Mary Elizabeth Brandon Mary Brandon a very creative writer of her time. She was named the “Queen of Sensation” in the year of (tooth 191 5) because she had successfully wrote more than eighty novels. Some of her novels were published in various literary magazines because of her husband decided to published them in his magazines. Some of her accounts in her life she used the year 1835 as the year she was born. She was also born at a place called Soho, London. She was the youngest child of a solicitor. She moved to the SST.

Leonardo-On-Sea in East Sussex with her mom after her parent’s marriage broke down because of her father was spending all their money on wasteful junk that they didn’t need. When she was twenty five she started her acting career. So she can earn reasonable income. She also started writing her short fiction and poetry in her spare time while her acting career was taking off. When she was sixty one she has already became an editorial assistant the publisher named non Maxwell. After awhile of working as his assistant and soon became lovers.

Maxwell and his wife was separated when she became mentally ill after her having their last child. Mar’s lover named John Maxwell was married, with five children and a wife that was put and confined into a mental institution called Dublin mental institution. To Maxwell the subject of his wife was a subject of much controversy. Mary and Maxwell could not be married until Maxwell first wife died witch was in 1874. So Mary Brandon decided to move in with Maxwell and his five children. When she moved in with him she became is common-law wife and a step mother to six kids.

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When she was being criticized on her novel by a lady that goes by the name Mrs.. Elephant made a comment saying. “Knew too much about bigamy for her own good. ” Her first novel she ever wrote was Three Times Dead in 1860. Her novel was published by a local publisher in Yorkshire. When Mary was in her acting career she went by the name Mary Sexton, She was writhing Three novels a year while giving birth to six of her children. Her best selling potboiler was Lady Dawdler’s Secret(1862). Another one of her Best selling novels was Aurora Floyd. Those novels where published in John Maxwell magazines.

Mary Brandon also wrote some anonymous novels for the lower class Journals witch made her well known for them. After a while Mary fit into the high society and with her husband and her were prominent figures to everyone. They both lived in two big houses. The house are in Richmond and the New Forest. Mary Brandon was a very creative writer because he had wrote all different kinds of stuff like ten opera, nineteen short stories, four songs, fourth-six essays, one play, and twenty-seven poems. One of hers had reproduced the entire fifteen of her poems.

That was first time that’s Mar’s work o be published and never before reproduced and recorded. Mar’s husband died in 1895 when his health had suddenly started to decline really fast. One of Mar’s joust that she would always say was”When once estrangement has arisen between those who truly love each other, everything seems to widen the breach”. She had wrote near last novel Aurora Floyd in 3 and then at the age to seventy-nine Mary Brandon died from a cerebral hemorrhage in the year of 1915. That was the year that her writing career had finally ended. Mary Brandon was buried in the Richmond Cemetery.

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