflict between himself and Laertes, cognizing that he would likely be killed. Hamlet saw decease as the lone manner to make his ends.

Even though the retaliation was sought, it was at the cost life, so the tragic decease of Young Hamlet was all for nothing.Forfeit can be the effort to carry through one s felicity, such as Sydney Carton in A Tale of Two Cities where he sacrifices his life for another in order to turn out his love for Lucie Manette. Carton ever talked about being loved and remembered, as he says to Mr.

LorryIf you could state, with truth, to your ain lone bosom, tonight I have secured to myself the love and fond regard, the gratitude and regard, of no human animal ; I have won myself a stamp topographic point in no respect ; I have done nil good or serviceable to be remembered by! your 78 old ages would hold be 78 expletives ; would they non? ( Dickens, ) .Although he was the ground that Charles Darnay was able to walk free of the first test of lese majesty, he wasn t given any recognition. Carton subsequently with the company of Darnay at a tavern unhappily says, I care for no adult male on Earth, and no adult male on Earth attentions for me ( Dickens, pg76 ) .

Besides Carton describes himself in Darnay & # 8217 ; s position as & # 8220 ; a dissolute Canis familiaris who has ne’er done any good, and ne’er will. & # 8221 ; ( Dickens, pg191 ) Once Carton realized these ends would ne’er be achieved, he told Lucie his one love, he would give his life in order to salvage that of another that she loved in a heartfelt way. This degree of love makes the forfeit even more valuable and brings things to closing, which he hopes will carry through his responsibility in life. However this responsibility will ensue in his decease, which could hold been evitable if he had been happier in life, alternatively of being a round up rummy that he was. Just before Carton is beheaded, another victim in line for decease Tells him that she loves him for his bravery and Carton is inspired this, It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have of all time done ; it is far, far better remainder that I go to than I have of all time known. ( Dickens, pg352 ) Carton who didn Ts truly accomplish much in his life, led him to believe that his decease will be the greatest thing he has of all time done. This concludes that Carton saw this forfeit as a manner to do up for his sadness, giving his life for Darnay s, this was the lone manner to accomplish self-realization. It was achieved, yet at the cost of life.

Willy, who failed to make self-fulfillment, saw decease as a manner to supply for his household and turn out that he is well-liked. He was seeking to happen his topographic point in society, or perchance to recover his sense of self-dignity although it could non be reached. In order for Willy to derive self-respect, he should of won the regard of his boy s, which he failed to make so. The writer, Arther Miller believed that a individual could hold a sense of calamity when around a individual that has non reached self-realization in life.As a general regulation, to which there may be exclusions unknown to me, I think the tragic feeling is evoked in us when we are in the presence of a character who is ready to put down his life, if need be, to procure one thing his sense of personal self-respect. From Orestes to Hamlet, Medea to Macbeth, the underlying battle is that of the single attempting to derive his rightful place in his society. ( Deathofasalesman.

com )Hamlet who died in the effort to carry through his male parents wants, struggled in the sense of that he was confused. Possibly his fulfilment in life was to go the rightful King in which he should hold been, yet somehow Claudius the brother of Hamlet s male parent stepped in and took such a place. However the shade who merely wanted crossroads to kill Claudius, non kill him and decease, doing merely more hurting to the male parent believing that crossroads did non win in carry throughing his wants.

Sydney Carton on the other manus saw forfeit as an effort to make self-fulfillment. With his decease being so of import, he hopes that people will love him for it, retrieve him for it, so he can populate on forever.In decision, Willy Loman, Hamlet, and Sydney Carton, ne’er reached self-realization, taking them to their deceases. With their commiseration addresss from each character get downing with Hamlet s to be or non to be and starts to chew over that decease may be a solution to his sadness and his ability to carry through his ends. Hamlet given the chance, particularly when Claudius was praying Hamlet could of easy killed him, nevertheless Hamlet believed if he killed Claudius in the act of praying, Claudius would travel to heaven. So crossroads found merely excuses for his failure to make self-realization, which merely led him to decease. Willy Loman tells his male childs to be well-liked and affluent, when he in fact is the opposite.

Loman saw that the lone manner he could be big in life was to lie and set on an act of success where he excessively was led to decease so he could still hold some accomplishment, supplying for his household. Sydney Carton with no love and felicity in his life tells Darnay I care for no adult male, as no adult male cares for me. Carton recognizing his life has been nil but wickednesss, and how can person love, retrieve and esteem person with such wickednesss, which leads him to his decease. All three of these characters could of avoided decease merely if they had achieved self-fulfillment, yet they had no desire to make so, so they paid the highest cost of failure with their lives.

First, Loman, wholly he had to make was possibly change professions, or gone on that trip with his brother that led him to wealth. Second, Hamlet, he thought excessively much and acted really small. Hamlet knew that he could of in secret killed Claudius without anyone happening out, so why didn T he? Last was Sydney Carton who spent excessively much of his clip at the underside, get downing with his hapless occupation as an helper to the defence attorney Mr. Stryver. Carton was given no recognition in which he was the 1 who won the instance for Darnay, utilizing his expressions as a comparing carrying the jury they look really much alike.

All Carton had to make was perchance find felicity in life, halt imbibing, and possibly happen himself a comrade. Loneliness was another function in his fulfilment in life, which in fact was winning the love of Lucie. Every character could of lived, and found self-realization, but at that place was slightly a deficiency of Common Sense.325

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