Q. N. 1: What have been the cardinal success factors for Nike?

Ans. The cardinal success factors for Nike are their exciting selling scheme. merchandise invention and remaining to the mission which is “To bring. inspiration and invention to every jock in the universe. ” These are as follows: * Nike established a strong trade name name through planing advanced footwear for serious jocks. * Nike’s direction has found most important famous person support: the right coaction between famous person and merchandise. * Nike stayed focused on being an reliable athleticss and fittingness company functioning the jock and athleticss minded people. * Nike’s run even featured an 80 twelvemonth old long distance smuggler with the motto “Just Do It” that placed the accent on self-empowerment through athleticss and fittingness for all ages. * Making corrections and alteration of the American manner ads in Europe besides a cardinal factor for success.

Q. N. 2: Where is the Nike vulnerable? What should they watch out for?

Ans. Vulnerable points of Nike every bit good as its solution are as below: * There is one fact. when utilizing famous person indorsements Nike advertizers need to maintain in head that is to ne’er allow the famous person go your trade name. If so. the company will run the hazard of killing the trade name every bit shortly as famous person becomes faded. * Choosing a interpreter whose features are congruous with the trade name image. * Nike trades with lone one merchandise line that it footwear. In this circumstance. it should watch out for variegation of the merchandises to increase the shaper portion.

Q. N. 3: What recommendations would you do to their senior selling executives traveling frontward? Ans. For traveling frontward senior marketing executives of Nike can follow the recommendations as below: * Find the right coaction between famous person and merchandise. * Promote prospective show that is traveling planetary and evaluate current place rate. * Watch out for variegation of merchandise line.

* Roll uping feedback from clients about the merchandises quality * Custom-make the advertizement for the client of different civilization in different part.

Q. N. 4: What should they be certain to make with their selling? Ans. They be certain to pull off their selling system in a proper manner that it is fulfilling the client demands and wants maintaining gait with the clip. They can give importance to the undermentioned subjects: * Be certain that your merchandise public presentation quality is all right as you advertise. * Ensure invention on planing the merchandise.

* Collect thoughts from clients to better the merchandise * Make aware the client about the uninterrupted betterment * Establish Customer Relationship Management.

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