Marijuana, also known as cannabis is heavily used around the world, it is one of the 

most popular drugs used to date. It is a cigarette-like drug that is used to smoke for 

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various reasons. Canada will legislate a law which will legalize the use of marijuana as 

of July 2018. This has been a long debate and political platform. Many people have 

different opinions as to why they believe marijuana should be legalized or shouldn’t.

     The Opium Act prohibited the use of drugs in Canada in 1908, but in July 2001, 

access of marijuana was allowed for medical purposes by the Health Canada. (“Legal 

History of Cannabis in Canada.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 23 Dec. 2017, Justin Trudeau was 

elected as Prime Minister in 2015 and has promised Canadians to legalize marijuana 

since then he has taken major steps into legalization of cannabis. As mentioned via 

news and social media, we will see a law in July 2018, which will pass the use of 

marijuana. Many people are against the legalization of marijuana as it has always been 

recognized as a dangerous drug. Young Canadian youths have been introduced to 

marijuana between the ages of 15-24. Canada has the highest rate worldwide. The 

World Health Organization has found that cannabis use in “Canadian youth (13%) was 

the second highest” of 40 countries. (“Drug Info.” Drug Free Kids Canada, Many young teens will become 

addicted to the drug and may try new drugs like cocaine or heroin because the effects 

of marijuana will not work for them anymore. 

   Cannabis was used for medical purposed back in the 1850’s and it still does.  

Although marijuana was known to have users happy and relaxed, the sensation will vary 

for each person. Doctors prescribed marijuana to those who have pain or illness such 

as cancer, liver disease, psychosis.(Loria, J. W. 2014, April 20. 23 Health Benefits Of 

Marijuana. Retrieved January 04, 2018, from

benefits-of-medical-marijuana-2014-4/#it-can-be-used-to-treat-glaucoma-1). Many 

Canadians also smoke marijuana to help with sleep deprivation, depression, and 

chronic pain. Many people who use marijuana for reasons like these, will disagree with 

others who believe it’s harmful. According to the journal of Scientific Reports, they found 

that alcohol is 114 times more deadly than cannabis. ((2016, March 07). Once the law is 

legislated, the selling of cannabis will be good from the perspective of the government 

because this will mean more taxes on Canadians. Drugs have been around for years 

and it has always been a money maker. Pablo Escobar was the richest man on earth for 

selling a drug called cocaine, although it is much different from marijuana it is another 

money maker. This law will destroy our society because people will now be selling it on 

the streets to anyone who can buy — this may be a crime but it will still happen.

     There have been many controversies over the use of marijuana. We were brought up 

believing marijuana was a dangerous substance and it can kill you. In 2007, police have 

reported  “over 100,000 drug-related incidents” and 62% of that 100,000 involved 

marijuana. (Trends in police-reported drug offences in Canada. (2015, November 30). 

Retrieved January 04, 2018, from

article/10847-eng.htm). Legalizing marijuana may be a good or bad thing. I believe 

legalizing marijuana will decrease the amount of people who get arrested and have 

prisons less crowded. This will allow having more space for people who have committed 

a more serious crime. As for my opinion, having to legalize marijuana may be bad for 

business’ around the GTA because for years and years cannabis has been known to be 

an easy money maker as there as so many users around the world. This will allow 

people to open pop-up shops and sell cannabis, which they can earn millions or billions 

of dollars a year. The fall of 2017, the “stock cannabis producer’s value increased by 

54%, according to Vahan Ajamian of Beacon Securities Ltd.” (“Timeline of Cannabis in 

Canada.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 3 Jan. 2018,

Timeline_of_cannabis_in_Canada). The reason as to why I am against the legalization 

of marijuana in Canada is because this will have many young adults addicted to the 

plant, and have them try other horrific drugs like cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine. 

Although this legalization is only for 18 years and older, like today, people can buy for 

young youths ages 14 -17. Just like underage drinking, the distribution of alcohol for 

young teens will also consume drugs in their early ages.This can kill the teenage brain 

because they are still developing, which will affect their health in their adult life. The use 

of drugs can increase in more poverty because our Canadians will be spending more 

money monthly on their addiction, which will result in debt.

      In conclusion, marijuana has it positive purposes for mental illness and terminally ill 

patients. Legislating marijuana will have a huge impact in Canadians as a whole 

because they will be spending money to feed their addictions. Young adults will follow 

the examples of older adults, which can lead to addiction, youth homelessness, poverty 

and gang violence. Marijuana can be a negative or a positive substance depending on 

your outlook towards it. 

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