Mangrove forests have lost 35% of their area in the last two decades firmly placing it as one of the most threatened environments (Valiela, Bowen & York, 2001). This is dangerous for many different reasons but for the purpose of this research paper only one category will be looked at, carbon. Mangroves are one of the most carbon-rich forests in the tropics.

Because of threats to the forest the carbon that is stored in the mangroves is being emitted into the atmosphere. 10% of the carbon emissions coming from deforestation per year globally comes from mangroves. This is a great amount considering that the forest only covers 0.

7% of the tropical forest area globally (Donato, Kauffman, Murdiyarso, Kurnianto, Stidham & Kanninen, 2011). The deforestation of the mangroves is a huge problem because of the large amount of Carbon they release. To begin mangrove is a Shrub and tree species that rise from a tangle of roots wriggling out of the mud that lives along shores and rivers in the tropics and subtropics. Mangrove forests can be recognized by their tangle poof roots with standing trees that stand above water.

There are about 80 different species of mangrove trees. Many of these mangrove trees grow in low oxygen soil with  slow moving waters for  sediment to accumulate. Mangrove forests can only grow in tropical and subtropical areas and cannot stand freezing temperatures. The roots  structure of the mangroves makes the forest attractive for humans to fish, and a good hide away for organisms from predators looking for food . (American museum of natural history, 2004).Meanwhile the mangrove forest are being cut and  decreased. When  this happens the mangrove  forest are being removed. The organic carbon will start to built up about a period of ten years(decades) and therefore to release into  the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.

This will  change the climatic impact  as we know mangrove forest are important for us the found that by keeping more mangroves forest avoided release of approximately 13 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere If we cut the mangrove forest we basically release this amount of carbon in the atmosphere causing the greenhouse gas to get affected. It would increase it would be more warmer here on earth there would be impossible to live here on earth it will turn plenty warmer.  ( storage  between mangroves may, 2011)  This will be our main topic we will be talking about the amount of carbon storage in  Spanish  Lagoon ( Mangrove Forest).

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