Many of you would wonder why I am writing about social media when my focus is HEALTH. Believe me, social medial is deeply connected with our health.Recent technological revolutions in mobile and internet has gifted us smart phone and 4G internet connection with addiction to it. We have lost patience in our lives. If network is poor for some time, we feel irritated and angry. Social media is so deepen in our lives that, Can we take challenge for a day off to social media? Can we DISCONNECT from social media TO FULLY CONNECT with our family?People always share their best moments of life on social media. None of us has witnessed sad moments of anybody on their social media. People would always keep their best picture as profile picture and I am also alike. Whenever, we go through news feed of Facebook, we feel that, everybody except us is happy which is grossly false. Challenges and difficulties faced by people is unknown to social medial.People are getting bullied on social media and feel depressed or worthless for not getting likes or followers. It is increasing at a dramatic way that we soon need rehabilitation centres for social media addicted people. Our next generation is getting learning from us and we are used to social media, just think of it, what are we going to give them in heritage? Use social media for fun not as an addiction.Let me share my own experience. I was also crazy about social media. I created my own facebook page “Yoga with Ripal” and started sharing information about Yoga.  I was chasing for my likes and followers that it would make me famous. One day, while meditating, I have realised that, getting more likes will not give me any achievement in real life. I need to work hard and meaningful to be a successful. From that moment, I stopped bothering for likes and followers for my page. Actually, nobody cares about your like it as they are busy in their own. Let’s do an experiment. Stop liking picture on social media and wait for others to like yours. I am sure, you will notice that your likes would also be decreased considerably. Tit for Tat saying is true here. People are reciprocating by liking your pictures as you are liking theirs.I would like to share one more recent experience of mine. I along with my family went for a short vacation. I was busy in clicking perfect snaps of mine to share on social media. After spending 2 days, it was a time to check out. I decided not to click any picture and dedicate some time with my spouse and little daughter fully. Believe me those 2 hours were best time. After having this incident, I have realised that live memories are far important than clicking pictures and sharing on social media.Few days back, I was talking with founder of this website Bhawna and conveying that I am writing blogs just because I want to share my words to People. That would be my real achievement. After posting my maiden blog, my readers have encouraged me to reach them out with another blog.World is beautiful. Switch off your gadgets and open your eyes to feel difference between virtual and real world to FULLY CONNECT. 

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