Meaning of Easter One of the meanings of Easter is that Easter is a symbol of Christ’s/ Jesus death, burial, and resurrection. The resurrection of Jesus shows that he granted us eternal life. When Jesus died on the cross for us he showed us his unconditional love, also when he died and resurrected he showed that he actually was the messiah and not a prophet or a rabbi. What is this seasons meaning for Catholics Easters meaning for Catholics is celebrating Jesus overcoming death and rising from the dead, and granting us eternal life and showed the power of God.

We celebrate this as this is the most important part of our faith and what sets our faith apart from other faiths. It teaches us Jesus loved us so much that he died on the cross, to save us from our sins and brought us to the family of God, and this story helps us grow as Catholics in our faith and our love for Jesus and God.  How does this season connect to the four marks of the church Easter connects to the four marks of the church because in the mark the Church is one it says Jesus founded the church and when he was resurrected he opened the gates of heaven to us and brought us into the family of God, which he did during Easter. Also, with the mark the church is apostolic this means the church follows the teaching of the apostles, who were taught by Jesus and when they learned he rose from the dead the apostle’s faith that Jesus was the son of God increased, and then the Pentecost made them fully believe he was the son of God and spread his word and created the catholic church. Easter also connects to the church is holy as the holiness of the church is seen for their love for us and their sacrifices just like Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins on the cross.

 What changes in the mass occur during Easter? Colours during Easter, are white, gold and red during Pentecost Sunday. Red is used to represents the congregation of fire, this is a symbol of the holy spirit. Red is also a symbol of the blood of the martyrs (martyrs is a person who is killed because on their religion or beliefs). Red is used for Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter. White stands for purity, holiness, and virtue. White Is used for the days that are holy, and the festive days of the roman catholic church. Gold stands for what is precious and joy.

It also stands for majesty and joy. Gold also is used when the presence of God is upon us. Gold is used also used with white for the holy days of the year (for example Christmas, and Easter).

  Sunday Events with Gospels: Definitons: Crucifixion – Jesus was crucified on the cross for our salvation. Resurrection – Jesus had gone into hell and brought all souls to heaven Ascension – Jesus went into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the father Pentecost – The descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his Ascension.  

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