Masters Of The Universe: The Theif Of Castle Greyskull Essay, Research PaperAs flushing attacks on the planet Eternia, the Masters of the Universe? defenders of good? gathered outside of the Castle Grayskull. Their leader He-Man spoke to them from atop a turret of the palace.

? It is our responsibility to guard Castle Grayskull, and the secret locked indoors, from the evil devil Skeletor! ? At the very reference of the Dark Lords name, the air current turned cold and black clouds hid the Sun. ? Something is incorrect, ? said Man-at-Arms, anxiously. ? Yes, ? Princess Teela agreed, ? there is something I don? Ts like about this.

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? ? You may wish it even less in a minute, ? warned Stratos. ? Expression! ? The Masters of the Universe glanced skyward. Skeletor? s evil thaumaturgy had made a awful storm. A whirlwind ripped Castle Grayskull from its foundation and carried it high into the sky, taking He-Man with it. ? I have to keep on! ? said Stud as he his finger tips struggled for clasp at the border of the palace.

But even the strongest adult male in the existence was no lucifer for the rage of Skeletor? s storm air currents. Crack! The crenelation crumbled in He-Mans manus, and Eternia? s mightiest title-holder fell towards the land far bellow. Puting his ain safety aside, Stratos? Prince of the Skies? bounded into the air, rolling his mighty wings. Striving against the ramping air currents, he swooped high and caught He-Man merely in clip before he hit the land.

But the powerful air currents were excessively strong for Stratos. The excess load of He-Man? s weight made it impossible for him to remain aloft. Both heroes were being sucked into the twirling whirl of the twister. ? Leave me, Stratos! ? He-Man shouted as the storm blew them toward a bouldery mountaintop. ? Salvage yourself while there is still clip! ? The Sky-Prince shook his caput. ? No, my friend, ? he said. ? The Lord of Destruction has non beaten us yet! ? ? Then keep tight, ? He-Man said as he drew his Sword of Power.

With one mighty swing he drove the powerful blade into the side of the mountain where it anchored them safely until the ramping storm had passed. Transporting He-Man, Stratos flew back to the Masters of the Universe. Teela breathed a suspiration of alleviation. ? Thank goodness you? re both safe, ? she said.

? Skeletor has stolen Castle Grayskull, ? He-Man replied grimly. ? None of us are safe now! ? Meanwhile, at that really minute, far off in his den deep inside Snake Mountain, Skeletor and his evil ally Beast Man were standing at the border of a dark, watery pool. The images of the Masters of the Universe were reflected in the pool? s charming deepnesss. ? The first portion of my enchantment went absolutely, ? sneered Skeletor. ? Now we must travel to the Land of Shadows to finish the enchantment! ? With a moving ridge of Skeletor & # 8217 ; s evil staff, he and Beast Man warped to the Land of Shadows. This was the topographic point Skeletor had chosen to be the new place of Castle Grayskull. The Lord of Destruction raised his weaponries toward the dark skies.

To finish the larceny of Castle Grayskull, he chanted an antediluvian enchantment. ? Storm winds ululation, and ramp air currents shrill? convey me now, that which I seek! ? ? It worked! ? Beast Man growled, as the Castle landed. ? Castle Grayskull has been transported to the Land of Shadows! ? ? Of class it worked, you fool, ? the Dark Lord hissed. ? The Sorceress who lives in the palace and acts as its defender was out on a mission.

I seized the opportunity to steal theunprotected palace. But my work is non complete. Stud will come looking for the palace. And when he does, he will be mine! ?While Skeletor plotted the coup d’etat of Eternia, the Masters of the Universe pondered their following move. ? I can? t believe it, ? said Teela. ? Castle Grayskull? gone! ? He-Man drew his Sword of Power and spoke.

? Never has Eternia faced such danger. We must venture into the awful Land of Shadows? that part now controlled by Skeletor. At first I did non understand his ground for taking it over. Now I am certain he intends to do it the new place of Castle Grayskull. It is at that place we must travel to happen the palace! ? On Battle Cat, He-Man led the Masters of the Universe into the Land of Shadows? a land turned disgusting with Skeletor? s immorality. Nothing grew here any longer. The one time fertile land lay wastes.

On they pressed, deeper into the darkness. With each measure the feeling of apprehension seemed to turn. Still they kept on seeking for Skeletor and the stolen palace. The pursuit was long, for the Land of Shadows was huge. The Masters of the Universe faced many adversities and covered much land before they eventually found Castle Greyskull. But their biggest challenge still awaited them.

? Stand fast! ? He-Man commanded. ? Beast Man leads a demon ground forces against us! ?The conflict raged ferociously as Beast Man and the disgusting devils fought the mighty Masters of the Universe. Suddenly the air was split with the roar of boom and the flash of lightning.

? Who dares to come in the Land of Shadows? ? shouted Skeletor from atop Castle Greyskull.? You know who we are, ? He-Man shouted back, ? and why we are here, Dark Lord! ?Using his enormous strength and legerity, He-Man leapt atop the palace wall? but Skeletor acted rapidly. ? I have Castle Greyskull now, Stud! ? the Dark Lord boasted. ? Soon I will unlock the secret within, and I will be Master of all Eternia! ? With that, he fired the optical maser cannon. Stud ducked the optical maser. ? More than one time you tried to detect the secret of Castle Greyskull, ? said Stud as he swung his blade of power.

? And more than one time I have stopped you! ? ? You can? t win, He-Man! I am the Lord of Destruction! ? ? And we are the Masters of the Universe? Defenders of Castle Greyskull! ? Said He-Man as his Sword of Power clashed with Skeletor? s staff. Skeletor all of a sudden lowered his Havoc Staff. ? Enough, ? he said. ? I surrender. ? ? Be careful, ? warned Man-at-Arms.

? This is some disgusting fast one! ? ? No fast one, ? the Dark Lord hissed with an evil laugh. ? Charming! ? An energy bolt flew from Skeletor? s Havoc Staff, heading heterosexual for He-Man.Stud blocked the mysterious bolt with his Sword of Power and turned Skeletor? s evil thaumaturgy against him! Engulfed in his ain wicked enchantment, Skeletor vanished in a explosion of blinding visible radiation as the Masters of the Universe shielded their eyes.With Skeletor gone, his clasp over the Land of Shadows was broken.

When his enchantment disappeared, Castle Greyskull faded from sight and returned to its original location. The Sun came out and drove the devils off. The trees began to turn green, and the flowers began to blossom.? Skeletor will travel on, ? He-Man said. ? There will be other Shadow Lands. ?? Possibly, ? Teela responded, ? but for now, the beauty has returned to this land.


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