Many people may not know what pi is and where it may have originated from , so I’m here to give you some information on it also some facts about pi from others who’ve may have did a paper on it as well. Pi is written as the Greek letter for P or also can stand for a ratio , these are mathematical terms. Regardless of the circles size the ratio will always equal pi. Pi is basically 3.14 but it’s called pi because that’s what the approximate value of it is. Why is Pi important enough to have a day of its own ? . Mathematicians eventually discovered that there are in fact exact formulas for calculating Pi (?). The only catch is that each formula requires you to do something an infinite number of times. “Which makes sense given that the digits of Pi (?) go on forever.) One of the amazing things which interests people about Pi (?) is that there isn’t just one formula, but a large number of different ones for people to study By 1750, the number pi had been expressed by infinite series its value had been computed to over 100 digits… and it had been given its present symbol. Generating pairs of random numbers between 0 and 1 to create random x,y coordinates. Plot these points on a 1 by 1 grid and calculate their distance to the origin. Some of these will have a origin distance less than 1 and some will be greater than 1.” The points with a distance of less than one are inside a circle actually it’s a quarter of a circle. So, by counting points inside the circle compare to the total points I get an estimate of the area of this circle which should be ?/4. There also a connection between pi and gravity Pi. Why is Pi in the period expression for a pendulum? That’s a great question. Is it because the pendulum moves in a path that follows a circle? No. The equation of motion for a oscillating mass on a spring (simple harmonic motion) has the same form as the small angle pendulum and it isn’t moving in a circle. Then why? I guess the best answer is that solution to simple harmonic motion is a sine or cosine functions. That’s not all though , there’s still a lot of background information and things including myself that we do not know about pi so let me get into more details. Of course it’s comes from the Greek alphabet , but did you know that no one knows till this day the exact date that pi was discovered. I learned many new things about pi while i was doing this research paper that I’ve never knew about. I also forgot that there was actually a date for pi and it’s March 14 and it is celebrated as pi day because it resembles the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. They say that pi may have been discovered in India before the fifth century and spread throughout Europe and many more places , studies also show that a man name William Jones was the first to ever use the pi symbol before anyone but many more also say pi has been used many times before that.

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