The intent of this survey is to analyse the growing of online shopping in the Indian market in the last 4 old ages. The survey loosely classifies on-line shoppers across assorted age groups. income classs. instruction making and occupation profile. A sample of 50 respondents were taken into consideration from Mumbai. Statistical techniques was applied to follow the respondents positions about online shopping and demographic features such as age. gender and business.


Manner and life style are the most searched for classs globally and India is no exclusion. It is one of the fastest turning sections in the e-commerce concern. in India and in more mature markets abroad. In fact. experts say dress is the largest-selling class in the on-line retail corsage in the US and UK. Online shopping in India which is at a nascent phase is poised to witness important growing in the following few old ages. with the industry probably to touch $ 34. 2 billion by 2015. Online shopping in India is deriving momentum every twenty-four hours. Harmonizing to Google’s latest study online shopping in India grew by 128 % in the twelvemonth from 2012-2013 and expected to turn the same in approaching old ages.

As per an Industry Research study on Indian Online Retail Market Analysis ( World Wide Web. rncos. com. 2012 ) . It is estimated that the on-line retail market will turn at a compound one-year rate of around 39 % during 2013 to 2016. It is estimated. that around 27 million in India are active nomadic Internet users. Presently 4 per centum are purchasing merchandises. through Mobiles and in following four old ages clip. it can travel up to 20 per centum. . Take the Gurgaon-based Jabong. com for case. In the five months since its launch. the site is the most trafficked e-com site in India ( as per Google. com traffic stats ) crushing aces such as Flipkart. com.

Establishing a shop on the Internet. allows for retail merchants to spread out their market and make out to consumers who may non otherwise visit the physical shop. The convenience of online shopping is the chief attractive force for the consumers. Unique on-line payment systems offer easy and safe buying from other persons. Electronic consumers exhibit different purchasing behaviours such as ; cart forsaking. The benefits of shopping online besides come with possible hazards and dangers that consumers must be cognizant of. In the hereafter. we can anticipate on-line shops to better their engineering enormously. leting for an easier and a more realistic shopping experience.

Some of the common grounds listed for the growing of online shopping sites include assortment under one practical ‘roof ‘ ( Jabong lists merchandises of more than 400 trade names ) ; easiness of comparing – which helps you browse through 1000s of merchandises in no clip and comparison monetary values across trade names ; place bringing and a great return policy and dependable client service. The important growing in on-line activity in India reflects that the evolving nature of the market and the Indian consumer. Opportunity in e-commerce are immense because of a big population base. altering consumer life style and deficiency of substructure for bigger brick and howitzer shops. With new ecommerce sites coming up every twenty-four hours it is of import that as a consumer one should protect himself from online fraud. Besides since shopping from the comfort of place is fun one should see doing maximal usage of it. Online shopping has many benefits including comfort. legion vouchers. heavy price reductions and offers.

The lone scruple that first-time purchasers have is this: what if the top or frock I see on-line doesn’t expression good on me? The e-com sites are turn toing this with a batch of earnestness — by doing certain the shows on their sites are clear and can be magnified. by supplying size charts and international size ushers. and by seting in topographic point customer-friendly return policies. If you don’t like what you get. you can return it free and acquire your money back. unlike in the offline retail sector where you acquire in-store verifiers. This is a immense assurance supporter for purchasers. The crisp spike in on-line shopping volumes last twelvemonth ‘is being described as the tipping point for e-commerce in the state.

Reappraisal of Literature


1 ) Research Design

The design we have chosen for our research is “Cross Sectional Descriptive Research” . This signifier of research method involves observation of all of a population. or a representative subset. at one specific point in clip. Like in our undertaking. we have taken a minority of the Indian consumer population as a representative subset and studied them at the current point of clip to turn out the recent growing of online shopping in the state.

2 ) Research Technique

The technique we have used for our research is Surveys. Keeping in head our subject and the audience. study was the best suitable research technique. A simple. good framed and precise questionnaire was handed out to the respondents to make full. The questionnaire is attached alongwith.

3 ) Sample

The sample size taken was 50. The 3 chief factors that we have considered in the sample choice are 1 ) Age 2 ) Gender 3 ) Occupation-Working. Non-working. We divided the sample size into 2 chief age brackets ; the first being persons from the age of 18-35 and the 2nd age bracket from the age of 35-50. The sample of 50 respondents were in-between category ( or supra ) . upwards nomadic. urban Mumbai occupants.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Consequences and Discussions


Restrictions and Suggestions


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