and health concerns the physical and mental health of hundreds of millions of
people are a major livelihood issue. In the blind pursuit of economic
interests, ignoring the corporate social conscience should be the source of
chaos in the field of pharmaceutical sales. Some drug manufacturers use
advertising to amplify the value of drugs, maximize sales prices, widen the
spread between costs and prices, and seek high profits from them. At the same
time, precisely because these pharmaceutical companies can make use of various
ways to create momentum, selling their products almost without restraint, and
leading to more intense competition among industries. What is more, simply to
the pharmacy allow high returns, lure it to help sell their own high-priced
drugs. Under such circumstances, it is inevitable that pharmacies failed to
stick to the ethical bottom line. Coupled with inadequate supervision by the
relevant regulatory agencies, many manufacturers do not need to open the cost
of drugs, unilaterally hype the efficacy of drugs to raise prices, eventually
led to the pharmaceutical sales evolved into “profit” the first
commercial platform. Of course, any business person is to make money, it is
best to become a profitable machine. But an ethical business person is always
struggle to embody his/her sense of social responsibility, especially for
drug-producing companies. And as marketing manager I will issue warnings
through the consumers, because I will not sacrifice my principles for the
immediate benefit.

a production company, the products are permanent, and once used it will serve for
a long time. Therefore, to establish the quality of the first idea is particularly
important. To ensure project quality, in addition to materials, technology,
equipment, management and many other factors, there is a problem that cannot be
ignored, that is professional ethics. Without a high degree of responsibility
and enthusiasm, it will inevitably affect the work efficiency, even if he has a
higher level of technology, otherwise it will not produce high-quality
products. Driven by economic interests, some enterprises have given up their
professional ethics and deviated from the foundation of good faith. They have
resorted to making fake goods, selling fake products and producing substandard
products by unscrupulous means. They have seriously disturbed the normal order
of the market economy and seriously infringed on the interests of consumers.
The experience of many successful enterprises proves that even the best
technology, equipment and enterprise workers do not have good moral qualities
and hard-to-produce products of high quality, making it hard to remain
invincible in market competition. Therefore, as a product manager I will turn
it down her offer.

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