Many often think they understand what the electoral college is. Some wonder what is the electoral college. No, the electoral college is not a place or some big building. The electoral college is a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens. This consists of 538 electors and majority 270 votes is needed to elect president. Citizens may argue that having the electoral college is a good thing and some say it’s a bad thing. Pros about the electoral college is it ensures that popular vote wins the election, does not require amendment. Another pro is people feel that the electoral college will often defend the system. Problems that could come with the electoral college is that it’s absurd and confusing, and will never gain popular support. Also some citizens feel that it is easily manipulated and undemocratic. People feel as if their vote is not important, so neglect to vote. With current system if you edge out your opponent by  .1% you get all electoral votes for that state. That other 49.9% feel as if what they did does not matter. Contributing to the lack of voter turnout.The system I feel is the best is the proportional plan. Because all votes matter due to the electors being decided by the percentage of people who voted for a particular person. With the proportional plan if 75% of Louisiana votes Republican then they get 75% of the electors for the state of Louisiana. Assuming the other 25% percent voted democrat they would get 2 of the 8 electors of Louisiana. This results in closer relationship between majority and electoral votes. Which can encourage voter turnout.The electoral college was established because they felt the common voter was politically ignorant. But as time has passed people are more educated and involved in the political aspect of their lives. Thus starting to be more involved and aware of the things that are going on around them.

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