Hypodermic Needle Theory is a theory that suggests that mass media has a direct, immediate and powerful consequence on its audiences ( Hypodermic needle theoretical account, n.d. ) . The audiences are passively having and wholly accepting the intended messages sent by the mass media to them. “ It suggests that mass media inject messages and information straight and uniformly into audiences ‘ heads who instantly will be influenced ” ( Al-Hassnawi 2009 ) .The Korean film Time is about a twosome, Seh Hee and Ji Woo, who have been together for two old ages. Seh Hee started to acquire covetous when her fianc & A ; eacute ; , Ji Woo, eyes other adult females and particularly when they were doing love, Ji Woo gets aroused thought of doing love with another adult female.

This made Seh Hee think that her fianc & A ; eacute ; is acquiring tired of her and the manner she looked. And so she decided to undergo fictile surgery so that her fellow will fall in love with her all over once more. She disappeared for six months which is good plenty for the cicatrixs to mend, go forthing Ji Woo injury, depressed and believing that Seh Hee does non love him any longer. When Seh Hee came back as a new See Hee, she tried to score her old fellow but Ji Woo is still in love with his old girlfriend Seh Hee. She managed to win his bosom but she is covetous with her old ego as Ji Woo is still really much in love with the old Seh Hee.

When Ji Woo learned the truth about Seh Hee and See Hee that they were the same individual, he went brainsick and decided to travel to the clinic where Seh Hee did her plastic surgery. He, excessively, went to alter his face to allow Seh Hee experience what he felt when she changed her visual aspect. “ Time is steeped in a quiet, upseting force that censors feelings and mutilates the psyche through organic structure surgery ” ( Time ( Shi gan ) [ 2006 ] ( Korean Movie ) , 2007 ) .Time is considered an illustration of a Magic Bullet Theory or Hypodermic Needle Theory because of the influence and use that the media manufacturers and Godheads created in the film. They manipulated the audiences ‘ ideas and injected information and messages about plastic surgery.

The film conveys the message to the audience that in South Korea, it is really much easy to travel under plastic surgery because plastic surgery clinics can be found everyplace and that it is a norm for the South Korean citizens to undergo decorative surgery. It besides tells the audiences that people, particularly adult females, should look beautiful and attractive so they can be easy accepted in the society. Furthermore, this film suggested that work forces are attracted to adult females who are beautiful and attractive. And so, those people who have watched this film, particularly those misss who are attached, will believe that their fellows or hubbies would desire them to look more attractive like in the film. Thus they will hold the mentality of undergoing plastic surgery so as to delight their fellow ‘s or hubby ‘s wants of holding attractive and beautiful girlfriend or married woman. Even to those who are individual, they will besides undergo plastic surgery so that they could acquire their preferable and chosen spouse.“ In states such as China, Taiwan, Japan and particularly South Korea, plastic surgery appears to be on the rise and can be described as a platitude by some histories ” ( Tewari & A ; Alvarez 2009, p.

550 ) . “ Fictile surgery has become so common in South Korea that more than 30 per centum of Korean adult females between the ages of 20 and 50 have had a decorative process ” ( Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in South Korea, n.d. ) . Looks for South Koreans are really of import as it would guarantee them socioeconomic benefits and besides they will be really proud of themselves and derive assurance. As there is an intense competition for occupations, instruction and matrimony spouses, Koreans keep bettering their expressions so as to accomplish their end on acquiring to the top in society. “ In Korea, it has become a piece of street wisdom that visual aspect is the most of import making for employment every bit good as for heightening assurance ” ( Chang & A ; Kim 2005, p.

122 ) . Even though there is intelligence about the negative side effects of holding ample sum of decorative surgeries on one ‘s face, this does non truly forestall the people, particularly the Koreans, from acquiring their decorative surgeries. Harmonizing to Japan Probe, when the Korean adult female who have “ botched double-eyelid surgery has one oculus that opens much more than the other and one of her palpebras can non wholly close ” ( James 2007 ) did non truly convert the clients from acquiring their process done because they know that it is a rare instance to hold it and that they trust the sawboness to make a perfect occupation on their faces.“ The most popular Korean plastic surgery operations, dual eyelid surgery to make an upper eyelid fold and nose job to heighten the construction of the olfactory organ, are really different from their equivalents in the West ” ( Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in South Korea, n.d. ) . To hold bigger eyes in South Korea is every miss ‘s dream and so most of the misss in the state will travel for plastic surgery for the eyes.

“ Teenagers every bit immature as 14 are making it, and oculus occupations have become a favourite high school graduation gift from proud parents ” ( Ko, n.d. ) . Winter holidaies are when clinics in South Korea are busiest. This consequence from the many senior high school alumnuss who want to alter their visual aspects to hold better opportunities in come ining college or the workplace. The immensely popular pick of undergoing plastic surgery is acquiring dual palpebras. Nose occupations have been besides lifting in popularity among teens in South Korea. Competition is what South Korea has become, therefore go forthing behind preservation.

Due to the popularity of adolescents undergoing plastic surgery, parents are so willing to allow their kids undergo plastic surgery because they are afraid that their kids will fall behind, non merely in faculty members but besides with aesthetics. Dr.Shim Hyung Bo, a plastic sawbones practising in Seoul said that “ Parents make their childs get fictile surgery, merely like they make them survey. They realize expressions are of import for success ” ( Ko, n.d. ) .Plastic surgery in South Korea is non merely popular with adult females but besides with work forces.

They feel and think that it can better their calling chance if they undergo fictile surgery. In the South Korea ‘s amusement industry, looks is really much of import every bit much as the endowment counts ( Gluck 2001 ) . Korean histrions and dad vocalists undergo fictile surgery to look more attractive and to delight their fans. In a BBC study, Kim Suk Min said “ I got my nose done to delight my fans, so I could look more attractive.

Besides I had some external respiration jobs, and the surgery helped with that every bit good ” ( Gluck 2001 ) .Since plastic surgery is so common in South Korea, it does non count to them if their graven images have undergone fictile surgery. The people could non truly care less if they see their graven images has undergone plastic surgery or born with natural beauty. For them, being celebrated demands to be attractive and so the citizens in South Korea, particularly the histrions, actresses and dad vocalists goes under the knife merely as to maintain up with the tendency and to delight the society. It does non count to the people if one has undergone decorative surgery as because beauty on the outside makes one individual stands out in the society. For case, “ BoA has been reported to hold had plastic surgery for her eyes at least three times, along with legion operations in other parts of her organic structure and yet, she continues to be one of the biggest-selling Acts of the Apostless both in her fatherland and in other Asiatic states like Japan and China ” ( K-Pop ‘s Dirty Little Secret: Plastic Surgery, 2008 ) . Cosmetic work adds value to the Korean actresses and dad vocalists ‘ callings alternatively of holding negative effects from it.Sing the huge popularity of plastic surgery in South Korea, people from other states flock to the state to hold their plastic surgery done as the monetary value of acquiring the surgery done in South Korea is much cheaper than in any other states.

Harmonizing to on-line intelligence from Japan Probe, during the Golden Week in Japan, Japanese traveled to South Korea to acquire their plastic surgeries done and since the vacation was rather long, it gave the patients to allow their conceited faces heal before they returned back to work ( James 2007 ) . It is common for the Japanese to acquire their dual eyelid done and do their eyes large, same as the Koreans, because they do non truly like holding little eyes.The media influences adult females to populate under increasing force per unit area to look attractive through the Television play and world Television shows, advertizements and films that they show on Television, films or newspapers and magazines. The media conveys the message that adult females should be slender, fashionably dressed, wears make up and must undergo plastic surgery to look beautiful and sexy ( Chang & A ; Kim 2005 ) . With the Television shows like Americas Next Top Models and Victoria Secret Fashion Show, the messages that the media manufacturers conveys to the audiences are that adult females should wish those on Television so as they could be like and accepted by the society. Celebrities have a really much large impact to the audience ‘s mentality and act upon them on how they should their visual aspect expression like. Particularly the Western famous persons, they set the manner criterions to the Third World states.

“ The people of Korea have grown more comfy with the thought of fictile surgery as their entertainers and even political leaders have flaunted altered characteristics ” ( Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in South Korea, n.d. ) .

Since the roar of Korean Wave on early 1990s, South Korean artistes influence non merely the citizens in South Korea but every bit good as in other states. Even though there are legion fine-looking Korean misss who does non necessitate to undergo surgeries, they still want to travel for decorative surgery as they have been influenced by the images of their favorite Korean dad vocalists and histrions “ who have impossibly large eyes, chests and curiously western looking faces ” ( Korean histrions before and after plastic surgery images, 2009 ) . Foreigners flock to South Korea merely as to hold plastic surgery because they know the sawboness in South Korea are really much expert as they have done justness with the expressions of the Korean artistes.

For case, Cate Siu is from Hong Kong who is a fan of South Korean telecasting shows flew more than 1,000 stat mis to a clinic in South Korea for an operation to raise the span of her olfactory organ, make her eyes appear larger and sharpen her mentum ( Fairclough, n.d. ) . She was inspired to travel for plastic surgery because of her favourite Korean actress who is the beautiful soap-opera star, Song Hye-Kyo, whose bee-stung lips and feminine characteristics she admires.Harmonizing to Chung Jong Pil, a sawbones who runs the Cinderella Plastic Surgery Clinic in a stylish Seoul vicinity that a batch of his patients bring a image of a Korean star from a magazine and will state him that they want to look like the Korean histrion or actress ( Fairclough, n.d.

) . Peoples think that Korean actresses are really reasonably even though they know that they had undergone fictile surgery. Lee Yihsiu, who runs the Taipei office of International Plastic Surgery, says that “ Korean dad civilization has made plastic surgery stylish ” ( Fairclough, n.d. ) .

In the film, the manager connected the starting and the stoping by demoing the audience when the old Seh Hee bumped to the new Seh Hee outside the plastic surgery clinic at the terminal of the film. The manager was seeking to convey his message to the audience that in clip, we will inquire ourselves why did we went for plastic surgery and in the terminal, do our lives suffering merely because we wanted to alter our visual aspect for our loved 1s.In decision, the film Time has so much consequence on the audiences ‘ mentality sing about plastic surgery. It will do them believe on whether or non holding plastic surgery will do them positive or negative consequence in their lives. As for the Koreans, this film does non truly impact them that much. It is a norm to undergo plastic surgery because it is a tendency for the South Koreans to make so.

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