A. Course OverviewThe class presents the best patterns sing how a strategic program should be drawn up by commercial. governmental and not-for-profit devising organisations. The nucleus premise of the class is that in today fast altering planetary competitory market topographic point.

organisations must specify precisely what their aims are. To accomplish the aims. hence. organisations must make up one’s mind on a set of critical issues. for illustration. resources demands. the strength of the enemy forces ( rival power ) . the actions the rivals are likely to take.

how best to accomplish their aims ( scheme ) . when to assail ( timetable for action/action program ) . how to determine whether or non they are on class with respect to their chosen scheme ( supervising & A ; rating ) and what to make if programs do non travel as expected ( eventuality program ) . In this faculty. the cardinal strategic models and/models that guide the strategic planning procedure will be examined in item. Overall. the faculty aims to offer the MBA participants an in-depth understating of the cardinal constructs.

theories. and models of corporate scheme in the visible radiation of best patterns.B. Course AimsAfter finishing this class. the MBA participants should be able to: * Perform a strict analysis of a company’s strategic way ; * Identify and explicate a company’s mission and vision statements and relate and review these statements in the visible radiation of the company’s strategic way ; * Prepare a SWOT ( strengths. failing. chances. and menaces ) analysis and explain and measure the relationship between the SWOT and a company’s strategic way ; * Identify and explicate all micro and macro forces that shape a company’s strategic program and find its public presentation ; * Manage and implement undertaking in the visible radiation of strategic be aftering * Identify a concern job and urge appropriate scheme to rectify the state of affairs ;
* Analyze and measure all the stairss for the proper alliance of fiscal and non-financial resources within a company’s strategic program.

* Analyze a company’s strategic program in the context of the industry life rhythm and environment in which it operates. * Establish prosodies to measure and mensurate strategic public presentation. * Analyze and measure the company’s communicating and feedback cringle relation to company scheme and public presentation. * Analyze. evaluate.

and develop schemes for a individual or multi-business organisation. * Assess. analyze. and urge alterations to company scheme based on a full analysis of a company’s strategic program. * Develop and fix a strategic reappraisal papers presented in a consistent signifier to a board of managers C. Course OutcomeUpon finishing the class.

participants will be able to efficaciously:* Lead and guide strategic retreat procedures of their houses ; * Train trainers and/or practicians in strategic planning procedure and direction ; * Open consultancy house and offer strategic direction and planning services to organisations ; * Work in the corporate planning section of any house ( e. g. Bankss.

excavation and oil the houses ) ; * Work in any consultancy house that offers strategic be aftering solutions to organisations ; * Manage their ain concerns ;* Serve on boards of organisations.D. Expected SkillsBy take parting to the full in the class pupils will be equipped with the undermentioned accomplishments:* Critical thought* Organizational* Research & A ; IT* Analytical* Communication* Interpersonal* Leadership* Report authorship* Teamwork

E. Teaching Methods* Lectures* Case surveies* Individual & A ; group assignments* Independent reading and acquisition of the recommended texts

* Work visitF. Teaching Materials* Lecture slides* Practitioner forum* Recommended texts* The Worldwide Web

G. Participants Evaluation* Interim Assessment ( 40 Markss )* Final Examination ( 60 Markss )
H. Class Participation* NO MOBILE PHONES. Be prompt for all categories ; you are expected to go to all categories and take part in category treatments on a regular basis.

A great trade of valuable larning takes topographic point through treatment of the class subjects.* You are expected to remain current with concern intelligence that relates in some manner to class content through available media: newspapers. wireless. Television and the worldwide web.* The construction and entry deadlines for category assignments will be provided.

Students who fail to subject assignments/absent themselves from group presentations will give up Markss consequently.Please note that the axial rotation will be taken every hebdomad and any pupil who misses three ( 3 ) hebdomads of talks ( cumulatively ) would be ineligible to compose the concluding test as per university ordinances.

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