This study examines the function of selling and selling planning in the context of a important addition in the degree of demand by consumers and/or trade clients and its effects on the selling activities undertaken by 1st Central.A background to 1st Central sketching its current fortunes can be found in Appendix A.


There is one overruling ground for 1st Central to be after for an addition in demand:

Increasing usage of comparing web sites.

The recent economic crisis has had a profound consequence on the consumer determination doing procedure in certain industries. Increasingly monetary value sensitive consumers are common in the auto insurance market in peculiar, hiking usage of comparing web sites ( collectors ) such as or GoCompare. Approximately 95 % of 1st Central ‘s clients are acquired through an collector, so this addition in usage is about certain to ensue in an increased demand for 1st Cardinal policies, as clients leave their old insurance company in hunt of a better value offer.

Certain big collectors have besides late launched high-profile promotion runs, so it is possible for a comparatively new trade name with low acknowledgment such as 1st Cardinal to piggy-back on the success of these now household names increasing traffic to their web sites.

Short Term Marketing Plan

Situation Analysis

The undermentioned SWOT analysis brings together the chief points gathered in the Marketing Audit ( see Appendix B ) and the findings are discussed below.



Fast, modern pricing/rating package and techniquesCompany construction includes investment banker, intermediary and decision maker all within the one trade nameFixed client acquisition costsExperienced leadingGood web presenceGood first twelvemonth advancementLow trade name consciousnessLimited figure of merchandises



New merchandises in developmentIncreasing usage of collectorsNew statute law expected to let less paperworkIncreasing cost/frequency of claims’Copycats ‘ come ining the market on the first Central concern theoretical accountThe above SWOT analysis is drawn from the assorted elements of the selling audit and summarises the cardinal points.It would look that despite its weak trade name and limited merchandise lines, 1st Central ‘s strengths and chances should let for continued growing.The package systems in topographic point in 1st Central ‘s underwriting allow accommodations to be made at any clip, on short notice and ‘real-time ‘ , non trusting on old bequest systems as many insurance companies do. This gives the company a good competitory advantage in the market, even against the bigger trade names, in that it can respond immediately to alterations in the market, aiming the desirable hazards and pricing out the unwanted as required.The construction of the company is besides favorable. With the Insurer and Intermediary based in Gibraltar, and the Holding Company in Guernsey, whilst the Administrator operates from the UK, the company is able to take advantage of revenue enhancement efficient strategies offshore but retain its UK call Centres and direction, of import factors for possible clients.

The company besides benefits from holding all its chief channel members within the same group under the same ownership and trade name, cut downing the menace frequently felt by companies with more external providers, and making a feeling of coherence, shared ends and stableness amongst all members ( see Appendix A for an account of the group construction ) .Other strengths include fixed acquisition costs – a benefit of utilizing the collectors. The fixed cost per client allows for more accurate budgeting and prediction. It is mensurable and predictable hence extremely attractive to a new supplier. It besides means that at reclamation, the fee is non collectible and so the company makes a salvaging for each client it retains, which can so be reallocated to the selling budget. As the company continues to turn and go a more powerful participant on the collector panels it can negociate better trades and so cut down its acquisition costs for the hereafter. 1st Central has a presence on the ‘Big 4 ‘ collectors ( Money Supermarket, Go Compare, and Compare The Market ) so can make a big figure of possible clients despite its low trade name consciousness.

The experient leading of the group puts the company in a good place despite its young person, as the managers and direction squad bring with them their old expertness, and holding worked together antecedently on other undertakings prior to 1st Central can avoid the strife that can frequently happen in a freshly established squad.All the strengths of the group have lead to a good first twelvemonth of advancement, which has seen over 100,000 policies sold, and the company lifting in the ranks of suppliers to exceed 10 in more than 1 of the ‘Big 4 ‘ collectors. The company has gained momentum rapidly in its first twelvemonth, which should impel it to farther success in the hereafter.The failings of the company are its low trade name consciousness and reasonably limited line of merchandises that are presently available. Although 1st Central can to a certain extent piggyback the trust and acknowledgment of the collector trade names, where differences in premiums are little possible clients can still be lost to better known names. The limited scope of merchandises available mean that all the company ‘s eggs are in one basket, and all hopes remainder on this one line ( auto insurance and its ancillaries ) . There are no other merchandises that can be relied upon if the auto insurance line needs support.

The chief chances available to 1st Central semen from its new merchandise development. The company plans to come in the minibike insurance market in 2010, followed by commercial new wave insurance. The auto insurance ‘cash cow ‘ will be able to back up the launch of the minibike and new wave lines through their introductory stages.Turning usage of collectors by the populace, fuelled by a desire for the best monetary value and the high selling spends of the ‘Big 4 ‘ , will increase the exposure of the trade name and turn its client base. The statute law that is expected to let insurance companies to direct electronic certifications will supply a encouragement to 1st Central – the company already sends all other certification by electronic mail, and when the demand for a difficult transcript of the certification is removed first Central should see a economy in stations and printing costs, which can so be reallocated to turning the company.

The menaces to the company come from the lifting cost of claims and the possibility of ‘copycat ‘ companies come ining the market following the same concern theoretical account as 1st Central and positioning themselves as direct rivals. The lifting cost of claims has been good documented in both the industry and national intelligence, and is doing premiums to lift. This could impact any participant in the insurance market, but as a comparative fledgling the danger is more terrible to 1st Central as the company may be less able to absorb the costs than it ‘s more constituted challengers, and be forced to increase its premiums. As a new name in a monetary value sensitive industry this poses the chief menace to the company.


To finish


MarketsThe Ansoff Matrix ( see below ) is a utile tool for choosing a suited growing scheme.

Market PenetrationMerchandise DevelopmentMarket DevelopmentDiversificationExistingNewExistingNew


The best growing scheme for 1st Central to follow in regard of an addition in demand would be merchandise development. As a new company presenting its merchandises to the good established auto insurance markets, this scheme will let the company to concentrate on developing its portfolio of merchandises to function more sections of the market and spread out its client base. Whilst merchandise development can be an expensive scheme the wagess will be reaped in the long term, and the hard currency generated by the auto insurance merchandise line can back up the newer lines, such as motorcycle and new wave through their debut stages.Market incursion can besides be a good scheme for 1st Central, promoting higher disbursement ( through purchase of accessory merchandises ) from bing clients, every bit good as increasing the client base for the established auto insurance merchandises. Market incursion is a good scheme for an addition in demand as it can assist the company to maximize net incomes from its bing merchandises, and the company can take advantage of the increasing Numberss of possible clients flocking to the monetary value comparing websites.

The following scheme to see is the competitory scheme, for which Porter ‘s Generic Strategies can supply helpful guidelines.When sing competitory scheme Porter ‘s Three Generic Strategies are Cost Leadership, Differentiation and Focus. Cost leading is a good scheme to follow in regard of a market incursion growing scheme, as it focuses on maximizing gross revenues from bing merchandises through pricing lower than rivals where possible. It allows the company to concentrate on accomplishing economic systems of graduated table. Differentiation is a scheme that best complements a merchandise or market development growing scheme, as it aims to foreground the peculiar advantages offered to the client, instead than alluring possible clients with a low cost merchandise.

A careful ; balance of both cost leading and distinction should be most effectual for 1st Central. The concluding competitory scheme is focus, which is more suitable to niche markets, where merchandises are more customised and premium quality. This scheme would be more suitable to a specializer insurance company and should non be considered by 1st Central.

Cleavage, Targeting and Positioning

Cleavage is the procedure by which purchasers are grouped into classs harmonizing to a set of standards, which could by geographic, demographic or psychographic. The purpose is that these groups, one time decided, will hold similar wants and demands and can hence be targeted likewise.Due the big sums of informations that 1st Central collects from its clients during the citation procedure, policyholders could be segmented a figure of different ways for illustration, by ZIP code, age, vehicle type, business and more. By set uping which groups are more likely to buy which accessory merchandises, these clients and possible clients can be targeted harmonizing to their purchasing behaviors, making a profile of clients that choose, or do non take certain merchandises.

Targeting is the phase at which a concern will make up one’s mind which of the identified sections it wishes to prioritise in footings of gross revenues, or ‘target ‘ . There are assorted options open at this point. Undifferentiated or mass selling finds a common denominator in the whole market and dressed ores on supplying a individual merchandise for a individual market. Whilst this method may look cheaper it may non be cost effectual as gross revenues may be lost if clients do non experience the merchandise can be made to accommodate them.

The 2nd scheme is differentiated selling, where the company adopts a different tactics for each identified section. Costss can be high but it allows the concern to efficaciously function all its clients. However it could be more good to aim merely the most profitable groups, in which instance concentrated selling would be the method of pick. Micro selling is more trim and involves a more individualized merchandise offering designed to accommodate precisely a specific client. For 1st Central preferred targeting schemes would be either differentiated or concentrated selling. With the big sums of informations it should be easy for the company to place the demands and wants of groups harmonizing to their buying behavior, and design merchandise combinations and selling messages for each.

This would maximize gross revenues from all clients but could be dearly-won so the company may besides desire to see concentrated selling, concentrating merely on the sections that are most likely to pass the most money on accessory merchandises ( in the insurance industry suppliers typically make more net income from accessory gross revenues than policy gross revenues ) .Positioning is the manner a company ‘s offering sits in the heads of its clients and possible clients. It is the manner a client will compare rivals, so it is of import for the company to plan its offering to be distinguishable from that of its challengers.

There are assorted positioning methods unfastened to companies, including by attribute/benefit, by usage, by user, by merchandise or service category, by rival or by monetary value or quality. The most suited method for 1st Central to follow would be to place by monetary value. Car insurance is a monetary value sensitive industry and fledglings will happen it hard to vie, therefore it is advisable for 1st Central to place itself as a low cost, mid quality screen, modern trade name. This place puts it in front of the ‘no-frills ‘ trade names such as Hastings Essentials, but behind the higher quality positioned trade names such as Aviva. 1st Central hence competes alongside the likes of Budget and It is of import to avoid positioning your trade name in excessively many classs, as clients will be ill-defined and may get down to doubt the claims made by the trade name.


Product – The nucleus merchandise offered by 1st Central is the auto insurance policy, and is really similar to that of most of its rivals. The augmented merchandise is easier to distinguish, and includes the accessory merchandises that are most profitable for the company, and give the policyholder a sense of holding upgraded their screen.Price – Monetary value incursion is the best scheme for 1st Central to follow as it can assist to rapidly turn market portion whilst the trade name is set uping itself, and is most suited to a company aiming monetary value sensitive consumers in a mature industry. Cost-plus pricing is likely the simplest tactical pricing scheme, and can be adjusted to accommodate any alterations required by the turning concern.Place – 1st Central should go on to administer its merchandises via the collectors and heighten its on-line presence with SEO. Bettering the visual aspect and serviceability of the company ‘s ain client confronting site should assist to place the trade name as a ‘next-generation ‘ on-line insurance company.Promotion – 1st Central does non hold a budget for expensive advertisement runs, but promotes its merchandises via the collector and at point of sale.

As collectors are fast going the first point of call for many people regenerating their auto insurance these tactics should stay suited until the budget allows for more above the line runs to hike trade name consciousness. Piggy-backing the big selling spend of the collectors will do to expose the new trade name to consumers in the short-run.Physical Evidence – 1st Central would profit from bettering the visual aspect of their communications with bing clients ( by missive and electronic mail ) as these are the chief grounds the client received of the service. A more professional expression to certification would give the trade name a more believable place in the heads of its bing clients.

Peoples – 1st Central has a call Centre for gross revenues, client service and claims managing. Enrolling more staff for these sections would profit the company as it would cut down call waiting lines, which would cut down ailments made against the company on reappraisal sites. As a immature trade name it is of import for 1st Central to gain a good repute, as it can be hard to retrieve from a bad one.Processes – As an online trade name it is of import for 1st Central to supply efficient service to its clients. It should develop more online processes – instead than merely acquiring a quotation mark and buying online clients should be able to do alterations to their policy online.


Below are suggestions for actions to be taken to assist 1st Central achieve the correct placement and adapt to an addition in demand.Use informations gathered at citation to develop profiles of clients with a leaning to purchase certain merchandises.

Use these profiles to section and mark clients and possible clients more efficaciously to maximize accessory gross revenues.Continue to develop the motorcycle and new wave merchandises to establish whilst the auto merchandises are bring forthing hard currency.On reclamation on contracts with collectors negotiate for improved cost per acquisition trades following a good first twelvemonth of advancement.Recruit more staff for the Call Centre to better client experience and in expectancy of addition in demand.Undertake SEO to better trade name visibleness on the web.Improve online processes to enable clients to serve their policies themselves via the company web site.


As with all facets of the selling program, there are a figure of options and strategies the company could use.Format

Appendix A – Introduction to, and Background of the chosen administration – 1st Central.

1st Central is a direct personal lines insurance company, selling its ain merchandises to UK consumers. 1st Central ‘s current merchandises are private auto insurance and a scope of complementary ancillary merchandises which are distributed on-line via comparing web sites ( collectors ) and its ain web site. The concern programs to establish farther merchandise lines, including minibike and new wave insurance, during the following 3 old ages.Car insurance policies are underwritten by 1st Central itself – the company is neither a agent, nor uses agents to administer its merchandises.

It besides underwrites Legal Expenses Cover – a extremely profitable complementary merchandise sold alongside policies. 1st Central besides offers its policyholders Personal Accident screen, Hire Car and Breakdown screen, all of which are underwritten by other insurance companies.1st Central launched in October 2008, and has sold over 100,000 policies during its first twelvemonth. It presently employs about one hundred forty staff.First Cardinal Insurance Company ( FCIC ) , which underwrites the insurance and Legal Expenses screen, is based in Gibraltar, in order to take advantage of revenue enhancement efficiencies which are non available in the UK.

The company ‘s intermediary – First Central Insurance Services ( FCIS ) is besides based in Gibraltar and distributes the trade name ‘s merchandises via the cyberspace.The company ‘s UK Administrator is First Central Insurance Management ( FCIM ) , which provides support to policyholders through a call Centre based in Sussex, including gross revenues support, client service and claims managing services.First Central Group ( FCG ) , the keeping company which owns FCIC, FCIS and FCIM, and Skyfire – the trade name ‘s reinsurer, are both based in Guernsey.1st Central marks ‘peripheral hazards ‘ in its underwriting that larger trade names do non work, puting it in competition with other market followings, as the trade name ‘s current low acknowledgment does non enable it to vie with the market leaders.

1st Cardinal benefits from a modern existent clip pricing scheme which enables it to re-rate several times a twenty-four hours and remain competitory in the concern it chooses to compose and set its targeting as and when required. This pricing engineering is non yet in common usage throughout the industry, supplying a good competitory advantage to hike the immature trade name. 1st Central presently aims to supply the most competitory quotation mark for about 2 % of clients utilizing collectors, and converts about 40 % of these into gross revenues.

First Central GroupFirst Cardinal Insurance CompanyFirst Central Insurance ServicesFirst Central Insurance ManagementSkyfire ReinsuranceSagicor ( Lloyds )Guernsey based keeping company owned by stockholdersGibraltar based investment banker1st Central owned reinsurer – provides insurance to 1st Central against major losingssExternal co-insurer – allows 1st Central to subvention more & A ; lb ; worth of premiumGibraltar based Intermediary – distributes 1st Cardinal policies via collectors and ain web siteUK based Administrator – provides service, claims managing etc to policyholders

Appendix B – Selling Audited account

PESTEL Analysis

PoliticalThe recent debut of the authorities auto scrappage allowance has resulted in both a encouragement in new auto gross revenues and has besides been linked to an addition in the monetary values of used autos.EconomicThe recession has lead to big Numberss of consumers going progressively monetary value sensitive, lending to increasing usage of monetary value comparing websites ( The chief distribution channel employed by 1st Central )Socio-CulturalAn increasing figure of autos on the route can be attributed to smaller families ( increasing figure of detached households and singles )TechnologicalConsumers are going progressively ‘web-savvy ‘ and are accustomed to utilizing the cyberspace to compare and buy goods.Better engineering going available to concerns – as a new company 1st Central have been able to take advantage of real-time pricing and evaluation engineering.

As broadband becomes more available and low-cost more consumers have entree to internet based concern.EnvironmentalConsumers are going more ‘green ‘ , with many taking to purchase from companies whose environmental policies match their ain aspirations. For illustration intercrossed autos are going more popular.

Consumers are now less likely to anticipate big sums of paperwork from companies they do concern with and are more likely to anticipate the option of on-line charge, for illustration.LegalLegislation sing certifications of insurance is presently under reappraisal, with the outlook that insurance companies will shortly no longer be required to direct a difficult transcript of certifications to policyholders, electronic transcripts will be every bit acceptable.

Porter ‘s 5 Forces Analysis

Menace of New EntrantsIn the insurance industry set-up costs can be high – a big sum of capital is required. Lenders may be wary in the current economic clime.However, collectors represent an easy accessible distribution channel, their fixed costs of client acquisition are attractive, and the easiness of client shift can wholly be an encouragement to new entrants.Menace of SubstitutesCar insurance is a legal demand and hence improbable to be substituted.Dickering Power of Suppliers1st Central is non a agent – it underwrites and distributes its ain merchandises ( with the exclusion of the less profitable ancillaries ) doing it less vulnerable.Aggregator spouses are paid a fixed cost for each client acquired through them.

As 1st Central continues its growing and becomes a more powerful participant, contracts with collectors can be renegotiated at reclamation.Competition between Existing FirmsIn the auto insurance industry there are a big figure of participants. A smattering of market leaders – the family names who can productively aim the lowest hazard groups, a big figure of market followings aiming and viing for the assorted peripheral hazards, every bit good as specialist insurance companies aiming niche markets.Industry costs are increasing. With a civilization of ‘where there ‘s incrimination there ‘s a claim ‘ of all time more prevailing in the UK, the cost of claims to insurance companies are increasing, personal hurt in peculiar, doing the monetary value of policies to increase.

Whilst monetary value wars in the traditional sense do non happen in the insurance industry due to the individualized nature of the merchandise, companies have to stay competitory so may seek to absorb the cost of claims instead than increase their premiums.The grade of distinction in auto insurance occurs in the augmented merchandise and the trade name as the nucleus merchandise is about indistinguishable across the board. Larger participants can utilize the repute of their trade name whilst others must trust on degree of service or benefits that can be offered.

However auto insurance is a monetary value sensitive industry and consumers will frequently establish their determination on pricing.

McKinsey ‘s Seven Elementss

Strategy – the long term purposes of 1st Central are to add to its portfolio of merchandises with other insurance lines, for illustration place and travel insurance and to develop the trade name into a good know name and go a major participant within the competition.Skills – Due to the experience of its direction and entrepreneurial squad 1st Central has a broad circle of contacts within the insurance industry. Its evaluation systems are a definite plus, being more technologically advanced and antiphonal than more constituted rivals utilizing older systems.Structure – The construction of the group is good as the insurance company, the intermediary and the decision maker are all owned by the first Central Group, hence have shared ends and values.Systems – to finishStyles – to finishStaff – All staff have the chance to analyze the Foundation Insurance Test with the Chartered Institute of Insurers in order to develop their apprehension of the industry and better serve the concern and its policyholders. 1st Central besides financess other preparation classs in specific sections such as IT, Marketing and finance.

Incentive strategies are used to actuate gross revenues staff, and 1st Central ‘s staff turnover rates are comparatively low in comparing to industry norms.

Seven Ps

MerchandiseThe merchandises offered by 1st Central are presently auto insurance policies with a scope of complementary optional supernumeraries.New merchandises yet to be launched are bike and van insurance policies with a scope of complementary optional supernumeraries.After gross revenues service and support includes claims managing and policy support through the call Centre.Monetary valuePricing in the insurance industry is complex due to the individualized nature of the merchandise ( a policy ) based on specific and variable hazards and price reductions ( e.g.

no claims price reduction )Motor insurance suppliers use their evaluations and pricing to aim groups they want to organize the bulk of their book, whilst pricing out the hazards they do non.1st Central on a regular basis undertake pricing reappraisals of accessory merchandises, which are presently sold at a fixed monetary value – to compare against rivals.1st Central charges a comparatively low APR in comparing to other suppliers.Topographic pointAs an online motor insurance supplier 1st Central has a presence on the 4 major collectors (, GoCompare, Money Supermarket and Compare The Market ) , which drives traffic to 1st Central ‘s ain site.1st Cardinal screens the whole of the UK, although certain countries are priced out due to high claims frequences.

Channel members are all members of the First Central Group – the investment banker, the intermediary and the decision maker, and hence portion common ends.Promotion1st Central ‘s merchandises are promoted through the collectors – piggybacking on their trade name consciousness and high selling spend. Very small other advertisement is used presently.

1st Central pays a fixed monetary value for every client that is referred from an collector on a cost per acquisition footing.Around 40 % of 1st Central ‘s policy gross revenues are made via the call Centre, this is driven by advancing the phone line on both collectors and the direct web site.Peoples1st Central ‘s executive squad has long experience in the insurance industry, and have besides worked together on old undertakings, before the launch of the first Central trade name.Ongoing enlisting and preparation ensures the most suited campaigners are selected to staff the call Centres and other sections.Physical EvidenceAs an on-line insurance company 1st Central communicates with its clients by phone or electronic mail, with the bulk of paperss being electronic.

ProcedureMany of 1st Central ‘s procedures are automated for maximal efficiency to serve the big figure of clients, for illustration directing out reclamation battalions and other client communications.In the hereafter 1st Central purposes to travel a figure of procedures that must presently be carried out by a call Centre agent to be partially transferred to the web site, where a client can for illustration procedure their ain alteration of reference.

Merchandise Concept

Core Merchandise

Car insurance policy – a legal demand

Tangible Merchandise

Policy paperss detailing screen provided

Augmented Merchandise

Optional screens e.g. breakdown aid, legal protection

Name Centre for client service/claims managing

Direct debit payment program

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