Planing. forming. taking and commanding ( POLC ) are the four basic procedures or maps of direction that constitute the full work of direction. All these four procedures are indispensable parts of direction.

Planing involves puting aims and make up one’s minding on actions to be taken to accomplish these aims. The procedure of forming involves planing and development of construction of relationships between members of the squad or group assigned to carryout the planned undertaking. It besides includes the occupation of make fulling and maintaining filled places in the organisation. Leading refers to the procedure of actuating. directing and steering the people in the organisation for transporting out the their work as per programs and aims. Finally the commanding map involves supervising what is the work really being done and the consequences being achieved. comparing this with what was planned.

ad taking disciplinary action. It is non possible to pull off any work or activity efficaciously without the usage of all the four of POLC procedures. No director can guarantee the continued success the work managed. without using all the four POLC procedures.

Therefore all the four procedures are every bit of import.Exemplifying diagram:Examples:1. Idea: let’s say Melissa the selling director has a end of increasing gross revenues during the month of February. 2. Planning: Melissa needs to first spend clip mapping out the necessary stairss she and her squad of gross revenues representatives must take so that they can increase gross revenues Numberss. These stairss might include things like increasing advertizements in a peculiar part.

puting some points on sale. increasing the sum of required customer-to-sales rep contact. or reaching anterior clients to see if they are interested in buying extra merchandises. The stairss are so organized into a logical form so that Melissa and her squad can follow them. 3. Organizing: This measure requires Melissa to find how she will administer resources and form her employees harmonizing to the program.Melissa will necessitate to place different functions and guarantee that she assigns the right sum of employees to transport out her program.

She will besides necessitate to depute authorization. assign work. and provide way so that her squad of gross revenues representatives can work towards higher gross revenues Numberss without holding barriers in their manner. 4. Leading: In this measure. Melissa spends clip linking with her employees on an interpersonal degree. This goes beyond merely pull offing undertakings ; instead.

it involves pass oning. actuating. inspiring. and promoting employees towards a higher degree of productiveness.

Not all directors are leaders. An employee will follow the waies of a director because they have to. but an employee will voluntarily follow the waies of a leader because they believe in who he or she is as a individual. what he or she stands for.

and for the mode in which they are inspired by the leader. 5. Controling: Once a program has been carried out the director evaluates the consequences against the ends. If a end is non being met. the director must besides take any necessary disciplinary actions to go on to work towards that end.If Melissa noticed that her squad was behind in their gross revenues half manner through February.

she will necessitate to set in topographic point necessary commissariats to guarantee the 2nd half of February is twice every bit productive as the first half so that by the terminal the month. the original gross revenues end will be met or exceeded. Because the control procedure besides includes puting public presentation criterions for employees and continuously measuring their occupation public presentations. Melissa will talk with each of her gross revenues reps separately to reexamine their public presentations.

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